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League of Legends Build Guide Author Minister Of Sinister

Jax Attack

Minister Of Sinister Last updated on January 8, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Well here we are again, Jax, one of the most powerful characters known to LoL. As you will learn if you read this whole thing, is what can make Jax one of the strongest characters in any game. Jax, depending on you play him will wreck anyone, so just follow these steps and enjoy the slaughter. =)

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Okay, so depending on your choice of runes, Jax can either be amazing, or be crippled. The main things you want to focus on with Jax are attack speed, dodge, and well, more attack speed.

Seals- Okay, so for seals, its clear that Jax will need something under the defensive categorie, after all, thats what Seals are for. I chose dodge, because if noone can hit Jax, noone can kill Jax. Also, the added dodge goes great with nimbleness, so every time someone misses, you will be faster. But then if they start running away, you can just stun them with your E. Its win win, so if you feel like you want to dodge alot, then Evasion is a good seal for you. However, there are many other options for you. Increasing his attack speed would also be a good call, if you wanted to use your marks or Quintessences elsewhere. If this is what you want, the Greater seal of Alacrity is good.

Glyphs- Here, we are just trying to make sure that you can keep spamming Empower and Leap, to your hearts desire. The Greater glyph of Focus gives you a nice cool-down reduction, allowing you to keep hitting them, before they can hit you. There isn't much to say about this, and I wouldn't recommend replacing it. You should get the cool-down reduction, because no matter who you are playing as, this will help you.

Marks- This is the more complicated part. Naturally, marks are better offensively then anything else. I recommend going attack speed, but if that doesn't float your boat, then you can always go with magic penetration. Why magic penetration? Because when you use empower leap, the adding magic penetration will make sure you do a lot more damage, thats why. Together, Empower-Leap can do a ridiculous amount of damage, but enough armor will hinder your attacks immensely, thats why you might want the penetration. However, the added attack speed can help alot. If you are going into attack speed, then i reccomend always trying to surround yourself with enemy minions. With the combo of Guinsoo's, and your ultimate, your attack speed will soar through the roof, and you can hit them faster. If someone tries to gank you, just empower leap them, and keep attacking. Every time empower comes up, use it, same with your E, and they will have no chance. Jax with his attack speed is OP'd, so i reccomend you use it and obliterate everyone.

Quintessences- I recommend going with some more attack speed, it will add an additional 10ish percent of your attack speed, so that helps, alot. If you dont want attack speed, then take more magic penetration? or idk, anything works to be honest, quintessences are just great like that.

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The Masteries are pretty self explanatory. In terms of defense, we are just wanting to get Nimbleness. The added movement speed on a dodge will really help you get to an enemy, and then use your stun on them. Defensively, you can do what you want in order to get to 9 for nimbleness, but i recommend increasing your armor and dodge rate.

Offensively, you want to get all the way. If you chose the exhaust perk, then obviously take its mastery, and now just max it out in order to maximize your damage. I reccomend ignoring the critical damage, seeing as with jax you want attack speed, and dont really focus on criting.

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Okay, so you want to start with a dorans, obviously, the health boost and regen/life steal will always help. Depending on how you play, choose one that fits you. If you like laning longer, go with the shield. If you want to just bounce around, go with the ring or sword. The blade will help with life steal, while the ring will help with your mana regen.

Then, get the ninja tabi, they are great, giving you enhanced movement 2, and adding to your dodge.

Then you start saving. The Guisnoos rageblade is expensive, but clearly worth it. By the time you have it, you will have your ultimate. So this means every time you attack, your attack speed will increase by 10%. So if you can find a way to get away from some enemies, you can go to town on their minions, as well as their towers. With the Guisnoos, i might as well say what an advantage it is to have the Dorans Blade. The life steal will help you stay alive longer while you are decimating everything.

Now that you have it, save up again, this time for the Hextech Gunblade. I recomend the first thing you buy is the Vampiric scepter, just because it is more lifesteal. Then, work on the ability power books. Every time you recall or die, buy what you can until you have the weapon. When you have the finished weapon, you should be doing a good amount of damage with each hit.

After you have turned into a damage machine, you can start saving for trinity triforce, trying to get sheen first. Then just slowly work your way up to the trinity.

If you have the trinity, and still need more, and the game is still going, you have a couple options. You could go for Madreds Bloodrazor, if you want to increase your damage output. The added 4% hp damage will really help against the tanks, or more armored opponents. Also, the insane attack speed will drop their health pretty quickly. However, if you want to be a little buffer, then get the crystal scepter, you will get about 660 Hp (due to your character ability). This will also slow your enemies with each attack, so it will help you when you are getting into fights.

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Skill Sequence

Leap attack - A great attack, great for suprising enemy's. It can be used to jump over walls, so it can really change the tide of a battle. Also, if you have exhaust, you can jump in, exhaust them, and run before they can do anything, while your allies finish them off.

Empower - Combined with Leap, it is a great skill. You can just charge up a hit, and drop it on them like a nuke. Also, if you happen to get attacked by someone, this is your best friend. Your attack speed will keep going up, and you just keep blasting them with empower until they fall. If they try to run, you have leap.

Counter strike - This little skill will save your life more then you know. First off, it adds a big chunk to your dodge, so you will be pretty hard to hit. Then, if you are getting attacked, once you dodge a shot, you can stun everyone around you. The 7 seconds also helps if they are fleeing. If you can, while they are running, leap on them, then use stun, you will then be able to get a couple more hits on them, before they can run again. If you are in a 1v1 fight, and they are determined to duke it out, Counter strike is your best weapon. You just keep slamming them with empowered, while stunning them every chance you get, and no matter how much of a heavy hitter they are, they are left defenseless before your lamppost.

Relentless Assault - For a passive, it is one of the best skills in the game. It increases your attack speed every time you make contact with someone. This will help you so much, and oh, yeah, every 3rd attack will do a $%&#-ton of extra damage. Combined with the Guisnoo's, you are pretty powerful, and if anyone makes the mistake of attacking you while both are fully stacked, they will soon regret it. The active is nice and all, but if you need to use the shield, you are most likely going to be dead soon anyway.

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Overall, Jax can be great, but you have to be smart. You should spend the beginning of the game killing minions, but staying away from enemies for the most part. Unless you can empower-leap them, try to stay away. After you have your ultimate, try to kill minions and neutral monsters. These are easy ways to get gold, and can help you get guinsoo's rather fast. After you have it, you should be a pretty formidable foe, and make sure you kill the golem and lizards as often as possible. The buffs will really help you out. Make sure you watch your minimap. A good Jax is often very hated, and very likely to be ganked. As the game progresses, you will be able to rush down a lane very quickly, try to take out a turret. With your ultimate and Guinsoo's, you should be able to push turrets pretty hard, so make sure you are doing it. But once you get a turret, fall back, or you will die. Jax is a great ganker, so watch for retreating enemies, and try to intercept them. Overall, Jax is a pretty powerful guy, so just use him effectively and you won't have a problem.

Btw, sorry for the typos. =)