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Janna Build Guide by BendikB

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author BendikB

Janna - How to Support Ranked and Higher level games

BendikB Last updated on April 7, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Short, but correct guide on how to build/glyph and skill sequence Janna for ranked/pro play.

I wanted to put a lot of wards up in the build, hoping you guys would take the hint and actually use 2/3 of your money on wards the way God intended, but it just looked messy. If you wanna get kills/assist or have fun, find another role than support :)

Janna is however the best support when it comes to mid/late game teamfights, CC and control and is the number one pick/ban at ranked games, so getting her on your team is a must. In the world championship in Kiev 2012, the team that had Janna won every fight, only one exception throughout the whole tournament. Now you may call it random luck, I call it the "GET JANNA ON YOUR TEAM AND PLAY HER RIGHT" factor.

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Pros / Cons

- Janna has the best passive in game (3% move speed to all).
- Janna is incredibly fast with her passive and do not need tier two boots at all (except for the CD reduction)
- Janna has _AMAZING_ CC and control abilities, and playing Janna right will win you the game. Period.
- Janna's ulti even heals, so you can actually grant some limited sustain to your lane as well :O
- Janna's shield gives your AD carry more AD WHILE IT'S UP (yes we all love to read patch notes)
- Janna's hurricane is great for saving your carry's life, harrasing very early game when charged up and aimed and to help chase down enemy champs. The uses are limitless.

There really aren't any, but in the interest of keeping the nerfs away:
- Has low early game sustain Q_Q (Can't heal or give mana like Soraka)
- Has blonde hair (personally I prefer black)
- Honestly can't think of anything bad about her :/

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Runes/Masteries/Skill Sequence

No explanation needed. You need to survive so you can throw people up in the air for as long as possible. Take health, armor and magic warding. Tadaaaaaa.

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It's pretty much straightforward. Add at least 3 wards every time you base and build aegis as soon as possible. I've seen pro matches recently where they push the aegis build before the phil stone, so yeah. Rule of thumb: Always have wards on you. Always have wards on the map, always build aegis before level 14.

Really isn't anything to it. Janna's role is to make sure your teammate gets away, their enemies doesn't, and that wards are up. Period. If you wanna farm lanes, be mid, or otherwise do something that isn't listed above: Go away.

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Summoner Spells

Take Flash and Clairvoyance. Yes, you heard me right. No, you cannot take ignite/heal/surge/cleanse/promote etc.

You could (if this is ranked, and nobody else is getting it) be put on ***** duty and take Exhaust and Clairvoyance. This will mean you will be less effective, and die more, but other people might get more kills *yay*.

I DID NOT just say it was okay to use CV/exhaust as standard, or take flash+exhaust and feel pro. 99.99% of the time CV/FLASH is your ONLY OPTION. Whatever you do don't go without Clairvoyance on your team. If you do, you will lose, and you have NO ONE to blame but yourself.
Note that the ONLY time you should actually blame yourself is when you don't take ClairVoyance. People tend to flame on supports, don't let that **** get to you.

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Ranked Play

When you start a ranked, call your role. If you wanna be solo mid, don't ASK, tell people you'll handle mid, and if the team votes against it, accept and adjust. This saves time. Once you've gotten Janna on your team, make sure you start off with the correct build, as any missbuys will set you back to infinity. As Janna, you will play support bot. You just will.
Put your first ward (1/3) in the top or bottom bush in your lane to help your carry be aware, this is of course dependant on HOW the enemies play, if they push you harder, ward the bottom, if you're on a roll, ward the top. If it's even, you chose. Whatever you ward will decide how your carry will play in terms of pushing or not.

At around 4 - 5 minutes, things start getting tense in terms of the jungler emerging, ward the river bush. DO NOT WARD RIVER at game start, it lasts for 3 mins, and no one will come to gank you before 3 mins has passed, they just won't.

When your carry gets his *** to level 9, you're officially in mid game, congrats. Now it's time to leave the safety of your lane and branch out, shield someone else than Ashe and stop enemies from fleeing from the mid gank. Ward bushes in mid, dragon and their jungle (blue/red etc).

At ~14-15 it's late game, you should have aegis and the tier two boots now, also wards should have been up most of the match in key places like bushes mid, jungle entrances, river bushes, baron/dragon, etc. Now you'll have to decide if the reverie or the locket is what you want. I personally prefer the reverie for the CD red, but the health regen is nice if your team doesn't have any themselves. Throw your tornadoes around, don't be afraid to poke out and throw a slow at the enemy team to help initiation.

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Team Work

In order to quote Fight Club, ahem, *clears throat*
"This does not belong to us, you are not special".
Shortly said, you're on ***** duty. If through this game you hope to find your place in a social setting, proceed carefully. Janna lives only to make other people better, safer, faster, stronger. You are not on the field of battle to get kills, get minion farm, get turrets, heal, or in any other way feel useful. You are there to watch the others have fun and quietly cry inside. The sooner you accept that, the sooner you'll be a kick *** support.

Always follow your team, Always. Stick with your carry as if he/she was your Siamese twin. Never take blue/red buff, tank dragon if need be, don't get kills, don't stand to gain anything, ever. The concept of hive mind applies, just follow people around and babysit them while they get kills. Rinse and repeat.

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Thanks for reading, hope it was insightful.
If you wanna be good on Janna, it's easy if you try. Time and patience. Don't start a teamfight, be in the back and help out. If you feel like venting aggression or just getting some fun gaming, this isn't the right place.
I've found (and now we're in pseudoscience land) that having a calm, cool mind and not stressing when you're about to die help you infinitely.
Be calm, at peace, centered, passive. Accept that things are out of your control while playing Janna, and just do what you know is best. Hurricane there, shield there, time to ulti, retreat. Calm, passive, tranquil. It seriously works.
Anyways, play it like a chipmunk on speed if you prefer. Good luck and have fun.