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Irelia Build Guide by HeAt

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author HeAt

Irelia - Will of the Blades

HeAt Last updated on November 26, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 10

Honor Guard

Defense: 19

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Utility: 1

Chapter 1

Irelia: Will of the Blades

- Early Game Utility
- Early Game Nuker
- Mid Game Nuker/Carry
- Late Game Carry/Offtank
- Straight Up Assassin

- Her damage curves off end game
- Very susceptible to CC
- Honestly, Definitely the hardest character I have EVER had to learn, EVER.
- Extremely Inconsistent/Team Dependant

Core Items

PLEASE, PLEASE follow the order I put in the item order, not the order here.
: The Mercury Treads give you great CC reduction and resistances early game. They are also good to have because of how vulnerable Irelia is to CC. You could go swift boots but the Trinity Force gives her a good amount of speed later on.
: The Trinity Force is one of the best, if not THE BEST item for Irelia. The sheen proc combined with the slow is such a great combo. The fact that it also provides health, mana, AP, AD, AS, AND Crit chance, is too perfect for her as a minimal value of each is what she needs early. Try to time your procs so you get 2 procs off of your ultimate, because yes, each dagger you throw has the potential to provide a sheen proc for 120% of your AD.
: The Randuin's Omen is also a VERY strong item for Irelia. The armor is a huge plus to her squishiness. Also, the health is a great addition to the current tanky metagame. Lastly, the slow that this can provide could be just the thing your team needs. The fact that you have a flash skill can get you into team fights providing AoE slows.
: The Infinity Edge is a great mid game "boost" for Irelia. The 20% crit chance added to her 15% crit chance totals at 35%, which is a good amount to have for an offtank carry. The AD also helps her do more damage not only from the AD it provides but from the bonus that you acquire when it procs with the sheen in your triforce.
: The Bloodthirster has a similar effect compared to the infinity edge. It is just some more damage but also gives you a bit of lifesteal. Generally a good item to get and is easy to farm up thanks to your ultimate skill which has a DEVASTATINGLY low cooldown. You can easily replace this with a bloodrazor if you want.


: The Banshee's Veil is a good end game survivability item. Adds to your health and makes you even LESS vulnerable to crowd control.
: Madred's Bloodrazor is a great end item as well. It stacks up well with your W (true damage skill) to give you a lot of bonus damage. That added to your already potent AD is great. This is where you have to make the choice: Survivability or Damage?

Summoner Spells:

Cleanse: As previously mentioned like 10 times, you are SO vulnerable to CC. Save yourself the /facepalm and run cleanse
Ghost: Helps you catch up to land a slow/stun/whatever or helps you get out, pretty straight forward.

Marks: The magic penetration is excellent for your E skill early game and for your ultimate throughout
Seals: Health gives you a bit of a boost early game, considering that you ARE squishy. These can be replaced with flat armor runes.
Glyphs: Magic resistance glyphs give you that little tanky edge vs. Magic Damage early game
Quints: : Flat Health quints when combined with the health seals and the masteries give you a total of 145 HP at level 1. That is a devastatingly large bonus to start out with, and gives you a LOT more to work with.

Skill Order

When you initiate, go W > Q > E > R > Hit Hit Hit etc.
When you are in a team fight, save your R until you are lower so you can heal. So
W > Q > E hit hit hit, Q > E > hit hit hit, > R (Rinse & Repeat)

- Try to lane with a strong nuker or damage dealer (garen, leblanc (if she is stupid enough to lane), poppy, shaco). While laning with them, try to have your health JUST under full, via creep kill or taking some aggro. You can heal this back anyway with lifesteal and ult and it lets you get your stuns off early, and a 2-300 dmg stun at level 5-7 is insane.

- Start ganking lanes, using your Q > E combo to land stuns for your allies to destroy the other team, and finishing people off with your R. Also, start grabbing lizard from jungle, just to get that extra edge. Golem buff is also nice for cooldowns.

- In late game 5man ganks, your job is SOLELY to take out their AD or AP carry. You can't deal significant damage to most tanks, do what you are made to do and you will succeed. Stunning their carry's can totally change the tides of a fight, as that 2 second stun saves your team of 2-3k Damage against you, and takes out one of their heroes.

If you have any questions please comment, I'd Be HAPPY to answer them.

That is all for now, if you would like check out some of my Beatboxing videos at

I would also like to thank Chaotic Bliss and RestrictNine for the help they have provided in getting this build done