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Jax Build Guide by Zable Fahr

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zable Fahr

Jax - Absolute power corrupts absolutely (3v3)

Zable Fahr Last updated on July 11, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Hello, everyone and welcome to my first guide featuring jax the grandmaster at arms. This guide particularly works in 3v3 which I have played a lot of times. In 5v5 Jax doesn't have the same effectiveness as in 3v3 but he still works with the proper food x). As you might already know Jax does destroy everything in 3v3 however he HAS TO BE FED. In early game you need to have some kills or else ... well... you'll just not be so strong you are likely to be shut down rather easily.

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Soo you may find my runes more early game heavy, and that has been my target. If you get fed early game in solo top you will stomp at your weaklings late game and even 1v3 them. Physical DMG marks for more life and leap strike damage . I bet you will also have the classic dodge seals so its not strange. Ap glyphs are VERY helpful early game and so do the quintessences. Remember : Early game domination = Late game ownage !

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You shouldnt find my mastery page unusual ; this is the classic page for every hybrid jax . You get bonuses from every mastery point except for the critical strike chance which is fairly useless ... More armor is always appreciated and same for +dodge chance and speed after having dodged , its just beastly

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Here comes... items. First off you should always start off with a doran's blade so that you get the early health and DMG as well as lifesteal. It is the perfect early game item believe me. late game you will sell it for another item. Ninja tabi... no comment its just made for jax. You MIGHT want to take Mercury's Treads in case you have an enemy fiddlesticks (3 second fear) or any other champion with similar hard CC. Next is the rageblade , often considered as the best item for jax as it pairs well with your ultimate. To me it IS the best item for Jax, as every bonus is very helpful to the master. Attack speed stacks AD + AP bonus as well as Ap stacks . . . this is absolutely ridiculous buy it FIRST ! with all the stacks from your ultimate and the blade you will be unstoppable in team fights. Hextech Gunblade: what to say this item is SO GODLY !!!! LIFESTEAL SPELL VAMP HUGE AP AND AD BONUSES AND THE ACTIVE +300 BURST DAMAGE ! all this for a fair price though... NEVERMIND. Rabadon's Deathcap : ....... This item is ridiculous.... 140 ap + 30% more ap... if you dont have any survivability problems buy it...
Lich Bane : Really good item with Magic resist dmg and the legendary sheen weapon which will give more burst. the item is optional get it if you want
Guardian Angel : Being undying is part of the fun too so get it and enjoy !

Other Items : Hexdrinker : casters ? survivability problems ? Get that ****ty blade and its solved it gives magic res, DMG and a godlike shield that absorbs 300 dmg

Bloodthirster: if you have good Attack speed get it for super lifesteal and damage + health that comes from AD. Only do so if you have super creep farm and are dominating in the game.

Abyssal scepter : for more Res and ap as well as a good aura that reduces enemies' resistance. Good item only vs casters

Cant think of any more right now if you like some other items and you think that they can fit jax , get them.

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Skill Sequence

First of all you max Leap Strike obviously it is a teleport to an enemy , huge DMG . Generally , your bread and butter in the whole game.

Empower : a GOOD skill that needs to be given only 1 point for the early game stomping combo your W-->Q harass. will be maxed late game for more spell vamp and dmg

Counter strike: AoE stun. Absolute team fight combination and laning control. this skill IS TO BE maxed 2nd for more dmg AND dodge chance

Relentless Assault: Not much to say about it ( team fight ownage as well as laning domination )

I will explain all these in the gameplay section , so dont worry

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Summoner Spells

Ghost : Used for running/escaping/tower diving/chasing and much more definitely fit for every melee hero and especially for jax

Ignite : Used for finishing enemies/adding to the damage/help getting early game kills

These are my choices.

Optional :

Exhaust: good for jax at disabling ad carries and slowing for the kills. if you like it get it

Clairvoyance: good for revealing an area and leaping in there to the enemy but not something special

Flash: good for flashing and leaping into the enemy to finish him or just flashing and escaping through walls. I dont recommend it because there are frequently picked champions in 3v3 like tryndamere that can just jump through walls and continue chasing so not so viable.

The other spells are useless for jax except for the case that you are used to one of them and you like it

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Ugh agh we're down to gameplay !!! Here a lot of the tactics in 3v3 will be explained as well as how to play versus the kings of TT see below

First blood : If you like and you can handle it, just go ahead and kill in fb i dont usually do it because its risky, especially if you face some badass champs or tanky ones

Solo Top : Ok if you dont solo top there's no reason to play jax you can take many better ones for bottom lane but if you can do it go on at bot. Minions spawn you are in the bush to see who's gonna solo from the enemy team. If it is a squishy champion like Teemo or Leblanc etc... it will be a piece of cake to underfarm him/her and gain dominance over the lane. However the laning Overlord Mordekaiser won't like your tactics and outfarm you (see below how to counter him ) Keep harassing and farming. DO NOT tower dive early game. Do so only when you are sure you can attempt it with ghost and ignite and qw combo
An easy way to destroy your opponent is to get your stun up go qw and then e to run away but how are you supposed to get it in the minion wave ? the only way to do so is to qw leap to the enemy dealing great damage and then HITTING him with your lamp/spiky club/axe/fishing rod/hockey stick which will draw the minion's attention and they start attacking you making it incredibly easy to get dodges and stunning your opponent constantly to the kill. If you fail remember that all is practice which will help you familiarize yourself with the damage of jax at all the stages of the game making it easy to know when to act for the kill

Tip: You are solo top versus a melee champ ? Harass him with qw until you get your ultimate. A really GREAT tactic if none of you is low health and you are both farming is to hit 2 times and then the 3rd hit should be landed on the enemy ! the damage will be very high and noticeable , believe me it works.

If you have some kills go at the top jungle and farm wolves wraiths for the buffs and at lvl 8-9 with 2 pots and a vampiric sccepter considering other items of course attempt to solo drake. After beating it jump over the well to a minion and go to kill the soloer.

Ganking: the perfect opportunity to gank if you have say 2 kills, is when your allies are pushed to the tower... activate ghost and grab your kill. An easy way to get kills in TT is to wait for an enemy (if your allies are pushING to the enemy tower) to recall... most people in TT recall at the turret activate ghost qw ignite and run. Red buff will aloso help A LOT for kills


1. Jax
2. Tryndamere
3. Mordekaiser

As you might already know, the strongest champs in twisted treeline are jax tryndamere and mordekaiser. Each one of them has huge farming jungle and creep capabilities and are just made and fit for 3v3 except for mordekaiser who is also excellent at 5v5. This section is devoted on how to counter each one of these beasts

Jax VS Jax

It is normal to feel competitive versus another jax so I will focus on the strategy that will help you humiliate him >:)

Minions spawn youre in the bush if you are sure jax will solo and when minions start fighting get out of the bush hit a minion and then leap at him and run away. No dont feel like a noob doing this its just the right strategy. keep harassing . whoever fights at lvl 5 for example at the enemy's minions will have the advantage thanks to the stun. Even when you see him in the jungle for instance or you're starting an 1v1 leap first so that you get your leap strike earlier than him in the battle. Land your third hit on him if you keep farming and act to kill him. The tides can change on your power depending on your team capability ; I have owned jaxes at solo but I have lost due to his team's insane ganks. That's all about it hope it helped

Jax VS Tryndamere

Dont tremble if you see the king of TT in front of you.Prepare to destroy him

Many tryndameres when minions spawn they sit in the bush and when minions start killing themselves he commits with e on you thinking he will critical strike to kill you... it is a way to distinguish the good from the bad tryndameres. well if he does so just hit him DONT USE ANY SKILLS till you are both low health, then use your q hit him one time and then ignite him . Then it will be like you pushed an enemy tryndamere's Cry button but dont show any mercy x) What you have to do is harass him constantly and outjungle him. When he starts hitting you in the lane keep hitting him and surprise him with your dmg when hes low life, even with his ultimate. Be also aware of his ganks and prepare your teammates for it this will help too. The only way to destroy a tryndamere is to disable him from early game, then he's useless

Jax VS Mordekaiser

At last the most difficult part...

You already know everything about mordekaiser's farming and laning capabilities so theres nothing more to say about it... You're basically doomed except for the case you follow my instructions to the letter and have some good luck

Minions spawn , sit in the bush. Most mordekaisers start with a regrowth pendant which helps them recover their health. If he has it it is your opportunity however if he has a doran's shield , it is up to you. Ok so the only way to stop him before he builds his shield is obviously NOT TO LET HIM shoot any skills at minions. So before he hits the minions with his E LEAP at him and start hitting him. His health will get very low and even though he has used his e on you it has no effect :) this will outfarm him and he will have to jungle early on, keeping himself low on experience. I dont know of any other strategy to counter him after he has built his shield so its gonna be difficult. The only tactic is this one and ganking him often thanks to his lack of CC

Tower Diving: You will familiarize yourself with the dmg of jax so it will be easy to tower dive the more you play. Activate ghost, leap at your enemy, ignite , hit some times and he should be dying now

Problems : you shouldn't initiate at any rate , you're the most valuable part of the team so let the tank initiate the battle

Another problem is that you may get arrogant about owning and argue with your teammates which tears team gameplay

Lastly you will have the feeling that youre undying and unstoppable , even at early game which will affect your gameplay

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Thanks for reading my first guide , hope you enjoyed it and most importantly , it helped you !!! Comment and rate , please do not trollvote and if you downvote , a justification would be appreciated.