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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kittledorf

Jarvan IV The Brave!

Kittledorf Last updated on March 15, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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The Brave Jarvan IV!

This is tha way i play Jarvan IV, i made this guide in order to get some nice feedback! and for others to try it out.

And sorry for my poor english, will try and improve it as time goes by.

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Masteries Olalala!

I use the classic Urgot build 0/9/21, the reason is rather simple.. it fits Jarvan IV even better!

Resistance and Hardiness both adds some extra protection earlygame, and for a melee hero thats just great.

Strength of the Spirits this will help you stay in your lane, the hp-reg aint huge but everything counts and with the items you are getting it will be goody the whole game.

Rest i guess is rather basic but i wanna point out why i take Expanded Mind over Awareness, the reason is that more mana (even tho it aint much) will boost both your hp-reg, damage and increase your manapool. For me atleast those 3 things are better then +3.75% xp :), but lets face it both of these choices suck overall but there isnt much else to pick.

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Greater Mark of Desolation = More damage!

Greater Seal of Vitality = Needed! HP is neat!

Greater Glyph of Focus = CDR, with manamune the spamfeast begins!

Greater Quintessence of Desolation = Even more damage!

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Both are perfect for Jarvan, i see no reason in getting anything else.
Ghost is super neat for alot of things, hunting, escaping, helping, ganking and so on.
Flash amazing for escaping or planting a suprice ULTI, or even from escaping your own ULTI when you want to keep the foes lockt inside it.

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Start with Meki Pendant and 2x healing potions. These items and your beloved build will keep you in lane for a long time.

I know alot of people disslike this but get Manamune ASAP! Once you got the gold 1710g needed for it. Reason for this item is simple, it adds a little of everything but most importent it will add you the mana-reg and manapool to spam like a maniac. This will give you alot more dps then people think it will, dont forget that even DEMACIAN STANDARD deals damage on impact so use it.

Also if you have glods over buy a healing potion, i try to have atleast 3 of them until i get Aegis then i skip them.

Mercury's Treads is your next item period, there isnt any other solid options!

After that comes The Brutalizer, this item gives you everything you want! CDR, DMG and Penetration.

Aegis of the Legion is next on the buylist. Why not another dpsitem? I tried that and frankly i see no point in it. I tested with the Black Cleaver, but ithink Aegis will add more to you and your group overall. Truth is that Jarvans damage is rather high, there isnt any need for more dps at this stage. (If someone else is getting this, then go for next item in the list)

Banshee's Veil, awsome item period! Nice counter, also add more hp/mana, magic resist, hp-reg and damage! yay!

Frozen Heart! Last item! Great vs alot of champs but dont forget the CDR or the armor it adds, and on top of that even more mana and hp-reg (strength of spirit) and damage (manamune).

Once you got these items the game should be over! If not, then you could upgrade The Brutalizer and replace Aegis with a Guardian Angel.

If the game still isnt over then get whatever pleases ya!

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Tha Skillz

Start with DEMACIAN STANDARD, will give you a nice passive boost and also a neat way in order to last hit minions vs annoying ranged champs.

Always lvlup DEMACIAN STANDARD unless you can choose CATACLYSM.

DRAGON STRIKE at lvl2 and then i lvlup when i can after DEMACIAN STANDARD & CATACLYSM.

I get GOLDEN AEGIS at lvl 4, and then i stick to it until lategame.

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Since you will be getting Manamune, use your SKILLS alot! once i got Manamune i use DEMACIAN STANDARD + DRAGON STRIKE to get around on the map (a nice little extra speedboost).
Dont forget this really importent to abuse this speedboost :O and for a quick escape through the woods.

Also dont forget to use DEMACIAN STANDARD to scout and such.

Since farming is very importent in this game Jarvan is a really neat choice, you can last hit with both DEMACIAN STANDARD + DRAGON STRIKE + Basic attack. Later on with manamune this will be even easier since you will have the manasupport in order to spam! yay!

When facing other champs try this DEMACIAN STANDARD + DRAGON STRIKE, and practice it so you can pull it off as quickly as possible.

Dont forget your ULTI the CD aint long so.. USE IT! The damage is great and the panic it adds is even better. If your team is fleeing a teamfight, ULTI the foes and flash out from it. Will give you and your team the time to get away.