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Janna Build Guide by Pavel00

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Pavel00

Janna support

Pavel00 Last updated on November 6, 2011
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In my opinion Janna is by far the best Support your team could ask for. You'll go by a bit unnoticed and your kill count will be zero, but in the end your team will win. Some people prefer going for AP and MPen to do damage instead of building as support, since she has good AP scaling, but in my opinion that's not how you should build a Janna. Instead of you doing the damage, if you focus on improving your friends' overall damage and survivability the team will be much stronger as a whole.
With this build all you do is boost and save your teammates by purchasing auras, focusing on protecting them and crowd controlling your enemies.
In the current metagame a support that needs to farm is just not viable and contributes much less to the team than a support that needs absolutely no extra gold. This guide is entirely based around that fact in order to create the best support for your team and ensure your team wins the game.

Even though I think this is the best Janna build I don't advise you to try it in elo hell. Support is fine, but you should think twice before supporting a bunch of ******s. If you're giving gold and xp to a mentally challenged player, you will cost your team the game. I'm always between 1300-1360, so I can't say for sure when it truly becomes viable in solo queue. I would love some feedback on this.

I advise you to check out my other guide, regarding supports in general. It is not very extensive and focuses on things like lane control, map awareness and babysitting as a support.

Also, check out Scrax's guide! The build is pretty much the same but it's always helpful to read another person's insight on the matter. Just click this paragraph guys.

Don't be afraid to criticize the build or the guide itself, just make sure it's constructive. Also, if you don't like it please leave a comment. It's not helpful at all to dislike a guide if you won't say why it doesn't work for you. Help me help you.

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AP Janna vs Support Janna

Lots of people argue that without AP Janna's shield is weak and she barely heals. This is not false, but it just isn't what's important.
As a support you can choose between 3 stats: AP, HP/def and CDR. And you need to get these stats with only 9k gold, which is what you usually get each game since you won't get any kills nor CS.
Obviously, 9k gold isn't enough to get all 3. Aegis is a must, so we really only have around 7k gold left.
Option 1: Rabadon's + mercury + morello's (7.4k gold). 300 Ap, 20% CDR, almost no survivability.
Option 2: Rabadon's + RoA + mercury's (7.8k gold). 305 AP, 0% CDR, some survivability.
Option 3: Banshee's + Shurelya's + Soul Shroud + Mercury's (7.6k gold). 0 Ap, 25% CDR, tons of survivability.

Maybe those aren't the most optimized builds, but they should be close. Keep in mind you always need some mana/mp5.

Now, if we took AP the shield will have more 270hp, the ulti will heal 420 more, and the spells will do a bit more dmg.
If we took CDR the Q CD will be reduced by 2.7, the W by 2.2, the E by 2.2 and the R by 25 seconds.
If we took survivability we can now survive nukes and block skill shots aimed for your carries.

With this in mind let's look at the options.
Option 1: You can spam skills that deal, heal and absorb more dmg. However, if you get stunned or try to use your ultimate to push them away you will die for sure. You are incredibly squishy and you'll get focused first so you won't be there to protect your carry.

Option 2: Your skills heal and absorb twice the amount, and you might survive a nuke, but you have no CDR. Which means your spells will have a 25% longer CD. Your shield will absorb only 200hp more, since by the time your shield ends and you're on CD the other builds will already have their shield up. You also lose 2 seconds of +45AD, which is not good at all. Your ultimate heals 100hp more per second, but since your survivability isn't very high you can't cast it for more than 2 seconds before running away, it is being wasted and instead of healing 600HP over 4 secs you're healing 500HP over 2.
Your Q and W have longer CDs, and you use these spells to CC, not to deal damage. An incapacitate and slow will prevent a lot of damage, more than your Q will.

Option 3: Your shield is weak but you can keep it up 5 out of 6 seconds. Your survivability and banshee's lets you block any skill shots aimed to your carry, which prevents more damage than a stronger shield. Your Q and W can be spammed and you can even use your body to block the enemy's path. Your R can be cast at least 1 more second due to your increased survivability, healing as much as an AP's R.

So, with this in mind, which is better? AP or Support?
For me it's indifferent what you pick, since I'll be the one playing Janna on my team, but how indifferent will your team be? Pick support, save lives.

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Team Work

While playing the support role in a lane you'll have to babysit. Babysitting is leaving the creeps' gold to your lane mate, giving him better items than your enemies'. The best lane mate you can get is your team's AD Carry, this way he will get stronger and the stronger your carry is the better for your team.

It's best if you don't push the lane, so think twice before you blow the mobs hp away. If your opponents know how to play and you push your lane someone will come for you and you will be ganked. Unless you have a very good map awareness and know you can do some real damage by pushing, don't use your tornado at the minions. Save mana, save yourself.

Roaming is not really a viable alternative, even if both lanes can hold on their own, but Janna is still one of the best roamers. Your lvl 1 howling gale ensures a knock up which can be used to stop and interrupt one or more enemies and your zephyr allows you to chase and slow enemies during a gank. Like in a lane she does not need any farm which makes her really strong. Ganking a roaming Janna is also very hard due to your slow, knockup and extra speed.

When roaming, you'll want to move through all lanes and the enemy jungle, harassing or ganking when possible, without pushing your lanes. If you also have a jungler that means you got 2 people available for ganks, your success rate should be extremely high.
Just like with babysitting you'll be letting your team get all most of the gold and experience, but with roaming you'll also be countering their jungle and harassing their lanes.

Keep in mind that roaming against a moderately good team will result in being countered with ease. I have no experience in premade ranked games but I still don't advise you to risk losing the game by Roaming.

Team Fights
With all the support items you've actually built yourself a nice semi-off-tank. Your job is to protect the rest of your team and make them stronger, but if you are focused don't be scared, you can kite them while your team wipes them out. Also, never forget your main job is to protect the carries. Their life is more important than yours. If the only way to keep them alive is to sacrifice yourself (by taking Ashe's arrow or stopping Rammus' powerball for example) don't be afraid to do it.

Regarding champion kills, the philosophy is the same, let the others get the kills. An ideal score with Janna is 0/0/XX. Remember, you're here to boost your team, giving them gold works better than getting them auras. Furthermore, just like when someone has a killing spree he is worth up to 500 gold more, someone with a death streak is worth down to 15 gold. That's right, with each death you are worth less and less. However, if you get a single kill the death streak will end and you will be worth 300 gold again.
Check how much gold a champion is worth depending on the killing spree/death streak

One last note, if you're about to get the last item of your build think twice before you do it. If you fill that last slot who will buy the wards and ensure map awareness? No one. Unless for some reason you don't need map awareness, filling the map with wards will give you a complete advantage. Is one enemy is moving too fast? Gank him. Did he stay a few metres behind? Gank him. Accidentally sneezed and stopped moving? Gank him. A good vision let's you do exploit the smallest mistake on their part and make them pay dearly for it.

As a reminder, be cautious when trying this build in solo ranked. By babysitting another player means your betting everything on him, and if he fails and plays poorly, no matter how good you are, your team will fail along with him.
If you do have a friend who can play a ranged AD carry like Ashe, Caitlyn or MF I highly suggest you duo queue with him/her. Both of you will become an extremely valuable asset to any team you play with.

Please remember that you can join the in-game US channel "Mobafire" or EU "MOBAFire" to play and talk with other members. We usually arrange 5 man premades or queue with each other and have fun trolololing games from time to time.