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League of Legends Build Guide Author cryptail

It's Draining Men

cryptail Last updated on June 9, 2011
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Hi all... this is my first guide in here so I am still trying to search my way trough, but i guess i made kind of a good build in here...
just let me know what you think about it.
In this build for fiddlesticks i try to find a good balance with a lot of AP and plenty of survivability with some health, magic resist and armor.

This build is bases on 5vs5 with you in a lane (preffer mid).
So what to do when someone asks you when you want to jungle?
--> You tell them you won't.
Jungling fiddlesticks is great for ganking and you can easily make your way trough the jungle as you have your drain. But there is 1 major problem that stops you from doing so. Fiddlesticks is a very slow jungler and he will loose a lot of XP and get underleveld.
You should try and hold jungling to a minium of taking blue as much as you can, and sometimes when your lane is pushes kill some creeps.

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Greater Seal of Replenishment
As you can see I take a flap ap rune build. This has a couple of reasons.
1) has become more AP based then it used to be. As your drain is a big damage output, you want it to be effictive early game. You will be able to take most champions - and get some early kills.
2) On a fiddle i don't like to go for late game runes. With maxed you have about 850 ap late game, plenty of manna and about 2.8K hp. The little extra you get from your runes won't make that much of a difference.
They do make a difference when you can get early game kills and get some stacks on your

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Summoner Spells

Maybe most people don't take it on fiddle, but it really is a must have!!! When you are 1on1 it benefits you so hard. When you are high level, you have fex cooldown on your drain so only problem is they run out of it... First time you terrify them and drain, after 3 seconds you excaust and silence them, and then you drain again. As they are terribly slow, you drain them dead. Also for your ult it can be very usefull. When you go in against 2, you have a terrify AND and excaust to hold them close to you and kill both.

I always go with flash, it's just so nice to escape when you are under attack.
Besides that, flash will benefit you as you can use it in a combo with your ult. First you cast and right after you . This will enlarge your range and makes it possible to ult from unexpected places.
Early game, flash can come in handy to surprise your enemies. When you are lvl 5 and you have your skills 1-2-2, you flash to them ( perhaps after you silenced them), you instant and them. This is a good strategy when your enemy is low but doesn't want to recall because he doesn't wants to loose xp and thinks he is safe... Well, let him think again and kill him!

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Skill Sequence

The skills sequences can be adapted a little, but the main idea is to upgrade as fast as possible, together with . With those 2 lvld you can outlane anybody. About lvl 8 you need 2 points in to hold enemies close to you for ult.. Remember that gives you 80% life back when it's maxed out... That's massive!!!

So now some more words about how to use the spells.

Is a skill that fears. The enemies start running arround in circles. Terrify should be used to hold enemies near you when you use your or when you want to . It can also come in handy when you try so escape someone.

still is the main damage output in 1vs1 fights for a fiddle. The skill is changed a little, as it is now more AP-dependent and it does less damage early game. As I already explained, this is one of the reason you go for AP early as you really need your drain. Why you need it? Drain does a lot of damage, and it gives you a massive amount of life. You can win a lot of fights just by draining them to dead. Also after i fight, if you are low on hp, you just drain 2 minions and there you go, full hp again.

is a skill that comes in handy for 2 things.
1) Dark wind is amazing For its silence. It has a long range so when you are for instance in mid lane, you can hold of your enemies. As your dark wind silences them, they are forced to go back and they can't attack you, so you can keep lowering them wihtout loosing hp yourself. And even if you do, you just and your full again.
Also when you are in a teamfight, 1 darkwind can silence multiple enemies.
2) Your dark wind can also be used to lane minions. It bounces on multiple minions what will give you many minion kills. Also when you are harrasing an enemy, it will bounce to minions and take them too.

is an amazing ult. Your have lots of aoe. You should try to hide in bushes and them pop it, so they don't see it coming. When you do, there are 2 options.
1) You go in a teamfight with your ult. The first thing you do is do a so the enemy team is silenced. Afterwards you one of them and focus him with your .

2) You go in with ulti for a single or perhaps 2 kills. In this case, it could be better to use your first, as that will prevent your enemy from flashing away.
After that you can still cast your other spells

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Last but not least the items...

I always start with . It gives you all you need, some more ap, some health and some manna regen. You can take anybody 1vs1 with this.

After you go for
and in 5vs5 a if you are confident with fiddle( if you aren't good with fiddle, don't).
The Magic pen on the boots is a musthave on fiddle, and as you all know mejai's is awesome too. If you notice you aren't going well, you should sell it late game for a more usefull item.( when you are fully build, sell it, unless you have 18+ stacks)

Then you start building your . you really need this as it has all you need, manna,health and AP. It's makes you less squishy when you go in with ult. You can see that I started in here with a as you have some manna problems early game. You don't need health crystal that much as you have your drain to keep your health up

After Roa you should go for . It give you good ap and armor, and the passive is imba with fiddle ult.

As final items you go for and another defense item. Rabadon's gives you massive AP so there should be no doubt about that.

As you already have armor from I preffer for a many reasons.
1)First of all you it gives you some extra AP wich is always nice.
2) Next, you get some magic resist, what you need too...
3) And last but not least, the passive. Your boots and passive give you 30 MR what will get you trough the standard MR of champs. But if they buy extra MR you need some magic pen. As you want it to cast on all surrounding enemies for your ulti, you need abysall sceptre to pen all there mr.

If you doubt you need that much defense... Just think about it. Fiddle is a squichy champ, but for his ult he needs to go in and he will take all the focus. That's why fiddle must be build with some hp ( ) mr ( ) and armor( )