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League of Legends Build Guide Author soihearduleikdeath

Irelia the new queen of blades

soihearduleikdeath Last updated on November 18, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Ladies n gents boys and girls im here to present you Irelia will of the blades.
She's an Attack damage nuke champion and can bring a decent amount to the table
and can really shine mid to endgame if played right.(note this is a laning guide, not a jungling)Lets go over her skills, how to play her and do's and dont's of Irelia.

1. skills, and skill sqeuence
fervor (passive) a nifty passive that gives Irelia x% of CC reduction because of x# of enemy champions around
Q:Bladesurge, a single target dash nuke that deals x amount of dmg + current attack damage
W:Hitenstyle, a Passive-active that heals x amount of hp and when activated deals x amount of true damage to her normal attacks that scales up nicely
E:Equilibrium strike, another single target nuke that deals x amount of magic damage+AP value if your health is higher then your opponent the attack will slow, if your hp lower it will stun for the duration so choosing when to use this can make or break you.
R:(ultimate)Transcendent Blades, Irelia's ulti, summons 4 daggers that can be fired in a line nuke, damage scales between AP or AD depending on which is higher, similar to katarina's death lotus

-authors note-
all in all her ability ratio scaling is not bad, her Q could use slight revamp lower ranks, as well as a slight ulti dmg up at rank one and scale from there, imo though.

2. Her items

-authors note-
Irelia IS an AD champion, even though i have been expirementing with AP, its a much safer bet to run full AD then AP.

summoner spells:
i run exhaust and ignite, so i can slow the enemies down to make sure my ult or abilites hit and also get away, ignite lets me last hit and stop annoying support champions

1: start off with a longsword and 1x HP pot and head to a lane,
you should be aiming to last hit minions early on as her nuke potential and harrassment potential is not enough to make you focus on that, especially early game Vs. ranged/casters
2:your sword of occult comes next, you should get it over boots because this build is sort of build on the fact if you can mantain stack levels and not die a bajillion times
3: your trinity force
ALWAYS start with sheen, it lets you have a bigger impact and allows you to get stacks fast.
zeal/phage, it doesnt matter which order you get them in although zeal will give you more ATKspeed and crit, phage is more survivability and a slow, either way build your trinity force..
4: your inifnity edge, your "icing to top the cake" if your good with stacks and you get this item you will be the ownage. if your not still get the item. ;D
if the game hasnt ended by this time and you have these 3 items, i suggest going a blood thirster or black cleaver to give yourself more damage and life steal or a nice stack on effect for tanks.

-authors note-
most games i play with her end around the time i get my IE, whther we win or surrender. i usually dont have time to build an item after IE. but with near max stacks(hopefully) trinity force and IE your a glass cannon waiting to explode.

3. Masteries/runes
i take a semi standard 21/0/9 offensive mastery spec for irelia, making sure to pick up improved ghost, increased mana/health regen, increased exp, and lessened death time.

for runes i go with armor pen reds, armor pen quints, attack speed yellows, and you can choose between mp5 and cdr; is what i found to be the best build for her. i however run flat cooldown blues, your call though.

-authors note-
i have seen some builds that run attack speed accross the board. i think its a waste of rune slots. blue sockets can be used for something else, and she doesnt need more then 1.5ish attack speed overall.

4. Do's and Dont's of irelia
- watch who your laning with, if your laning against a ranged and a tank, or ranged/caster or anything that you know could be a threat, switch your lane off with a buddy or get good support. Irelia is NOT good for low level harass and casters/ranged have an easy go with her.
- if your going to use this build, make sure your Q is maxed out first, so you can take the full advantage of your AD Irelia, next is ES followed by HS last with getting your ulti respectively.
- dont initiate team fights. i cannot stress this enough, Irelia should wait till mid to the end of the fight to effectively run in with guns ablazing, Q on to the squishies and carries, and ES the tanks and tougher guys to get the slows/stuns off. communicate with your team and when the time comes pick off the stragglers that are half dead (most pubbies dont help pubbies rofl :<)
- you are a glass cannon, dont let people tell you otherwise.
- stacks, stacks, MORE STACKS. your occult carries you, make sure you kill/assist whenever possible, but dont die. if your doubting your chances to come back out alive dont take it, it wont make sense if you pick up a double but lose a 3rd of your stacks for no reason.
- have good player sense and good map awareness, for irelia and any other champion. dont be stupid if you wanna play seriously, dont tower dive, or rush by yourself into a 1v5 and die needlessly, most important PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR FRICKKING MINIMAP. its there use it, instead of whining that twitch went from mid to top and got fed 3 doubles and now has a 10/0/0 and fed because stupid people dont have good gamer sense. I swear pubbies always QQ about MIA's... you have a minimap, use it. goodness gracious, its apparently hard to multitask and watch 2 things on the same screen.
- and finally show Kerrigan that you are the NEW queen of blades x3

-authors note-
this is my first guide, so things might be a little bit unclear, or sketchy if you have any questions, comment tell me hwo i can improve or make a better guide or if you need some clarification