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Irelia Build Guide by FLADDERFARSAN

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author FLADDERFARSAN

Irelia the tank-destroyer

FLADDERFARSAN Last updated on November 5, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This build is mainly for being able to take down tanks without any trouble but still keep your defenses up. I would not recommend using this build if you are not in some sort of premade game since with Irelias damage and ability to take down tanks she will easily get focused and while lacking defenses from masteries, runes and a few items and of course not having any spells to use while escaping she will become an easy target.

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Pros / Cons

The pros for this build is:
-She will be able to deal with almost anyone one versus one.
-She will be able to deal heavy damage to tanks while still having decent vitality/defense.
-With the cooldown reduction from brutalizer she will be able to jump about every fourth second.
-With the lifesteal from bloodthirster she is great in the jungle and it also helps her survive.
-With Irelias passive and the tenacity from mercury threads stuns are almost useless against her.
The cons for this build is:
-She is easier to kill then in most tank/off-tank builds.
-She will easily get focused in team fights is you don't decide to add some more defensive items
-Without her ultimate and sunfire cape she is almost useless for pushing.

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In this build and in most other Irelia build the most useful runes are the armour penetration runes since this makes taking down a tank or anyone thats builds up a bunch of armor a lot easier. But we still stick in a bit of magic resistance and abit of HP or HP/lvl so you wont get nuked in the late game.

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Masteries is mostly damage but a slight bit of increased experience and also pick up the mastery that improves ghost. For the sake of god do not get exhaust for this build since Irelia already has a slow/stun and it makes this spell almost useless. ignite reduces healing effects and also deals a bit of damage which is ALOT better throughout the whole game. I also pick up the bonus magic resistance and armor in the first row of the defensive tree.

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Summoner Spells

I usually pick ghost and ignite as summoner spells for this build since Ghost does not have a very long cooldown and it also give a speed increase that lasts for pretty long which is awesome for chasing and chasing is something you will do a lot as Irelia.
Ignite is better then exhaust since Irelia already has a slow/stun and ignite reduces healing effects and such plus deals damage.

Ghost can be replaced with flash if u fancy being able to go over walls and stuff like that but in the long terms ghost is better and its CD is also lower. I would say that heal and clarity is not really needed since she has the lifesteal for HP and she is not that mana dependent.

However you can replace any of the spells with cleanse if you want to be able to break out of cc's or just being nearly unkilable.

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Ranked Play

In ranked i would not suggest you use this build since you will most likely get countered/ focused if your team doesnt use some really advanced setup.

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I really do recommend you to go gank at about lvl 7-12 or something like that. When killing/ganking you will most likely not open with your bladesurge if your enemy has some kind of escape spell like flash/ghost or a slow or stun to cast on you just to get away. But if this champion you are ganking does not have any of that kind of spells just go for it but he/she will most likely have something like that so just run in pop ghost if u need and open up with Equillbrium Strike, use Hiten style for extra damage and when they somehow get abit to far away from you just chase after with bladesurge.

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Late game

In the late game there will mostly be pushing/teamfights and here's where you come in. Remember you are not an opener in this build so let the tank open then you jump in do your thing. remember to use your stun/slow on ANYONE not only the one you are focusing since the slow lasts for a while you can go back to that target after killing someone else and at this stage your main nuke ability will be bladesurge so use it as much as possible. And remember, at this time of the game you are sort of a semi carry and one of your tasks is also to keep the stun up on the other teams carries to keep them from dealing damage to you or your teammates. When pushing at this stage of the game it IS in fact worth using your ultimate on creeps since if you are low it gives you some lifesteal, it is also your ONLY farming spell at all and it does not deal a large sum of damage so it is almost useless in teamfights.

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So that is pretty much it :). I would not recommend using this build if you are new to Irelia or just bought her since it will be somewhat hard to get into it but you do as you want. This build also works perfectly for dominating low level games.

This guide is made by:FLADDERFARSAN EU(west) This is my first guide on this website although i have made a few guides at i still think i had the most fun while making this guide and i hope you will enjoy it as much as i did have a nice day and ill see you in my next guide! (hopefully) HAPPYFACE :D