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Jarvan IV Build Guide by RitterIronHide

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League of Legends Build Guide Author RitterIronHide

Jarvan a new mid?

RitterIronHide Last updated on June 14, 2011
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Personal note/intro

My grammar sucks.(period) If your a guy that loves saying ow look at my k/d ratio this is not the build for u however if your the guy that wants to make a difference for your whole team not just uber tank someone or ks or burst one guy but make a whole team say ow wtf this may be it it is for me at least and i would enjoy some feedback/gain some recognition for an unappreciated champ sorry if i seem long winded

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Jarvan NOT TANK but a mid

Ok so i play jarvan alot him morde and panth suit my play style 9/10ths aggression 1/10th map awareness for kills i personally like jarvan the most now because of his ability to out mid almost anyone withs a few exceptions vlad xin and maybe leblanc although anvia does a good job it if shes not top of her game i will eat her lunch

OK NOW squish players wanna say jarvan is a tank HE IS NOT A TANK WHO SAID THIS BULL wheres his tanking ability his passive that adds minimal armor whew thank god i got the 20 extra armor from my bad *** passive(it is bad *** just not for tanks) or my shield which caps at like 400 hp

so now the argument for a tanky dps atk speed 10% life as mag dmg a armor reducing ability and snare or i dunno what youd call it a slow and a pop up/ ground closer ability

i think the tanky dps has it

Reasons for mid
1) Best passive for 1v1
2) ranged dmg output is significant at low lvls
3) best dueler in the game except xin
4) last hitting monster
5) will own/zone other champ or just deny them farm even if jarvan doesnt farm early he will farm late

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Marks arpen seals hp per lvl or regen per lvl glyphs cdr quints atk speed

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i know not to strong in any area but a well rounded champ is much harder to beat than a focused one so 14/3/13 why dmg is important mag resist to help a tiny bit with ranged casters and utility to give u more staying power/exp/gold

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most bang for the buck or in jarvans case the lance slam
Boots 2 health pots 1 mana pots harass try for first blood boots give u the get in and go jar needs to make his passive work plus U CAN DODGE ****

First shopping spree zerk boots or merc treads and a vampiric scepter dont think i really need to explain these choices if u can pick up a mana pot or three go for it jarvan will farm later

your next items depend on who your playing ad champs wriggles followed by wits end ap champs wits followed by wriggles about mid game when you should have all three of your startin items they give you the magic 100+ resists both mag and armor while adding atk dmg atk speed life steal and mag dmg

Phage frost mallet and last whisper
I usally go phage for the life dmg and slow even unreliable though it is it will cause some players to pop thier escape and then i can close with them again and jump them
If i am repeatedly getting targeted in team fights or 2v2s or 3v3s i go frost for the life and slows this makes jarvan a very good tackler able to bring thier carry to heel while ur team comes in and wipes up plus his group is so OP sometimes its not funny but it is hard to land proper if the game continues to the point where i have last whisper things start getting fun almost no champ is safe from a marauding jarvan becuase of his ability to reduce armor by a percentage and last whispers 40% reduction even rammus feels the pain plus when he runs just trap him lolz i love the ring of death

Last items black cleaver is nice on jar adding atk speed and dmg and armor reduction makeing him a walking talking tank killer mandreds for high health heros yes u do atk fast enough to hurt and with frost they wont get away plus first strike is 14% of thier life in mag dmg in addition to your ad which is comeing in at almost true dmg and lastly banshees or FON becuas ap champs are so annoying or that karth who just always seems to have an ult rdy

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Skill Sequence

catacylsm, demacian standard, dragon strike, and golden aegis in that order or priority unless you need the slow for initiating team fights or goin in second disrupting everyone in which case take aegis over dragon strike

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Summoner Spells

ignite its to usefull for that squishie that is gonna get away with 100life or ww whos gonna heal through everything u throw at him vlad etc etc etc. its useful to your whole team get it you dont need flash walls mean nothing to jarvan he makes them for petes sake

exhaust because you are not a tank because their squish will kill your squish if you let them plus escaping jarvan becomes near impossible with three ow my bad 4 ways of slowing u stopping you and damaging u plus u will lock in with some very dangerous squishies and if you survive their 4s burst by popping this on them first ow happy days right

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ok so you see what i think his setup is plz leave your comments and a vote i know it aint pretty ive only written one guide before and iam still learning let me know what you think and try it not only try but learn it learn jarvan hes not the pick up and play champ like sion or cait or ashe if you miss DS alot then you cant say your able to effectively evaluate this guide because yes i miss but usually only 1 in 3
thank you for your time and comments/vote plz forgive the poor grammar and presentation

PS. where do i find a guide for writing this guide