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Jax Build Guide by dice120

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League of Legends Build Guide Author dice120

Jax - Acrobat at Arms

dice120 Last updated on February 4, 2012
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Hello! This is a Jax build because Jax is a good champ, always shield never die. No, in all seriousness, Jax is one of my favorite champs to play, and not for any reason; his kit's unique to himself, gaining 100% dodge and various other cool things. He also snowballs like a beast, so beware of feeding him!

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Dem Pros:

    Great Champion with unique skill(100% dodge!)
    Farms well upon hitting level 6
    Kit allows him to dish out a lot of damage in a few seconds
    Scales really well into late-game (Not as much as pre-rework, but still good)

Dem Cons:
    Early game is terrible.
    E Skill forces you to make a choice in whether you go for a kill or simply harassment
    Gets shut down by exhaust and stuns (but so does tryndamere)

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Flat Armor and MR to alleviate damage early game. The Armor Pen Quints work well with your Flat AD marks. Synergizes well with Q and E as well. That's about it...

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I go 21-9-0 for AD, skipping the extra crit damage mastery in favor of the Demolitionist Mastery, allowing you to push hard. Also, since there's no more free crit chance, you may as well ignore the crit damage. With you being all over the map, I'd say it's worth the damage. Jax is not that good as a hybrid anymore, so focus more on AD over AP in order to maximize damage output.

The Defensive Tree is just health+armor.

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Boots at start to avoid death. Jax has a pretty bad early 1-6 phase since the rework (I'll elaborate on this later). Thus, boots + 3 health pots allows you to stay in lane and at the same time have mobility, which is good for running when you're almost dead. Living's good, right?

Wriggle's helps laning phase by making it a LOT easier to farm in lane as well as sustain. As seen in the spotlight, it also allows you to jump over walls (Q+Ward, and thus don't spam your ward; you could need it in a tight pinch). Beserker's for the AS to compensate for the lost AS pre-rework. If there is a lot of CC, you could go Merc's.

Sheen = Better Empower. You'll eventually build this into Trinity. I usually build Sheen->Zeal->Phage because who doesn't like MORE ATTACK SPEED? I just want to say that the spell vamp on hextech revolver is REALLY handy, so insert that between your sheen and your zeal for good sustain.

As per pre-rework Jax, get Gunblade for even more sustain in battle and Guinsoo's for MORE ATTACK SPEED. The scaling AP also works well with ult. Despite that Jax no longer gets any health from building hybrid, I feel that it still offensively benefits him, so it still is worth it.

Guardian Angel is great. Gives good armor, magic res, and the revive passive is also amazing.

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Skill Sequence

E at level 1. Whether you're duo lane or solo top, this is the skill that makes sure that you do not give first blood. I think.

Anyways, get E for the stun(only CC you got) + 2 sec immunity to auto-attacks, then for 2-4 level Q+W equally, and finally just prioritize R>Q>W>E.

I take 2 points in Empower early because of the lower CD, also gives FIVE(!) more MAGIC damage. I also don't think that Q is worth getting leveling much before 6, since it now scales off bonus AD instead of your whole AD like it used to. However, once you hit 6, may as well level it up for lower CD, which is for MORE CHASING POWER. Basically, once you hit 6, you should destroy your lane.

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Summoner Spells

After considering the various spells, I've decided that perhaps Teleport/Exhaust is a good combination. Surge is useful in a 1v1 situation, but when it's a teamfight, a giant Jax just makes for a bigger target, and that is something we do not want. Teleport is good since in lane you will b once every 2 or 3 minutes for updated items as well as wards, and Exhaust just slows+reduces their damage output by a lot. Not bad.

Flash is also a nice alternative to Teleport, for the various things it can do.

Other alternatives include Flash, Ignite, and Cleanse. Jax is quite similar to tryndamere; if you let him attack your team, it will die very fast, but if you CC him a lot, he's not going to last. Thus, cleanse is very nice.

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Your laning phase will be terrible unless:

1. You're solo top, facing Tryndamere/GP, and their jungler does not gank
2. They SUCK
3. Your jungler helps you a lot

If any of those three happens and you get fed early, have fun steamrolling their team.

However, assuming a normal game, you will have a bad laning phase. If the enemy team has someone with good sustain, save your mana and don't harass. Just farm as much as you can, watch for enemy jungle ganks, and coordinate with your jungler to mitigate your laning phase as much as you can.

If they have someone without so much sustain, harass when possible; be warned, however, that how you do it is critical. Let's go through two simulations:

1. You jump in, hit -> Empower them, and then use E to escape counter-harassment
2. You activate E, jump in, hit -> Empower them, and then run.

As you can see, the new Jax must use his E offensively or defensively. Before, you could dodge a few minion shots and then jump in, stun and escape, relying on your dodge stat to avoid harassment. Now, since you FIRST dodge and then stun, you either go all-in or use it to avoid counter-harassment. I want to stress that if you go the first route, you'll do little damage, and if you go the second route, you'll do a tad more damage; in return, you will be hurt.

Since they changed the AD scaling on Jax's Q, I feel that it's a lot more weaker early game, so you may as well avoid harassment altogether, using your skills to farm/escape ganks. To do decent damage, Leap -> Auto-Attack -> Empower -> E. This will be your main combo for whatever reason you choose, if you do so.

Once you hit 6, your harassment greatly increases. When you get 2 stacks of your passive, jump to your enemy and smack them on the third stack for bonus damage! If you add empower onto this combo, it should chunk a good portion of their health. By doing this, you should be able to get some significant harass in.

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Jax is no longer the tanky DPS that he used to be. Now, he is more of a Burst-style AD carry. Therefore, DO NOT BE THE FIRST ONE TO INITIATE A TEAM FIGHT.

Go in after your tank/off-tank has rushed in and is sponging all the damage, and jump to THEIR AD carry. Chances are, only the AD carry will begin focusing you, and as a result, just pop E to stun everyone. Gunblade+Wriggle's gives you regeneration on the level of AD Sion (Ok maybe half), so you should not die in a teamfight. If you do find yourself melting quickly, perhaps be the janitor, going in late to clean up as quickly as possible. ONLY USE Gunblade to catch up to someone; never use it for damage reasons.

Remember that your Ultimate scales with your current AP and AD when you use it. Thus it would be optimal to just pop it when you have max stacks of Guinsoo's. However, most importantly, just remember to use it.

If you are far from a teamfight, there's not a place to teleport near, and the lanes are pushed, you may as well tele-push. Jax with Passive+Guinsoo's is a scary thing to behold.

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Well, that's all folks. Hope you enjoyed this build, and let me know how it works out for you in the comments!

I'll go insert a few pictures here or there later...

- dice120