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League of Legends Build Guide Author Rottae

Irelia, Tankbuster

Rottae Last updated on March 10, 2011
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Hey Everyone, This will be my first build, and for this i have chosen Irelia.

Irelia is one of my main characters, and i Usually get pretty decent/good scores. Hope you all will like it

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Great Farming
Strong Early Game
Hard to CC
True damage and Self-Regeneration


Squishy (not extremely though)
Not Really Helpful in teamfights
No AoE except ultimate

Notes: Your Ultimate is Extremely Situational and i would put it as both a pro and a con, It's Really helpful in some situations, but worthless in others

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These are the runes i play with when playing Irelia

ArP - Great addition to killing tanks late and early game, also gives you a damage bonus (in theory)
Dodge - some Extra Survivability is never wrong
CDR - Missing a last hit with Bladesurge is never fun, the 10 second wait is shortened now
HP - Well, same as dodge

Feel free to use whatever runes you like, this is just my personal preference

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Summoner spells

I highly recommend you to play with Ghost/Exhaust.

Ghost you can use for so much, Chasing people, getting out of a tight situation, getting to that teamfight right on time. And much more

Exhaust is more a Flavour Question, you can replace this spell with ignite or Flash and it will still be working, but exhaust is my personal favorite, Helps with chasing and surviving. and if used correctly you can save someone else with it.

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Ninja tabi can ofcourse be exchanged for Mercury's Treads if you meet a spellcaster heavy team

Trinity Force, This is one of the key items for Irelia, a tad expensive. but it will make up for it in the end, it gives you moment speed, AD, AP, AS, Critical chance and 2 Really sweet passives

Phantom Dancer, More speed, at this point you will have alot of speed, making you uncatchable togheter with bladesurge. The attackspeed is a really nice addition, making your Hiten Style even more dangerous

Madreds Bloodrazor, Great item with the amount of AS you'll have by now, with this thing, you kill people in 10-12 seconds, without hiten style, With it, they'll be dead before they can run

Last whisper, Feel like your not doing enough damage? this damage will make Almost all your AD hit the enemy and it adds a bunch of it, Can be exchanged for a Black Cleaver if you have the money.

Bloodthirster, This is my personal preference, because of the Survivability, but IE is also a viable pick

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Early Game/Mid Game/Late Game

Early Game

Open with the shoes and potions, run to top or bot lane (dont go mid, you'll get enough of EXP and Gold anyway) and get Bladesurge. Bladesurge is a Great skill for Last hitting minions, the cooldown is reset when you kill something with it, and half it's mana cost is refunded. Nice, You'll be using this alot.

Be sure to get atleast 4 of the minions on each wave untill lvl 6 this will give you a nice Cashflow, and it's possible, with boots you'll most likely get out of most situations(except if they got double Snare/stun then you'll have to be more careful)

If you get low, dont be afriad to use your potions. Don't try to gank anyone yet, just stay back and get that cashflow going. you will need it.

when you hit lvl 6, start looking around the other lanes, do anyone of them need help? Is a gank Viable? Also go grab that sheen, It's a great damage buff for Irelia

this is your primary objective with this build early game, Helping and supporting your other lanes. pushing on your own lane is important, but not as important. Getting an early tower is good, but always be careful for missing champs

Mid Game

By lvl 11 you should have your Trinity Force and this is when the game turns really interesting, you'll have enough speed to sneak up on most heroes and you'll be doing enough damage to solo most of em.
Open your battles with Bladesurge, Equilibrium strike, then activate your Hiten Style. beat them 2-3 times and they'll be running or they'll be dead, when their running, put exhaust on them (if your going with flash, flash on em if ther getting away, if you go for Ignite dont use it before they try to hide behind turrets and are low on health) and start hitting them while their running, You'll catch em with your great speed. if they CC you, don't worry you got your passive.
If things goes bad, use ghost and run away, if you can use bladesurge to get some extra distance between you and the champion who just beat you.

Late Game

This is when Irelia becomes pretty much like any Auto attack character, you swoop in with your bladesurge, Hiten style, if they run use Equilibrium Strike. after getting your Bloodrazor you can pretty much kill anyone on the opponents team in 4-5 seconds. Be careful though, You are not tanky in this guide, you got some survivability, but your not tanky.

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Summary and some tips

Irelia is one of the best Anti-tanks in game. Hiten Style is what really makes this build work late game and also, Don't do stupid things your squishy.

Also due to your great laning capabilities dont be afriad to leave lane for some minutes to get blue buff or red buff, you can come back and clean up 16 minions in no time

This build is made to wreck enemy tanks + high hp chars + tanky dps. Show them hiding behind 300 armor wont help them


- Go laning! Irelia is ALOT better at it then jungling
- Don't Towerdive to much, you'll lose on it in the end
- Use Bladesurge to run away. if you encounter any minions that are unfriendly jump on them and keep running (if your health isnt to low)
- Support your friends, Your team is as strong as it's weakest links
- Use your ultimate while running away aswell as when chasing and initiating.