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LeBlanc General Guide by Freak4life

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Freak4life

Its all smoke and mirrors - Leblanc the black rose

Freak4life Last updated on December 18, 2013
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Rod of ages build
The first build I showed you there is a basic one and so much more can be done with her for exmaple the roa build Rod of Ages x6 this will make you an off tank and give you decent dmg your like an ap vi but instead of a knock up you have a snare and more escapes but the point is dosnt have to be a 1v1 champ she can be help full in team fight by being an off tank

Hybird build
Not really my cup of tea but its effective it works well with her snare it consist of
, ,,,,
I've seen people do well with this it reminds me of a mix inbetween kayle and annie its really intresting but hard to pull off

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Why leblanc

le blanc has amazing early dmg right when she hits 2 she can+to do some of if not the best early game midd champ dmg shes un matched at this level then at 6 she can get almost any champ down to half alot of people who under eismate you can die early on.

she also has one of the lowest ult cool downs in the game but she has no hp and a rather low
mana pool witch is why some people take the roa build witch makes her these two elements together
make her a good roamer she at her 2nd roa she can dive people with no problem to get kills or give other lanes kills due to her late game fall off (ill talk about this more later)

Her main down side is she is easy to play but hard to master for later on ranked games in gold+
she has alot of combos witch must be used in diffrent fights for example when running away you going to are you going to jump away twice or are to chain twice and possibly save a team mate
or are you going to q, r then w at them to try and fight them the possibility's are end less
(i'll go into some more combos later)

with all these things put together its really up to you if you want to put the time into
le blanc

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Welcome to my guild on leblanc and thank you for chooseing it if you find this helpful in any way
might as well up vote. any ways my name is mark and ive been playing le blanc for well over 300 games in this season alone(just ranked) so i thought i could help some newer players by giveing some tips

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for runes I take

.9 flat ap runes

.9 flat armor runes

.9 magic pen runes

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Pros / Cons


[*] possibly highest burst in early game

[*] two escapes if ult is up

[*] great roaming if she gets an early kill

[*] can be played to avoid counters (ill expand more later)

[*] fun


[*] falls off hard late game

[*] dies quickly if build as a classic apc

[*] roa build lacks dmg

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Main dmg
I'll take this space to talk about combos your most basic combo is SIGIL OF SILENCE + Mimic then Ethereal Chains or Distortion this burst is why leblanc is talked of so highly this is great for picking off people in other lanes while roaming and for

Pokeing combo
Her poke combo is SIGIL OF SILENCE, Distortion Distortionthis is the reason why I play leblanc this if you move fast enough you can even not be hit by turrets a good leblanc can
pull this off and piss of or kill the other midd laner well still doing godly dmg with the right runes this can also lead to getting fed early

Chaseing combo
Her chaseing combo is Ethereal Chains then Distortion and Mimic
ethereal chains and distortion can be switched if necessary seeing how it can mean a snow ball win this one is important if your good with it you can carry your team no problem if not you will be a mediocre leblanc

First escape combo
Her first escape combo is Ethereal Chains Mimic then Distortion this is great if you use your Distortion to wall jump after both your ethereal chains go off this combo is best used if some one is faster then you or your being chased by two people also if your trying to protect your team or a fleeing target

Second escape combo
Her second escape combo is Distortion Mimic then if you must Ethereal Chains again this works well with wall jumps you trying to put as much space in between you and the your opponent and wall if your being followed by someone else with wall jumps ethereal chain is always something you can fall back on

Technically your most damaging combination
once chains are past lvl 5 this is your highest dmg combo SIGIL OF SILENCE, Distortion,
Ethereal Chains then Mimic

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Leblanc is known for this its her trade mark and why alot of pros play her and her dmg of coruse
she is a good juker because of Distortion and MIRROR IMAGE watch this video and all will be clear

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match ups

6/10 this is a decently hard one its basicly who ever gets there silence of first a good kassadin will win hes the most ban champ in the game for a reason but a bad kass with lose early on and if he does he wont be much of a threat

7/10 it depends on the player but if he or she knows a little bit about the champ you should lose if you get you silence of then use your e and w you can win trade but she wins because she can use her ult to avoid your e and w witch makes the second part of your q also avoided takeing all your dmg away but if its a bad diana you'll be fine

10/10 just no his PLAYFUL TIRCKSTER makes all your dmg go poof

gailo 15/10 he litterly builds mr then stops you from running ask to support or something

1/10 all of her dmg is done in a line you can simply w out of the way and then dive her if she trys too ult away you have a snare if you lose to her its either a challenger ahri main or you need to main a diffrent champ

3/10 you can get an easy first blood off of her if shes stupid she might just hug turret so your not fed in this case just roam and pick of kills off of other lanes when she backs

4/10 he out farms the **** out of you so you wana kill him befor he can build mr then roam and help your other lanes if needed if not just try to keep up with his farm

4/10 start with boots and most of her skill shots should miss at level 5 start to poke then at 6 dive her with all you got

3/10 being a ziggs main also he is awful when fighting her if hes a good ziggs he might win but just get boots right away or on your second back and you should be fine.

2/10 he shouldnt be hitting his q on you if so buy boots other wise just get in close do alot of dmg then back off and at 6 dive if and you should be able to roam after that

8/10 his shield will block most of your dmg and allow him to farm he will ignore you try hitting him before he gets his shield up

tiwisted fate 5/10 even thought most people think you counter him a good twisted fate will lane his q and get his stun off before you get your silence off its all about skill for this match up

3/10 scare her before she gets to poke you get too level 2 and poke the fork out of her then while waiting for cool downs hang back she has high dps

//4/10 brand shouldn't be hitting his skill shots early on because of your high moblity and if he ever ults you dash away from any team mates or creeps

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Leblanc is an awful farmer haveing no cc besides for w witch is your only farming tool for late game a skilled leblanc can get farm with aa but its hard either way if you good with it you have a gift if your bad with it you'll need to get fed early on so you can keep up with everyone late game this is easy with an easy match up but hard with a bad one if you have a bad match up try to chatch a lane off gaurd and you can pick up early kills and carry the game.

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Well lets think about what we've learned today leblanc dosn't have to be a bursty 1v1 mage she can always build tanky and a great way to do this is the roa build or if you want to spice it up go a hybird top or go the all classic apc midd the point is theres diffrent ways to play every champion
Also i will be up dateing this at some point


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