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Jax Build Guide by Phryer

Jax 2 Tha Max

By Phryer | Updated on October 24, 2011

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This is my build guide for Jax, one of my favorite champions in the league and quickly becoming my main Champion.

The reason why Jax is so powerful is simple. He has amazing DPS capabilities, you can build him as a true tank, and he can put out tons of damage. In the right hands you can take down almost any enemy champion 1v1 with Jax. Now who wouldn't want someone that awesome?
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Runes are simple.

Armor penetration runes are a must have for most champions and Jax is no exception.

Dodge seals are good because they accent an already defining feature of Jax, and that is his dodge chance. Giving him dodge seals just further streamlines Jax into a movin' and groovin' killing machine.

If there's one possible weakness for Jax, it's his MR. That's why I choose scaling magic resist glyphs that give him a little extra support in late game.

For quints I take one critical damage quint and two attack damage quints to compliment his attack capabilities.
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Full offense mastery all the way up to Havoc.

Utility mastery with a little bit of health and mana regen, max mana and a point in experience gain. Also a point in gold generation.
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The build. It can make you or break you. This build for Jax that I have come up with is what I feel his superior build. I am able to solo Baron easily with this build fully complete. This build in total will cost about 14.7k to build, so keep that in mind. I probably only completely finish this build in 20% of games, and that is with a pretty good concentration on farming and generating gold, as well as picking up as many champion kills as possible.

Regardless of if I'm solo laning top, I almost always start with boots of speed and 3 pots. It gives you more than enough sustainability and in my opinion Jax is one of the best early game harassers.

Basically build to ninja taibi, then rush Guinsoo's.

Guinsoo's passive procs really well with Jax's ultimate passive, which is increased attack speed and ability power with successive strikes. By rushing Guinsoo's after your boots, you are ensuring maximum farm and you can really get a feel for how fast those stacks move. You'll see it'll really come in handy and feels real nice when you farm down an entire minion wave in just a few seconds. Guinsoo's also provides attack and AP which increases Jax's max health via his passive.

After Guinsoo's you should build a Hextech Gunblade. Besides the item getting nerfed, it is still an amazing item that boosts Jax in a lot of key areas. Attack damage, AP, life steal and spell vamp. Plus a handy active. It is kind of a Guinsoo's 2.0 and it also procs with Jax's passive, giving you added health. I hope you can now see where this build is going in building Jax into an absolute killing machine.

This is basically your core build. You should be pretty good from early to mid game. This build is semi-expensive so make sure you farm at every opportunity, communicating with your team on dragon kills and pushing turrets. Hopefully your team has popped a few towers by now which also grants you gold. Don't be afraid to farm jungle monsters as well at any opportunity to generate extra gold.

From here you should build an Atma's Impaler next. It provides extra critical strike as well as some armor. By now you should start to see how tanky and lethal you are becoming. Not only do you have a good mix of attack damage/AP making you a hybrid beast, you also have plenty of health making you a tanky DPS wsrrior. Remember Jax's passive, Equipment Mastery, provides extra health for every point of attack damage and AP you have. So far both of your items, Guinsoo's and Hextech GB provide BOTH attack damage and AP, so you are already boosting this stat to the max. Along with Hextech's life steal and spell vamp, you are virtually unstoppable.

Now, here is where Jax becomes a borderline God. Atma's passive converts 2% of his max health into attack damage. See where I'm going with this? This unique passive procs EXTREMELY well with Jax's build so far and his overall passive. 18% critical strike and +45 armor ain't bad either.

From here, I usually build a Banshee's Veil to complete my build. It provides extra health and mana, plus a spell blocking shield. The extra health will benefit from Atma's passive, and you should have more than enough mana to burst down almost ANY champion in a 1v1 fight. Banshee's Veil is just a great defensive item in general and I build it on almost all of my champs when I can.

The very last item in the build is sort of a luxury, but it makes you just downright scary. Build a Ryali's and you'll strike terror into the hearts of every enemy champion from here to Noxus. Ryali's gives you +80 AP (so more health from your passive) and +500 HP (which is converted into more attack damage via Atma's passive) and it has a slow, which is okay I guess, you don't really need it at this point.

That is the complete build. I can solo Baron EASILY with this build and am basically a tank DPS killing MACHINE 2 THA MAX.

I'll try to get up a video in this section and I'll also update this with some more information such as item prices and full stat boosts from this build.
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Skill Sequence

Take a point in Leap Strike first. This is your main initiation skill.

Take a point in Counter Strike next. You are only going to take one point in this and max it last. I will explain why shortly.

Take a point in Empower next. It is basically a powered up strike.

Max Leap Strike first, then Empower, taking points in your ultimate when you can.

Max Counter Strike last.

The reason you max Counter Strike last is simple. Counter Strike is an amazing skill for 1v1 fights as it grants Jax a chance to stun his enemy a few seconds after dodging an attack as well as dealing additional damage.

Regardless of what skill level Counter Strike is at, it will still only stun your opponent for 1 second. Leveling up this skill merely grants more damage from activating it. Therefore, you should just put a point in this skill to utilize the stun since you can get more damage output from Empower.
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Summoner Spells

Flash and Ignite are must haves for me.

Flash is infinitely better than Ghost and I take Flash over Ghost every time. The reason is simple in that you can Flash over walls. Ghost doesn't let you do that.

Ignite is a good skill and you can pick up a lot of last kills with Ignite without wasting a skill if you see the enemy running away and they are almost dead. Sometimes I take Exhaust instead of Ignite (also a great skill) but their uses are similar in the second slot in that they facilitate kills.
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That's it for now. I hope you find this guide useful. The main purpose of this guide was basically focusing on what I believe is the best possible build for Jax. He is a lot of fun to play and a great champion.

I will probably update this guide more with some more detailed information. If you like this guide please thumbs it up or leave me a comment. This is my first guide so I would appreciate any feedback or information I got wrong. Thanks for reading this guide and good luck Summoners.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Phryer
Phryer Jax Guide

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Jax 2 Tha Max