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Ezreal Build Guide by Pavel00

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Pavel00


Pavel00 Last updated on November 1, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Early Game

After the games loads and everything. Grab a mana crystal and head to mid lane. Stand by your turret and dance for a minute. OH~MAI~FRIGGN~GAWD! That dance is awesome, it will lower your opponents lane ability because it is so sexy. Last hit every single minion you can and be sure not to push. Use Mystic Shot if you have to. Just farm farm farm farm farm farm farm and get a lot of CS(creep score). But if you do decide to push for future benefits, make sure you have enough mana for Arcane Shift and Ghost/ Flash so you can pop both if you get ganked or if something surprising happens. Once you hit level 6, look around the map for an easy target for your ultimate. If the enemy has a jungler, predict where he is at, and ask whoever has Clairoyance in your team to check. Once, the jungler's location is revealed. Shoot that BAMF at him and steal his buff and get first blood and whatnot. X3


Same concept, grab Doran's Blade and run to mid(or side). Still the same routine: /d. DANCE THE NUTS OUT OF THE OTHER LANE. SHOW THEM NO RESPECT. IT MAKES YOU STRONGER. With Doran's Blade, you have more base AD and more room to play aggressive and whatnot. So first up, grab every single last hit you can, it's still vERY IMPORTANT TO LAST HIT. But now, every single chance you get, chunk your enemy with your Mystic Shot. Vs. a squishy, that should be 1/4~1/5 of their max hp. After 2~3 shots, you should be prepared to go for first blood. Make sure you have E and/or not W up and go for it.
*E in their face and make sure it hits*. If it doesn't, you might not have enough damage to drop them even WITH Ignite. But if you do land it, W>Q>D>auto and it's always free first blood. ^w^

Aside from mid, Ezreal also makes a pretty boss side laner. If some other cocky pub/pro friend wants mid, let them have it. Because of his range, Ezreal can zone like crazy with a good lane partner. Now my best friend plays a crazy*** Singed(he runs Heal/Ghost). He rarely tries to play safe in lane and charges in head first like a suicide bomber. Most of the times, we can easily get first blood after hitting level 2 where he ghosts up, flings some noob, I ignite followed by . They usually don't get pass that. But even if they do, he still runs in and flings the guy right back to me. But with the release of Karma, this strategy has been less and less effective. However, you CAN lane with a good harass, and pull off a great zone.

Here is Shurelia's Zoning Guide

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Mid Game

This is the point in the game where skirmishes breaks out and people start ganking other lanes. When ganking with Ezreal, your skill combo should be

where as =auto attack. OR:

*NOTE*~Use to get into position and always shoot before shooting because has a shorter range AND hitting will reduce everything's CD.

*2nd NOTE*~A problem I have with pubs sometimes is that they don't call MIA's(when your lane enemy is missing) when they leave lane to gank/shop/die(or don't call mia PERIOD =.=). Remember that it's always your responsibility to call MIA's for your own lane no matter the situation(early game atleast).

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Late Game

Late game you wanna just stick with your team and team fight. Personally, I think Ezreal makes a better jungle fighter than one that's in lane because you can always flash across the wall with Arcane Shift and shoot enemies from the other side while your tanks takes all the damage. Your combo should be the same as when you gank(refer to the section right above). Your only other option is to fire your ultimate as a finisher instead of an initiator(as explained in the Skill Sequence section). When you're tower pushing, don't forget to shoot your team with Essence Flux to increase the speed you guys push towers.

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Baron and Dragon

Baron Nashor and Dragon are two important jungle creatures in the game. They give buttloads of gold to your entire team when killed. Thats why it's important to control them. By control I don't mean stand in front of their den all day and just wait. I mean drop a ward there every once in awhile and pay attention to it. If you see your enemies gathering by, notify your team and get in position to ks it. So you have your team nearby. Wait until the enemy has dragon down to about (insert trueshot barrage current damage here), and drop Trueshot Barrage on that badboy and destroy the entire enemy team. After that, push. Profit.

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Sometimes you walk into a solo lane or mid game you walk by dragon thinking "I wonder if it's safe". We'll with Ezreal we have a built in scouting system called Rising Spell Force.

Shoot into bush. Anywhere where you suspect an unseeable enemy maybe. Best scouting tool because of range. CAUTION: hits wards(I think last patch changed this someone confirm for me? :D)

Shoot into monster den or bush. Pros: tells exact number of champions hit. Cons: danger zone range. 2nd best scout tool.

Although it may not seem like much, it's "homing arrow" targets nearby stealthed units like Evelynn or Teemo. Use when you suspect something is "UP" in your lane. In fact, use all of these when you suspect something is "up" in your lane. Better to be low on mana than dead.