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League of Legends Build Guide Author LamaInsangerata

Irelia Will of the Bloody Blade

LamaInsangerata Last updated on November 18, 2010
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While this might not be the best way to play Irelia, but it's my way and it works for me.
Also, this is more of an experiment since it's a new hero and I am not that good at understanding new heroes, and any suggestions would be good. Also If you downrate it please add a comment and add a reason.

First, let's start with the abilities, for a better understanding of them might bring you to a better skilling order:

Bladesurge - It's kinda like Kata's Shunpo, or Akali's Shadow Dash, you move forward to your target and deal a significat damage (skill dmg + 1.0 of your total AD). Use it to get into fights, chase heroes and in rare ocasions when you have enemy minions in the proper direction, can be used as an escape ability.

Hiten Style - While I don't recall always to use this skill in fights it gives you something that in early game can make a difference. It's called "survivability", or the ability to outlast your lane enemies. If you are getting fonder of this skill, you might switch the early boots for a dagger, so you'll get healed faster. Also when you activate it your normal attacks deal aditional true damage, so it's a good idea to activate it right before your dash into enemies with Blade Surge.

Equilibrium Strike - I used to level up this skill first, because it's a good nuke, and a versatile CC ability. It works like this: If your percent of HP is higher than the percent of your target's HP it's going to add a slow effect. If you're lower in HP percentage, it becomes a stun, great at turning the fight in your favor, or if not possible give you an escape chance.

Transcendent Blades - Remember Urgot and his skill shot? Well, this girl here has a machine gun of that. And it heals ^_^. What this skill does is that when you first press your ultimate key, (R in my case) you load up 4 blades that will launch every time you keep pressing your ulti key, and they will fly in the direction of your cursor. Great chasing skill and a great mass destruction weapon as it damages every target that it passes through.

Before you start you need to know this:
Good stuf:
- She has massive burst damage, even in the beggining
- She can survive and outlast even a zombie apocalypse on her lane
- Decent CC
- Ultimate that is even good at taking out huge enemy minion waves.

Bad stuff:
- She is kinda squishy and has no real escape ability (exception makes the cases when you're lucky and you have a good positioned enemy minion, to use BladeSurge)
- Her cooldowns at low levels are crazy, so you can only do a burst damage once in 10 secods
- Low range on Equilibrium Strike (CC Skill)

Now let's get down to business.
Early game: Or as I call it the "farming age" it's when I lay low, hit my creeps, run around, and when an opening comes busting some chops. You can easily do first blood if you have a good early CC hero with you on the lane, and if the enemy heroes get too curious. But I never rush for the kills, I play for victory, my goal is to not feed and get down those towers as fast as I can.
I start with those boots for a little mobility, and upgrade them much later, since my second item is zeal i get enough MS. If the cash is flowing from kills and assists I get the Tear of Godess, which will come in hand when the team fights are coming up, since you'll be spaming skills like crazy.

Mid game: Presuming you're team is doing ok and you busted a few kills, you will turn that Tear of Godess into a Manamuneand start helping your team mates push their towers.

If things went the way i told here my little story, you will all be having a "GG" chat at the end :)