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Irelia Build Guide by Sm0ke

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sm0ke

Irelia -The way of 75

Sm0ke Last updated on July 4, 2011
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Irelia -Introduction

The way of 75 is basen on "Hiten Style". "Hiten Style" ignores you'r ad/ap, the only thing it cares about is speed.

Each strike will generate 26 health by it's passive and by it's active you will get 75 damage as true damage EACH STRIKE. No matter how much ad you got you will only gain 26 health and 75 truedamage per hit. If you got 2.5 speed you will hit 187.5 TRUEDAMAGE each second.

So basiclly you won't be a nuker instead a dps with true damage. If you get feed, the tanks will buy armor when you'r actually ignore it. This can lead to extream team pwng.

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Pros / Cons

-DPS'rs get their kills (almost everytime)
-Irelia get's a extream true dmg output
-Still as awesome as any Assasin
-Irelia got stun/slow!!!
-Very hard 2 counter
-Low CC because of passive
-Amazing laning
-Can carry a team of 2 players against 5 if played as she should!!
-Economic build wich should get you early game feed.

-Squishy (end game it will change due 2 "GA")
-Even after passive she's still vulnerable 2 CC
-She has her dmg curve flattend at endgame (if a 60-80min game you will find yourself as any champion even after extream feed)
-Even after "GA" you will die if you don't have skilled members in your team.
-Not same fun-burst-dmg as the other "common" Irelia players

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Here I will write all changes.

2011-04-22Changed the Item chapter so you now can choose from Wits end/Starks Favor or Madred's Bloodrazor based on the enemy team and game length
2011-04-22Changed wits end to starks favor. Cheaper and suits better in some cases. Thx for tip Aether Skies
2011-04-22Added an "changes" chapter
2011-04-22Added a Skill Sequence Chapter
2011-04-22Build Created

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Skill Sequence

I tend to start of my putting 1 injust for a nice harras ability. After that I go foruntil level 4.

Here I put ONE point in HitenStyle. Only reason is that you get some decent lifesteal out of it. And I dont like maxing
Now you may ask why I don't max out Hiten as fast as I can, here's why=

At level 7 you will have a HORRIBLE AttackSpeed and the other team wont have a big chunk of armor so so you wont gain anything from it (at least not an amount worth mentioning)
Instead I max outSo I can jump to my target with Bladesurge and then stun/slow withthen finish of my target with auto attacks.

When you reach level six ALWAYS put 1 point inso now you can heal when escaping because you dont need to STOP 2 CAST YOUR BLADES!!!! Knowing how 2 use this info is gold worth. When escaping a gank with low life and you see som1 following you. Click on the point you want 2 reach (far away) then activate Transcendent Blades and shoot your blades at enemy champions or even better, a big enemy minon wave!

Well, now you should put one point inthen 1but still you dont need to actually use it. I find it useful at lower levels because of its lifesteal and smal dmg boost if you and your enemy has the same hp and it goes down as fast on both of you. Then activate it and you will deal a tiny amount more! Just enougth to win.

One more point inwitch now is maxed out. our level 9, soon you will have a nice attack speed so start maxing out Hiten style. Here is where the guide change from the others. Where other guides would go fororI just continue with AS for a high true dmg output.

Now you will shutdown the enemy team tank in the blik of an eye!

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Starting withand 5will enable you to harras alot (and get those early game kills). This will bring you alot of active hit points (HP) and a small armor increase wich bring you the ability to stay in lane until level 6-8 (THEN GO AND BUY EVEN IF YOU DON'T HAVE TO BY HP/MANA NEED)

Then go after some lifesteal -><- wich should keep you at full hp almost all the time.

Now buy some new boots -><-
Now you can jump in by Q then E and fast run back! Also you will be able to escape most ganks

Now complete wriggles -><-

Now complete -><- for some bonus attackspeed (wich is eveyrting this guide relays on

Now getbut don't complete whole nashor instead save your money for another item. This will get you a better AS and a CD reduction so you can have Hiten activated more!

The next item is something I rarely see ppl use, an item I think is underrated =-Sword Of the divine has a nice passive that deals 100MDMG every 4th hit. If you split it up u'll get 25mgmg every hit! that's around 50MDMG every second (mid/late game) The fact that's it magic damage is a core reason. Now you'll deal even more varied dmg which will make the enemy team tank hate you. Also 60% attackspeed is a huge change for you'r lasthitting and nuke/dps dmg.
Now you should Q->E->W->StandarAttack->StandarAttack->StandarAttack->StandarAttack->KILL
(around 2.5sec for complete kill)

Now we got a similar item (Should never buy if the enemy team dont have at least 3 champs using mana) -><-
This item will give you 42extra dmg (true/ad/ap I dont know) and remove 42 mana at the same time. Since you now got a nice attack speed you will remove ALOT of mana and a extra boost of unknown dmg type will make you a annoying as hell. The MGRes and additional attackspeed is just great for you'r survivability and dmg output.

You could get Starks Favor instead for more lifesteal, better armor pen (armor reduction) but less AS which is what this build is about.

Another choice is to get Madreds Bloodrazor this item is more expensive but will get you LOTS of kills. A boost in magic dmg and attackspeed. Something my Irelia loves.

Of these 3 items I would normaly go for WitsEnd but if there is many energy or heath users I would go for Starks favor. But if the game seems like a long game, I would choose Madreds Bloodrazor because it is the best item of those 3 and most suited for Irelia.

Now you should get a -><-
Having a extra life-It sais it all!

Otherwise you could boost you'r dmg with -><- or an PD or maybe a -><- If you want a AD boost (you should not need it)

This is my type of Irelia -nothing else

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Irelia should get alot of minon kills so prepare to last hit ALOT. She should also gank much since her mobility and slow/stun. I play her as laning and not jungler but both work fine!

As Irelia you have 2 think of activating Hiten Style at all time before teamfights. You should get rid of the other team's carry and support (at least!) Shutdown any Thornmail enemy but leting you'r team foc him/her away.

Irelia has a great lifesteal especially since they "nerf'd" wriggles. And since you'r ulti has low CD and lot of lifesteal you SHOULD use it to heal of people following you when you have low life, 2 kill of a big army of minons, 2 heal you before entering teamfight and 2 get rid of the fleing enemy. The ulti has an endless stream of possiblilitys so just go for it!

In short, Irelia need a good team to be excellent but can be great on her own.
If you got 1 tank and 1 support and a good Irelia you can take down the whole enemy team.

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I would like to apologize for my english. I'm not from a countery where you speak English and it's really late. But I hope you got the hang of my dps Irelia. A Champ who don't care if ur a tank!

Good luck and have fun!