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League of Legends Build Guide Author Can I Bust in U

Jarvan IV and Kill Thresholds

Can I Bust in U Last updated on March 18, 2011
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For many of you on Mobafire, you've probably bought, or looked with relish at buying Jarvan. In your curiousity I'm betting most of you have sifted through quite a few Jarvan builds, and have either tried, or just dreamed of trying some of those builds. Well I'm here to tell you one of the ways I build Jarvan, and one of the most effective. Also I'm here to assure you that it will net you more assists than kills, but you will rarely die. Another thing is I urge you all to start an account on mobafire, and submit comments and votes to builds you read, even if they are negative. The input really helps improve builds, and other players as well.

Another thing I will cover significantly is kill threshold, and for many of you ranged dpsers, or burst champions this will fit you quite well, and you may consider using a similar build on other champions. Like olaf or shen, in particular.

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I chose the magic resist and armor seals and glyphs for a few reasons.
1. They help ALOT early game; like surviving a 2v2 fight with 50-150 hp. That's your runes saving your ***.
2. You are sort of an off tank, and your enemies will notice it. Late game when you are focused to stop your damage output, you will need them to save you from damage.
3. You wont have extremely bulky resistances for the first half of the game, so a little support helps in runes.

Marks and quintessences are sort of preference, they dont make or break you, they just help the offense a little. Hp runes or further Defense per level could be considered, but I stick with what I have because Quints are expensive, and armor pen is Jarvan's specialty.

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Masteries and Summoner Spels

Now unfortunately I can only put one set of masteries on a page, but I actually take two different kinds alternatively and they both work well.

Above, I have 0 9 and 21 for enhanced ghost, flash, mana regen, neutral buffs, max mana, and health regen. With building a Manamune, your hp regen skyrockets after your mana item. It's basically your entire ability to lane. Entire.

Now a few changes to consider;
If you play tank Jarvan, (and you should try him at least once, he's quite good.) I'd recommend the full defensive tree with whatever else you feel like.
On another note, tank jarvan has mana problems until about level 16, so clarity is something I consider if I dont plan on taking a manamune. Regardless I tend to take flash however, as it works perfectly with his ultimate.

Ignites always a good choice for first blood, as well as hate mail for healing champions.
Exhaust is wasted as you have a slow better that you max first, and frankly it's been sort of nerfed last patch. no more blind. just 30% damage4 output and a slow for 3 seconds.
Teleport if you play low tier and like to blue pill for gear. or backdoor towers.. though I dont reccommend doing it alone.
Heal and Ressurect should not be ignored, as late game respawns are horridly long. However, I'd only take ressurect as a tank Jarvan, and only heal if you're new or uncomfortable with your ability to predict your enemies damage output. =D

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Below will be a timeline for your items and when you tend to buy them, also my reasons for them, I will sum things up with the reason for such a strange and perfect build for Jarvan's Inate.

Start of game: Mana Crystal+2 Health Pots

at 955 Gold/first blood etc: Tear of the Goddess and Boots

From this point the game tends to be a little dependent on how you play, good, bad, team composition, ranked. etc. Time frames differ. Rush 1000~g for madreds, and this is important to farm for quickly, practicing last hits. Madreds and the tear of the goddess are assets for later, as they both help you earn gold and damage and lanability. =D

If you had a couple kills more you may be able to finish your boots and buy madred's at once, otherwise save up another 650 for your boot upgrade. If you play against heavy Crowd Control teams, with lots of stun and snare.. etc.. buy merc treds. Lots of DPS take ninja tabi. Otherwise the swiftness are the best choice for your job.

After this you build the mallet, but the game tends to be close to halfway done. This is where the good Jarvans shine, most of the time after you complete Madred's Bloodrazor the game is over. However, a good game will result in most people, (the competent ones) to have farmed enough to build their items, usually having one ore two slots empty. Finish Bloodrazor, Build your mallet, and start for Atma's Impaler. These should be your finish game core, the other items are all just extra.

Boots of Swiftness + Frozen Mallet + Madred's Bloodrazor + Manamune + Atma's Impaler. At this point your spell burst will do about 1700 damage to a single target, and if you split your auto attacks between champions it can deal about 900 to surrounding champions. Below I'll show you how.

Your remaining item slot should be considered upon your enemies, Lots of AP starting to hurt? Buy a banchee's veil. Too much physical damage? Get Sunfire. Killing lots of people, and not threatened by anything? Buy Bloodthirster for the lifesteal, or Infinity Edge for the Needlessly Hard Damage. See what I did there?

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The Beauty of This particular item set.

Okay, so with your items and game farm, maybe a few kills, you will usually have about 200-260 base AD 30 mins into the game. Jarvan's inate causes 10% damage to each champion he auto attacks, which cant be reactivated for 6 seconds on the same champion. So 10% of their Hp is gone, and 180-240 damage just on an auto attack per champion, assuming they have some kind of armor item. Sounds kind of cool, but in game this doesn't start doing alot until you get madreds and a frozen mallet. Now it gets fun.

Madred's makes Jarvan's inate hit for 14% of their HP initially, and slowing the enemy so they wont get away; without flash. each extra auto attack will decimate 4% of their hp+ your base damage. Starting to sound a little bit scary huh?

Atma's impaler adds 2% of Jarvan's HP to his attack damage. and giving him a slight crit chance. If you dont crit (which most likely you wont) you will hit for about 260-300 regardless of armor now, because you've suddenly became a dps and a tank. Add yourself that cheap little price on manamune and you tend to have 280-300+ in damage at that point, and endless skill spam. Hmm. Interesting.

Okay, so initial hitting an enemy isn't really always an auto attack for Jarvan.. Yeah that's pretty much assumed. He's slow, and even with boots of speed he's still not very speedy. So you get Jarvan's Spells. Yaaay!

Your E+Q combo will start to cause considerable damage around level 14, and from there up it only gets stronger. Your E wont hit for much damage until about level 15-18, but your Q will start to light up an enemies world with 400+damage and an armor debuff! yay! Lets do the math for that.

Demacian Flag Thingy+ Spear(or sword with commando skin) of Doom= ~300 damage give or take.
Slow from W allows you to auto attack anybody, even with flash, afterwards.
Dealing 14% of their HP after It's reduced by 300, leaving your enemies at about 40-70% Health depending on your damage and teamates. and also making your enemy realize "OH ****. HE HAS A FROZEN MALLET TOO!".

Mmhm. It sounds pretty sexy eh? Trust me it is. Especially in teamfights. At level 18, with your ultimate dealing a huge chunk of damage flat you can isolate 1-3 champs and also tear their hp by percentage and yell violent things at your computer as they run away from your skewer of death. Those 3 champions will be reduced to about 75-80% Health before ultimate, and then the target of your ultimate will take a large nuke and usually try to flash away, or stay in the Cataclysm.. Doomed.

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Kill Threshold and Tiamats

Before I talk about an item I made an entire section for I need to explain what many people do in League of Legends when they notice their health is dropping. At around 40% Health most champion's realize they cannot live for very much time, and they tend to retreat regardless of their enemies Cooldowns, or Mana pool. This is a very important thing to understand in teamfights, because most fights, all you really have to do is bring the carry to 40%health or lower, and it's over. He will run, and his team will fall. Now with Jarvan, you can not only bring the carry to lower than 40%, but you can take the beating to many champions at a time. Reducing most of their health to 70% after either spell combo and Auto attack, or plain auto attacks.

Tiamats are an item that shine with two Champions equally bright. Twitch, and Jarvan. for twitch, it's simply because with such range, you can rack up on hit effects for your poison proc, as well as deal more damage to all enemy champions you shoot through. For Jarvan, you can slow, and crush 3 enemies at a time by health percentage and spell combos. I've yet to perfect a build, but I'm working on a dps/lifesteal hybrid meaning to take advantage of tiamat procks. Stick around for it if you're interested!

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Skill Sequence

I max W first for several reasons.
1. League of legends is made to be balanced. Maxing your damage spells early will really just upset the balance for a short time. When enemies catch up in levels you will be surprised, and rage.
2. Jarvan's shield is what allows him lane control, as well as harrassment, and it absorbs a large amount of damage for low cost, and low cooldown. It's the spell you should spam and ABUSE.
3. It takes resistances into account, making it really more than a 300 point shield, unlike mordekaisers or others.
4. Your other two spells are not made to be damage, when synchronized they toss enemies into the air. something you should master, with teh lower damage output, to harrass. It's also a very potent flash mechanism, for escapes, and beautiful initiation.

I max Q second for a few reasons.
1. It does more damage than E.
2. It gains extra damage for AD, which I build heavily.
3. Makes farming easier.

In all considerations for the team E is actually a better choice, and I max it second sometimes. It's also on a cooldown for the exact amount of duration, meaning you can double the buff for armor and attack speed in all potential fights; so long as you spam it, and stand near.

I take Q first, because it has a long reach, and for early game I count on lane control and harassment, and at level 1 Jarvan can cause quite a bit of damage if you spam this skill. Also a fantastic farming mech.

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Pros and Cons

Benefits to playing Jarvan as a DPS/Off tank Hybrid

1. You are very good against enemy DPS and tanks.
2. You can Knock up an entire team, and stop certain ultimates.
3. You can burst down a whole team with % based damage.
4. You work with Ranged dps, and DPS in general very well.
5. You are Demacian

Liabilities to playing Jarvan this way

1. You lack any major magic resistance until later, and are sort of lack luster against snares and stuns.
2. You cannot solo carry your team, although sometimes it feels like you wish you could.
3. You burst enemy health down but very rarely get kills.
4. Not particularly good at tower pushing

Pros to Tank Jarvan

1. You are buff.
2. You are buff.
3. You are very buff.
4. You do pretty good damage for a pure tank without an offense item.
5. You provide an armor and attackspeed buff to your team.

Cons to Tank Jarvan

1. You lack a reliable Crowd Control
2. You have no convenient healing method
3. You are very very VERY slow.
4. Mana Hungry early.

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So if you love winning, and killing enemy champions, farming minions with cold and pointy efficiency and always winning teamfights, try this build. I think you'll enjoy the results. Rate and comment, and please take a look at my Yi Build as well! =D Thanks for your time