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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Maokai Build Guide by Lif3l3ss

It exist the Jungle Tree!

It exist the Jungle Tree!

Updated on January 13, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lif3l3ss Build Guide By Lif3l3ss 10 1 88,505 Views 17 Comments
10 1 88,505 Views 17 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Lif3l3ss Maokai Build Guide By Lif3l3ss Updated on January 13, 2012
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Ive been meaning to update this for quite a while now. Quite a few changes have been done lately ive been playing Maokai jungle more support style with Reverie and Aegis you can still jungle and do just as well building Maokai Jungle dmg the items for the old build will still be here but it will be in discription the items i have listen up at the top are items for the more support style of maokai.

Runes and masteries also different
9/21/0 for Dmg maokai
0/21/9 for support style maokai

Support Mao:
Atk speed Reds
Armor Yellows
MR per lvl or atk speed Blues either both work well
Ability Power quins or movement quins again either work great

Dmg Mao:
Magic Pen reds
Armor Yellows
AP per lvl blues, Atk speed, or MR per Level all work
Flat AP quins
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Pros / Cons

Great Farmer.
AoE ulti that reduces Dmg taken and is quite a nuke.
Temporary Wards.

His Q Has a short range
Ulti stays in one spot easy to get out of.
Later on when ppl have boots sapplings wont be able to catch the enemies sometimes.
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Summoner Spells

Smite: Makes Jungle easier and faster

Ignite: early on can be used in the jungle to make it faster also works for extra dmg on champs your trying to kill.

Ghost: one of my favorite summoners

Flash: can be used to get in or out of fights
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Current Runes and Masteries

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Marks: Magic Pen

Seals: HP per Level Or armor(which makes jungle easier)

Glyphs: Flat CDR makes your abilities on a shorter Cooldown, Flat Magic Resist or Magic resist per level makes you a little bit more tankier against casters or AP per Level.

Quins: Now I am a fan of Movements speed quins specially on a slow champion like Mao, Flat AP, Flat HP, or Flat Armor also works very nice
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Core Items

Boots are probably every1s personal opinion

Mobility: awesome for getting to the lanes fast to gank.

Merc Treads: vs alot of cc or AP

Ninja Tabi: vs alot of AD

Sorc boots: Just want the magic pen for more dmg

RoA: get Cata right after you get the first tier boots it helps you stay in jungle longer since gives you HP mana and the passive when you level regens your HP and mana which helps out alot and then you can turn it into an RoA which is one of the best items for him because its mana HP and AP everything Mao needs.

Then grab a Sheen: now later u can turn this into a Lichbane or triforce your choice.

Sunfire Cape: HP Armor and extra dmg with its passive it really adds up.

FoN: Lots of MR hp regen and move speed goes well with triforce or lichbane
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Secondary Items.

These are just last items if the game even goes this long you can grab any of these items.

Void staff: if you want more AP and if they are stacking Magic Resist this is a very nice item.

Randuins: If they are AD heavy and you want to be a bit more tanky

Banshee's Veil: If they are AP heavy and you need to be a bit more tanky

Abyssal Scepter: Now this item is everyones personal opinion its AP Magic Resist and some Magic pen its a nice item.
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Creeping / Jungling

You want to start at blue if you don't or if they are camping your blue and you can't grab it cause your team doesn't want to help this makes your jungle a bit slower but you want to start at blue. You can either start with a Regrowth pendant and kills golem wolves wraiths B to buy a philo stone this is probably the best way to go but you will probably need a lil extra help on golem. Cloth armor and 5x pots is just the easier safer way to go.

At 1:24 You start throwing your sapplings down on where golem spawns you should have 3 sapplings down and the Cooldown should be almost up to throw another when golem spawns then you smite at what like 475 or something around there use a pot as soon as u get hit. Mao passive helps with jungle quite a bit actually every 5 cast his next attack lifesteals.
You then go wolves wraiths i usually ignite the big one to help out a little bit small golems then recall get boots and about 2 more pots if you want not necessary. You then get back to the wolf camp you should be able to get a sappling down before they spawn and then another as your killing them. Then wraiths and you can go liz if you want too be honest you don't even need it you can just give it to your AD carry then small golems then you gank. Then recall buy cata if you have the gold if not buy the hp crystal over the mana crystal first.
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Fighting as Mao

Sappling toss does the most dmg besides his ulti for mao so what you do is you throw your sappling and you snare enemy right away so he gets hit by when the sappling lands then when sappling blows up the range on his Q is quite a short range so really only use this when your close to them right after you snare.

Huge burst combo: sappling, Snare, put ulti down, Arcane smash to stop them and slow them from getting out of your ulti to fast then blow up your ulti before they run out if they are not dead within this combo or really close ignite to finish them off. If your in melee range of the champ drop ulti first then sappling snare and slow this will allow you to get more dmg stacked on your ulti before you blow it up.
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Team Fights

Now this guy is an amazing teamfight champ Ulti reduces dmg down to your team by 20% which is actually quite a bit. With snare slow and Little aoe exploding buddies not only do you mitigate a good amount of dmg but you put out a very nice amount of damage.
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WARDS and ORACLES are VERY IMPORTANT on any Jungler it helps you counter gank it helps you deny enemy jungle it gives you map control everything you need.. Maokai honestly doesn't need very many items at all to do well so buying a couple wards when you go back to buy will not hurt you at all...
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Images Of Recent Games

Here are some Screen Shots of my recent Jungle Mao games also showing his how much dmg you can also do with this build.
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Coming Soon...
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This item build and play style does not only work for jungle but also if you want to lane but i am becoming more and more of a mao jungle fan People underestimate the ganking power of this Twisted Tree everytime i get into a game a jungle mao why would you jungle mao he has no ganking power im like really no ganking power wtf? He has a snare and a slow/with small knock back if close enough if you use it right after your snare your close enough and good burst pretty much everything about his skills make him good at ganking idk who tells people these things.

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