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Singed Build Guide by mikenike29

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author mikenike29

Is he still alive? (Full Tank Guide) Updated 4/12/12

mikenike29 Last updated on April 12, 2012
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About the build

Hello, Mikenike29 here with my first build! For those of you who want to have lots of lane sustain, able to tank lots of damage and do some back yourself, then this is the build for you! The way i made this build is to be late game mostly. This build doesn't require a solo top like many others do but i do recommend it still simply because he doesn't have the range or damage output to lane with a support successfully very easily. Voting and commenting is always appreciated!

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Why arnt there any movement speed runes?
- He is already going to have a massive amount of speed with his boots of swiftness, Force of Nature and then his ult and ghost will give him even more so he already has enough speed to catch almost anyone spare a very fast rammus or Yi.
Why not Per Level runes?
- A good start is key and by the end the number that the per level ones give are so insignificant that you wont even notice that they are gone but you will definitely notice how much help they are at the beginning.

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Why begin with Dorans shield instead of going straight to boots like many other builds do?
- Singed is no help to anyone in lane if he has to go back every two seconds, the shield gives him much more lane sustain and health and regen to make him more tanky at the start.
Does it matter whether you buy Force of Nature before Sunfire Cape?
- No, it should be based on the other teams composition but i prefer the Force because of the speed boost.
Why save Rabadons Deathcap for last?
- This build is meant to be a tank rather than an AP carry so he is tanking damage rather than delivering it and Rabadons is more focused on AP and Singed can already do decent damage with his rod of ages, fling, and adding the ult.
Why get tier 2 boots before catalyst?
At the start of the game Singed is going to want to use his fling and adhesive sparingly simply because he doesn't do enough damage to back the spells up and the only time Singed is much help at the start is in ganking, during this time having tier 2 boots will let Singed catch up to the target and fling them back to gank and while catalyst would give him mana and health he already has enough lane sustain from his runes and masteries as well as the boost from Doran's Shield.
Possible item substitutions-
Thornmailinstead of Sunfire Cape- This might be better if you are against a team that has a lot of AD people who depend on auto-attacks like vayne or trynd but i like how the Cape gives health as well as armor.
Rylai's Crystal Scepter instead of Rabadon's Deathcap- I am personally not a fan of Rylai's simply because most of his damage is done when people are chasing Singed because they feel they still have hope to get away, if you slow them with Rylai's effect then they will realize that escape is futile and they will go an alternate course which will make them mroe difficult to kill. There are however 2 things i like about about Rylai's. 1) It costs a bit less then Rabadons at 3105g to Rabadons 3600g. 2) The slow is helpful in stopping carries in teamfights. 3) The health will make Singed just that much more of a tank. Overall i dont really suggest it but if you really feel like it works better for you then by all means go ahead and purchase it.

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Skill Sequence

Why level poison instead of fling at the start?
- There isnt a point to flinging anyone without anything to back it up unless they are right next to tower. Fling does very little damage and takes lots of mana and i feel its better to have the poison trail to farm minions to get to lvl 2 faster and to ward off your foe if a lvl 1 gank is at hand.
IF YOU ARE GOING TO TRY A LVL 1 GANK THEN TANK FLING INSTEAD (this will usually be only in ranked games)
Why level Mega Adhesive before fling?
- Mega Adhesive is one of the strongest if not the strongest slows in the game, it puts the enemy to a near standstill and doesnt cost too much mana. One key thing about fling is that it isnt spammable, the starting mana is very high and the damage is nice but if you arnt going ap singed then it doesnt matter too much.

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Pros / Cons of Singed


    Great chasing
    Cant be chased easily
    Disrupts positioning
    Good sustain throughout the game
    Can have fair amount of damage
    No burst
    No ranged attacks
    Countered by ranged people with good escapes

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Pros / Cons of this build


    Very tanky
    Fantastic late game
    Fast enough to catch almost everyone or run away
    Moderate AP
    Easy minion farming
    Bad early game
    Not enough AP to quickly kill monsters or champions

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Summoner Spells

Why use ghost instead of flash?
-Ghost is simply to catch those champions that might be just a tad bit faster like powerball rammus or ulting Yi so then you can catch them. His poison is usually enough to deter a chase and even if it doesnt then he can ghost and ult away to be safe and the chasers sometimes die in the process. Flash better for the easy initiation so it isnt bad but in my opinion it isnt as nice.
Why use teleport-
Singed is almost always going to be the solo top and although he has a lot of sustain he is going to need to go back sometimes to buy items and the teleport helps him not get outleveled and he wont have to make the long track back with someone killing his turret as he runs up to it. It also helps in team fights because he can go off to farm or push a lane and then teleport into a team fight and surprise the enemy.
Why dont you use cleanse?
- His ult already decreases the time of Crowd control effects (CC- stuns,slows,etc) and hes tanky enough to survive them with the speed to catch those that use it on them.
Why dont you use exhaust ?
- He is already has his mega adhesive which slows champions significantly and is tanky enough to take any damage but its not a bad choice if nobody else has it on your team.
Other viable Summoner Spells- Flash, Exhaust, cleanse, ignite (usually for ap singed),

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His Abilities

Empowered Bulwark (Passive)- Singed's max health is increased by 1 for each 4 points of his maximum mana

Poison Trail (Q)- This spell leaves a poisonous gas does a fair amount of damage over 3 seconds which is renewed every time they enter more of the poison. You can toggle it on and off and it leaves the poison where you are standing. It costs 13 mana per second and does 22 / 34 / 46 / 58 / 70 (+0.3 per ability power) magic damage per second. The poison stays in the area you leave it in for 3.25 seconds. It is a very good spell to farm with as well as harassing and running away. There is a minuscule cool-down (about a second) after you toggle it.

Mega Adhesive (W)- A slow with a fairly large range (about the range and size of chogaths knock up). This is a skill shot but fairly easy to use and you simply put it in front of the enemies path (or put it somewhere to make the enemy go away from it). It slows by 35 / 45 / 55 / 65 / 75 % but the mana is a bit much for early game with 70 / 80 / 90 / 100 / 110. The worst part about it is that the cooldown is 14 seconds no matter the level so its pretty much only used once or twice in teamfights, usually just to initiate and following up with fling.

Fling (E)- It does just as the name says-- it flings the enemy directly behind singed. This is a risk/reward spell and if you execute it correctly it can be one of the most useful spells in the game. The main purpose of the spell is to either catch people who are running away or to fling supports of ranged carries to the center of a teamfight. This makes them easy picking for the rest of your team. You can only fling them if your are touching the champion but it flings them a significant distance (about the same distance as his mega adhesive range). Fling does a fair amount of damage with 100 / 150 / 200 / 250 / 300 +1.0 AP, after purchasing rod of ages this is a decent amount of damage that allows to cut through squishies better in 1v1. There are three problems with his fling. 1) It costs a significant amount of mana-- 100 / 110 / 120 / 130 / 140 mana 2) If you arnt careful you might fling a target the wrong way or over a wall thus helping their team. 3) The cooldown is fairly long at 10 seconds. Even with these worries fling is such a game changer that you should use it whenever you can possibly get a kill with it or get someone out of position.

Insanity Potion (Ultimate-R)- In my opinion, Singed has one of the best and most underrated ults in the game simply because it isnt easy to see visually. It increases his ability power, armor, magic resistance, movement speed, health and mana regeneration by 35/50/65 for 25 seconds and it also reduces his crowd control effects (stuns, slows, etc) by 10/15/20% during the duration as well (Man, thats a long list!). This is a significant boost in so many areas and it should be used whenever you are in a teamfight and you can just to give yourself a boost to catch someone. In laning phase you can sometimes use it when you are low on health and mana for the regen so you dont have to go back.

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Early game- This is the time when Singed is weakest and should be mildly conservative. He should let the enemy push the lane and run in front of the oncoming minion waves to get rid of them and soak up the last hits as well. If the enemy is standing near the range of your turret take advantage of this and put down an adhesive on him and then fling him into range and run in front of him with poison trail to add to the damage.
Mid Game- This is the time when he begins to form as a tank and can take more risks. At the end of laning phase he should be the one to initiate team fights and fling the squishy enemies in the back into the middle of the fight and kill them and chase down the stragglers to kill. During this time he should try to farm and push lanes as much as he can and if their is going to be a teamfight or a go at baron then he can tele in and fulfill the role of tank for his team.
Late game- This is the time when this build shines. He should be in the middle of every fight and be the one soaking damage as much as he can. He should backdoor with an ad champ to take down low champs with him tanking the turret damage and possibly diving for a champ if they are low. He should be the one who tanks baron as well.

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How to do damage with Singed

Singed isnt like other champions with straight up damage spell, hes more like alistar where you need to be a little calculating on when you do damage. This is because all of his attacks you need to get close to your target to do damage and if you fling a target in back of you then they have a chance to simply run up to you and damage you back. The way you damage a person is to lay your adhesive is on them, toggle your poison on and then fling them into your poison and then run in front of the character with your poison still on. Repeat flinging and slowing him as much as you can until they are dead (or until you shouldn't chase anymore...) Your ult improves your speed and ability power so if you have a chance to get a kill use it.

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How to farm/push with Singed

If you dont want to push the lane then you can simply last hit like every other champion. If there is a minion hoard that you wish to get rid of then simply walk in front of their path with your poison on if they are still moving or just run around the minions with your poison on. To push a lane do the same as above but since Singed doesnt have too much ad or attack speed your minions will do most of the damage so you should run with poison into the minions coming to the tower that you are pushing before they get to your minions so that yours can focus on killing the enemy tower. He can also tank the tower for ad carries to kill towers and using his ult will help with doing this a lot.

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How to initiate with Singed

Like all champions, surprise is always helpful but Singed can use his slow (or just chase them down) to stop champions in there tracks and then flip them to your team. You can also try to scare the enemy into your team by blocking their easiest exit with your slow and poison and then have the enemy run into your team.

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Who Singed is good and bad against at top and how to win top

Singed is strong against the following-
Riven- Riven doesnt have any range (lest her ult) so it is easy to zone her out by putting a wall of poison around one of your low minions to stop her farm. She also lacks heals so Singed's dps will ware her down without much worry.
Garen- Garen is a fine champion against most top people but not against Singed, like Riven he has no range and can also be zoned using poison well. When Garen tries to get close to combo slow him down using adhesive and then keep up the fling into poison harass.
Tryndamere- A good Singed should never fear Tryndamere any part of the game. He doesnt do to much damage at the start and like the others above him on this list he has no range. You can kite him into your poison and end up doing more damage then he can heal. When he ults keep your poison on him and fling him early but keep your adhesive to catch him when he spins.
Wukong- Wukong also has no range, whenever he comes in to kill minions or attack you put your adhesive on him so that when he clones he goes nowhere leaving him open for a fling-poison combo. He doesnt do enough damage to worry Singed and doesnt have much sustain making it easy for a Singed to win the lane.
Olaf- This is more than likely the placement that readers are most likely to contest because if his true damage which is usually known as a tank killer. Although the true damage is fairly scary it is easy to kite Olaf long as you are smart about using your slow to keep him away and dodging his axes. His sustain is annoying but not enough to cancel out the poison damage and overall he should be beaten.

Moderate Difficulty against-
Nasus- The reason why Nasus is troublesome is that many of his spells as well as his passive counters Singed atleast in part. His passive life steal makes it harder for dps Singed to keep him lower and nasus's q does decent damage. It is not easy to beat Nasus but it is also hard for him to kill you so the best method is to simply farm off of him.
Mordekaiser- Morde is not an easy win but he isnt to be feared. His syphoning strike does decent damage and you cant tank his mace of spades but thanks to his nerfs you can get past his shield and he will be constantly lowering his health with his abilities so you can outlast him in lane if you are patient enough.
Irelia- Before her nerf she was very challenging to face because of her sustain, with her passive life steal taken away she is still difficult but not as much. Utilizing your poison to use on top of low minions to stop her last hitting is key and using your fling-poison will do enough damage to make her think twice about dashing to you. Save direct contact with her until you have ult since you more than likely cant kill her without its bonus ap.
Fiora- She is challenging to face because of her damage output and if she gets lifesteal early then she will be even harder to face. Play her like you would an Irelia and try to stop her farm and wait to engage on her when you have your ult.

Cho'Gath- Their are three main things that Cho has going against Singed. 1. His passive gives him mana and health when he kills anything giving him strong sustain. 2. He focuses on his ranged attacks which means that he can stay away from Singed and still farm. 3. Cho'Gath is tanky! This allows him to tank all of Singed's dps. The question is then how to beat a Cho, sadly, Singed cant beat a Cho in lane. Play against him passively, be far enough away to stay out of lane and let him push your lane and turn it into a farming lane. Look for the chance to throw him into your tower and then slow his retreat out of him to try to beat him down.
Gangplank- This is champ could truly go anywhere on the difficulty scale depending on the build and runes/masteries. If GP crit's a ton and knows to save the oranges for when you slow then he is going to be hard to beat. If he doesnt crit much or doesnt usilize his cleanse well then he might become easy to beat. If he is good then treat him like you would Cho and let him push with the major difference being that when you ult you can take him. If he is bad zone him using poison and keep fling-poison combo when he comes close.

Those are a few of the more common match ups, if you want to see my opinions on others please leave a comment and i will be more than happy to extend this section.

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Well i hope you enjoy playing Singed as much as i do and i hope this helps significantly! Please give feedback so i can improve it (as i said in the intro, first build). Sincerely, Mikenike29