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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author O MeioTolo

Irelia - The Game Changer (Offtank)

O MeioTolo Last updated on May 27, 2011
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Irelia will be awsome early game... With heart of gold u got tons of resist and money. Juse make sure u farm right and as soon as u get money for the 2 hearts of gold tp back and buy them. Then u have a great advantage in gold gaining if u keep farming well what will let u take a hugw advantage over ur enemies. Just with sheen irelia does and incredible ammount of damage so u showld get it and then build ur resistance. After that incresa ur damage with wits end cause is awsome for her ulty and trinity force gives an huge burst. At lategame if the game gets into their... You will be almost unkillable and doo toons of damage!

Hope you try it before voting!
sry for my english,

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Farming with Irelia is Crucial.
Irelia isnt a little dependent of items to gain an advantage over the enemies.
You can get this items pretty easly with a good farm. You must remember that killing 10-15 minions is the same gold incoming to you as killing an enemy champion.

How to farm:
As all Ad champs you showld try to last-hit minions with auto-atack, but with ireleia if u feel that you will fail or you are out of range to auto-atack you can use your Q to last-hit. Q is nice cause if it kills the minions it restores half of the mana spent and refreshes the kill letting you get 3-4 minions in just 1 sec. Since the CD of your ulty is pretty short if you feel you wont have a gank or an attempt on a kill soon you can spent it farming too since with it you can get 1 wave of minions easly.

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Marks - ArmorPen - As he is a AD champ and armor penetration is the most efficient runes to max your output damage this is a must on irelia.

Seals - Health per level gives you a great resistance even if you cant get your items as soon as you want. This runes are really usefull if the game is going wrong. But if you feel your lacking a bit of mana because of your farm just take ManaRegen per lever here.

Glyphs - Great to keep you in lane using your q to farm and always have enought mana to farm

Quints - With ruby cristal will make the champion lanning with more health.

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Skill Sequence

Many Irelia player are maxing (Q) first. That is a good strategy if you miss your Q farming too much because it will make more damage and gives you more range of minions life to last hit. But if you max (E) First your damage will be much higher when u decide to atack because it has more based and improved damage. You put a poin on W because of his passive that makes you restore some life. When you want to assassin some one you Squil sequence must be QEWR and keep doing normal hits while sending R to max your output dmg. With sheen and this sequence you can take any squichy real easly...

Always remember that your E only stunt if you have less life % than your oponent and that your ulty will go too the location where your mouth is.

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Summoner Spells

I use Ignite because he is really usefull to help you get early kills and make your heart of golds faster to take huge advantafe of them

The second spell is ghost because it allows you to run for the kill or run from being killed is just awsome. On Irelia i preffer ghost then flash because with flash you can flash out but then you arnt fast enought to escape most part of champions.

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Pros / Cons

Huge lifesteal amount
Unreal Damage from sheen
Almost unkillable without CC
Great Farmer
Good in solo lane
Fits well in any team

Vulnerable too CC (what you will counter with banshees)
Slow jungler
Cant kill tanks easly as carrys or fighter do

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Creeping / Jungling

IF you got no jungler on your team irelia is one of the rare caracters that will really benefit from the 2 buffs. The red buff is awesome for her cause of the slow that increase the amount of auto-atacks that she can lands, and the blue buff that let her throw is Q whenever she wants to max her amount of creeps.

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Team Work

With Irelia you should get as many creeps as you can but you cant let your team with 1 less element in teamfights. Try always to look at map, and when you see someone engaging a teamfight get there as fast as you can. Even if you are doing a buff you showld leave it and get there. If you feel that you will be needed you can spend ghost to get there faster.

I terms of ganks irelia is a good ganker with is QEWR sequence. You should gank if you have that opportunity cause is very probable that your team will get the kill but irelia presence on lane is too notable and probably they will give the SS on your miss too easily

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In summary:
Early Game: farm and try to get the kill with combo and ignite if they are low. You are very difficult to kill.
Mid Game: keep farming and gank. With sheen you do a good ammount of damage now and with your life ratio they wont even try to focused you down.
Late Game: You are almost unkillable and you do nice damage. Just focus there carrys and take them down. Ignore their tanks because you can do it and assassin who you want.

Hope you try this build, im sure you will like it!

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Special Thanks

I would like to tanks people that support me getting this build helped me growing as a LoL player. So I will leave the least here, thank you all!

Jonh the mccarron
O CoisaRuim