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League of Legends Build Guide Author SoRockaMyWorld

Janna: Siren at the Storm's Eye

SoRockaMyWorld Last updated on December 8, 2010
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Welcome to the next build in my Support Playlist! Support champs are every bit as epic as the best carries. My next champion to present: Janna the Siren. This build is meant to harass and save! The way I like to think about is, Janna has a dirty little secret, and you know what that is? Magic Penetration on a support character. Yes! Starting item, Haunting Guise, and you begin to notice the difference almost immediately.


--->Abilities: A lot of players like to emphasize Howling Gale and Zephyr. Zephyr increases movement speed as a passive and does good magic damage while slowing the enemy as an active.

However, in order to make the most of her support abilities, I play her Howling Gale and Eye of the Storm. Howling Gale will help for clearing the lane. It will take careful timing and good intuition to trick opponents into the gale, but after some practice, it gives a rather rewarding feeling to fake your opponents into running into the storm. Still, focus fire for Gale should be on minions. Killing creeps is going to be your primary source of gold, so making sure you get the most for your mana and hitting as many creeps as possible [as opposed to aiming enemy champs].

Eye of the Storm will be used to buff ally hit points and damage. Best part is, this ability can be used on turrets. Should your ally decide to turret dive early on, this buff will save them from the potentially fatal final shot. Casting before the turret dive or while laning, amps ally damage to help clear minions and avoid getting nuked in a gank since odds are you will be hanging back and firing off your Gales.

Personally, I avoid getting Monsoon until post-lane phase. Just because it is an expensive mana cost, requires ridiculous AP to be of any benefit, and during laning phase, it can be easy to waste if the ally doesn't anticipate it and enemies win the push. Also, early game, it would be wise to be conservative with your casting. All of Janna's abilities have a high mana cost. Time using your Clarity when you are at you're lowest and try saving it for yourself until you've bought Tear of the Goddess.

Endgame also, much like Soraka's Starcall, Janna's Zephyr is going to be her endgame ability. Assassins will cower at losing 75% of their HP from the first blast, and certainly think twice about trying to solo Janna. Howling Gale, Eye of the Storm, Zephyr, Monsoon- if the enemy has not died, and same for you, you have at least initiated the retreat with some healing and odds are the Assassin is going to fear your team's rescue attempt and will be getting out of dodge.

--->Play Style: Think of Galadriel from Lord of the Rings. No, seriously. She is a powerful entity that doesn't ever directly join the battle. She stays on the sidelines doing her support thing. This build can very easily solo and hold a lane. The primary issue to consider is that Howling Gale is very easy for enemy champions to dodge, so if required to solo, you may sacrifice a few points in Eye of the Storm in early game and put them in Zephyr to help assist retreats if you accidentally push in too far. Again, have to be conservative with your casting since her costs are so outrageous early on.

Midgame you will be safe to be a bit more offensive with a safe supply of mana, HP and AP. And endgame your team will look for you to slow enemies in a team chase, buff the dying ally and team heal before the enemies can regroup.

--->Runes: Like Soraka, again, I put an emphasis on power over time. Most builds do medium bonus now and throughout. Mine are start tiny and end big. Rather than, say a .51 ability power from beginning to end (totaling 5.31 with 9), I use .1 runes (.9 with all) in early game, ending with 1.8 (16.2 with all) in endgame. But also, as stated previously, my secret to this build is an extra 8.5 points in Magic penetration.

--->Masteries: A difference of 1 point from my Soraka build. Instead of a point on Defense: Mender's Faith, I put it on Offense: Archaic Knowledge. Otherwise, a standard mana regen and coodown reduction support build on masteries.

Once again, I enjoy collaborating with my buds who also play support to come to terms of what works best for me. Personally, again, I stick to Heal and Clarity. It just doesn't feel right not having Heal on a support champ.

Cleanse is one spell really popular with my friends using Janna. She has a triple threat for escape - shield buff, enemy slow, and her ult which can push enemies through walls even. Enemies will seek to stun, exhaust, slow and nuke Janna at all costs. Wise choice to secure an additional means to remedy that threat.

Also popular is Clairvoyance. A forecast on enemy champs. Are they coordinating a gank? Are they getting Baron? Are they stealing monster buffs? Support champs are perfect to carry such spells, and coordinate the counter offensive.

The Heal spell serves to teach new players who have better options to take those better options. I'm looking at you Yi who takes Heal instead of Exhaust, Ghost, Ignite, Rally, etc. Don't get me wrong, of course, team heal spells are awesome! But so medial, especially on champs not runed or masteried to heal.

Clarity is just a given. Most cases, you want to be sure you lane with someone who also uses mana to increase its effectiveness. Again, early game until you build Tear of the Goddess, I'd recommend saving it for yourself.

---> Items: Many builds I've seen try to try to focus her HP and Auras. These are not bad builds, but I feel they are served better on aura support champs like Sivir and Taric. This build focuses AP and Magic Penetration.

--->Item Sequence Build: Janna's passive is increased movement speed for herself and all allied heroes [3%], this makes boots less of a necessity in immediate start of game. She gets her burst off AP. I start with Amplifying Tome and build it into Haunting Guise. This gives a cheap start on Magic Penetration while also boosting AP and HP.

Next two items are Boots of Swiftness and Meki Pendant. Your speed is nice, but the extra umph is for your more for your ally and turret. From here build Tear of the Goddess followed by Sorcerer's Shoes. Early mana regen and 40% magic penetration will be readily noticeable.

The laning phase, played well, will quickly and easily see through the builds of your Archangel and Rod of Ages. This again will boost the mana and AP, improving the HP buff on your shield, as well as adding significant damage to your Gale and Zephyr. Lastly around this point you will also need the AP to boost the heal of your Monsoon. Archangel is important to start stockpiling your mana every time you cast an ability. With Archangel's ability, a percentage of your mana is converted to AP. In turn, the mana provided from Rod of Ages joins this conversion.

The fifth item will be Void Staff, which is significantly cheaper than the last two items, and while providing another boost to AP, it also gives the final significant boost to Magic Penetration [40%]. Pitting this with your masteries [15%] and runes [8.5%] this will put your Magic Penetration at 103%.

The final item in this build is Zhonya's Ring, and I suggest starting it with the Needlessly Large Rod, just to make the most out of the AP. Once it is complete, your AP will be well over 600. I am able to complete this build quite frequently. The biggest thing about Zhonya's, especially on a support, is the UNIQUE active - Invincibility for 2 seconds.

Early Game: PUSH. Janna's primary attribute early game and throughout is her ability to clear waves of minions. Pick a lane, and commit. Even if your partner or the rest of the team complains, hold yourself to the line. The first 15 minutes of game, you hold your line. Eye of the Storm will protect your turret, and your Gale will keep enemy creep numbers down. I have heard stories of Janna players able to drop their turret in the first 10 minutes of play. Pick, stick, push.

Mid-Game: PUSH. Yes, that's it. Keep pushing! At this point you've got 3 or 4 items built and shall be proving yourself a contender if not a team carry at this point. With the serious Magic Penetration and AP stacked on. You will either be pushing fine or playing hard defense. Pending how the rest of your team is doing, be wary of ganks on you. Hold off on being aggressive. Think of it as your ace up your sleeve, holding on to it for the team push. It can feign the enemy to thinking you're too afraid of dying. I'm not saying don't attack, I'm saying don't get greedy. If you make yourself a target too early, the enemies will work hard to keep you down for the rest of the game, that is a promise. Do, however, continue casting as much as you can spare after your have built Tear of the Goddess, just to continue building up your mana stock.

End Game: For the Horde! Err... Team! Once the laning phase is over, your place is with the team in pushes, or holding base in defense. Use the Eye of the Storm to protect your carries or on your turrets during defensive position. Use Zephyr to nuke squishy assassins and mages or save it to slow enemies during a chase. At this point you can spam your Howling Gale and Eye of the Storm, odds are you are still building mana, or at least this point have enough that mana is not so scarce. You may need to troll the lanes to keep enemy minions from pushing too hard against you. Pop an Eye of the Storm on your turret, shoot of a couple Gales, and get out before enemies realize you've been there. Also, I would not recommend going directly from one lane to the next, at least while solo, so that the enemy does not gank you. Best to circle back around near base, or take a non-direct route. Use your Monsoon while defending the nexus to push enemies and creeps back long enough for your next wave of minions to spawn. Or during a push to regroup your allies. The one thing you want to make sure NOT to do is trigger it when the team is winning a team fight or too soon for an allied nuke or gank - you will wind up saving the enemy and likely irritating your allies.


P.S. - please offer votes or feedback if you may, thanks!