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League of Legends Build Guide Author Uber Tastical

Jax-A lamp post is all I need (Crit/AP/LS)

Uber Tastical Last updated on March 9, 2011
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So, first build and I think I got a good build here. I had a tough time with Runes and the offensive masteries weren't easy with this high crit build with little Lifesteal/spellvamp. It's different but suprisingly good, even to me, the creator. I would also like to say that it is possible for other Doran's items to work for you just as well as a Doran's Ring would. I'd like some feedback on masteries, runes and items. How's the Build working in 3v3 as opposed to 5v5? Let me hear ya. And also, the 1st build is better suited for 3v3 and the 2nd build is better for 5v5. And I will be updating this build as time goes on. Btw, there is more AP, Health and Armor, less Crit and Damage in the 2nd build. Lifesteal and AS are in the 3rd build.

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Runes were hard, getting everything I was wanting. I got Dodge, AP and crit. For the 2nd build with more AP, I swapped the crit Quints crit for some Quints with AP. Quints can make a huge difference in a tight fight so for each builds I used them for the primary skill that the build was focused around. The glyph were not made for Physical attack/crit so in the 1st build I put them in AP because it is probably the next most useful thing for Jax that I could put them in. Even though the 1st build isn't set up for tons of AP, it is always better to choose primary runes, that is why I kept the Marks, Seals and Glyphs the same throughout the builds like I did for the 3rd one. I got AS Marks and Quints, Dodge Seals and AP Glyphs. Do you have ideas about which runes would be more effective? Then shove 'em up your ***! Lol, jk. I want to hear them, despite what you may think...

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I wanted to put points in everything, crit, AS, armor pen and AP, but I evaluated the offensive masteries and decided brute force isn't very useful afor my crit build. There are way better ones to chose from and 3 attack damage is a very minimal bonus in the grand scale of attack damage. I did not put any points in the Ignite mastery on the 1st build or 3rd build because it is not my number one choice for a Summoner Spell that you could take. Although if you do wish to take it, it could be beneficial to take the mastery, especially if you want lots of AP. I put the rest in defense because the dodge bonus is always helpful. So, do you like my choices? Hopefully, yes.

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Well I was iffy about putting in Guinsoo's but put it in the 1st build, against what friends told me. It's stacks, good for Minions, Turrets, Inhibitors, and long champion fights (just make sure to try and attack minions if waiting for enemy champions to engage so you can keep your stacks). The more attack speed you have while using it, the faster it stacks. I would also like to say that it is possible for other Doran's items to work for you just as well as a Doran's Ring would, so don't be afraid to switch it for a Doran's item that you think will work out better. As for the rest of the items, not a lot of AP in the first build (no Rylai's), I mainly went for crit items, as it's what the 1st build is centred around, some AS and a little SpellVamp/LifeSteal. I also added Trinity Force and Rabadon's instead of Guinsoo's and Phantom Dancer's in the 2nd build for much more AP. You can be ballin' with SoulStealer, SNOWBALLIN'. As for the 3rd build I made sure to get tons of lifesteal and attack speed items. Think Rylai's over Gunblade? Let me know. You may wish to fill in items to counter your opponent. Any other suggestions? I'd be happy to hear them!

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Skill Sequence

It's fairly standard. I have seen other builds put points in counter strike but as I see it there is no point in putting more than one point in Counter Strike because it doesn't increase the stun duration. I like to get Leap Strike first as it does lots of damage early game so is useful for early game engagements. It is also very good for escaping from opponents as you can use it to jump to allies or minions. Although i definitely not recommend putting more than one point in it early because it costs quite a lot of mana and if your experienced and don't take clarity, because you shouldn't, you can run out of mana easily. Compared to if you were using empower since the mana cost of empower is much lower than that of Leap Strike.

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Summoner Spells

There are a variety that you can chose from because of the flexibility of Jax. I got Ignite with the mastery for more AP in the 2nd build, but I prefer to use Exhaust and Flash, a good combo for chasing or escaping which you will probably do a lot of if your soloing. Teleport is a good choice in the 2nd build for 5v5 unless you think you got enough movement speed. Ghost could work as well, as heal could because you don't have much Health Regen. Do not get utility spells such as clairvoyance, rally or other spells like clarity for if you play right, you wont need the extra mana. Clairvoyance is for the support to decide whether they want to take it or not and the same with rally. If you think one of them would be useful you could recommend them but it is not your job to get them. Which other ones do YOU think could be useful... don't be stupid now.

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Yeah, you like? Well comment cause I'll be reading/updating. It is possibly that this Crit build isn't as well suited for you as it is for others, you may prefer AS or lots of lifesteal and spellvamp. Also, this build isn't much of a tank build as some builds are, although if played right, this build can be extremely effective and you can be a hero as well as a carry that can devastate your opponents. Anything you'd like me to add? This is your build to! I'd enjoy working with the community, and would like to make more builds with your help. Btw, I'm making you comment so I can get more comments, thanks. 3rd build credit to Tiger Squriell. Uber Tastical, out.