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Jax Build Guide by Darth Tyre

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Darth Tyre

Jax-Beginner's Guide

Darth Tyre Last updated on August 22, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Jax is arguably the best melee attack character with the correct build, due to his high attack speed, large endgame health and the passive that offers increased buffs to heath whenever Ap and AD is increased because of items or levels.

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Summoner Spells

Heal is a great spell t have early game to keep you in the lanes for as long as possible, because Jax doesn't start out with much health or armor in the beginning. Ignite offers you a way to add a DOT to Jax's attacks and lets you still cause damage for the quick characters that get away or when you don't have enough health left to turret dive

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Jax's main strengths lay in his ability to dodge and cause some massive damage on the jump and auto attacks. The marks offer a way to get a starting 5 point buff to your AP right off the bat, giving about 20 extra health in the beginning of the game. The seals grant you more dodge and when coupled with the ninja tabi and the evasive strike give you about a 30-40% dodge chance, granting a huge advantage against fast attack characters like Yi or Kog Maw. The glyphs give bonuses to your attack power, making the auto attacks and jump abilities all the stronger especially late in the game when your attack speed is very high. The with the quintessences, I like to augment all three of the main stats instead of buffing just one in order to give the build a more rounded feel instead of leaving a couple of stats lacking.

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The best way to start out as Jax is to get the Ninja Tabi as quickly as possible to augment the evasive strike passive ability and get your dodge up to about 20%. After that get the pick axe so you can get the Ginsoo's Rageblade, usually by about level 8, to add attack speed and ability power stacks to your Ult passive. The Vampiric Scepter is next to get some lifesteal before you drop about 1500 gold on the Hextech revolver to get the Hextech Gunblade for more life steal and ability power. The Frozen Mallet is a staple for just about ever character for its slow and damage buff. The Atma's Impaler is next to make your ability power increase from your health and because of Jax's passive, you health increases again from your buff to your ability power. The Rabanon's Death cap is a nice finish due to its huge buff to your AP and heath for some late game jump domination.

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Skill Sequence

The key to Jax is the empower/jump combination and it is crucial to get them to level 5 as quickly as possible so their cooldowns are the same. The evasive strike is good to get a point into early because it offers a 10% increase to dodge and a pretty useful stun, but after that the dodge increase is not very high so that is saved for endgame levels. The reason for building Jump before Empower is to reduce Jumps cooldown and increase its damage for better chasing and pestering of ranged characters that are in your lane. The Ult is really best for its passive ability which offers up to 10 stacks that increase attack speed significantly by the time you get to the 7th stack or so.

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Ways To Die Really Quickly

- Initiate A Team Fight. You will die if you initiate a team fight, really really fast. You can take two, maybe three late game but if they have a good tank or a fast attack melee you will die quickly, you are better at handling the back burst characters like Annie or Viegar, not someone to take the brunt of the damage. The only time you should every initiate is perhaps for a gank, or if its a character with half health and you won't die when you flee from their team mates, or if it's 1v1 and you know where the other 4 team members are.

- Don't think you're invincible. I have this problem.I think that my dodge will keep me from being hit at all, and you go down in about 3 seconds because you've just jumped into an entire team by yourself. Keep your distance or wait for your team mates to help spread the attackers. Be a team player.

- Play Smart. Don't be stupid. Don't start fights you can't win. This advice should hold through with any other champion as well.

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How to Lane

Mainly focus on minion kills or easy ganks until your get the Rageblade, due to its cost. Don't be afraid to pester other melee characters though with your Empower/Jump, because it'll keep them off your back. Always attack minions to keep your stacks up if you are about to be attacked, because it gives you a very decisive advantage over the other characters. You can Jump to friendly Champs or minions if you need to get away quickly or need to gain some ground in a chase. After the Rageblade is bought, don't be afraid to go help your team mates or flank fleeing champs, because that's Jax's strong point, assassination.

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In summary, with this build you start off being a good support character to any competent ranged or tanky character, like Hiemerdinger or Leona, and endgame you can carry your team or rescue them in a large team battle. It will be common for you to lead in kills, though your deaths may be a bit average to high, and you will be able to even tank turrets or win a 1v5 if the conditions are right. He is a very solid character and a very good team player, or ganker if the need arises. A very good addition to any team and worth the IP or RP if you have them. I hope this helps all you new or old Jax players out there. Let me know what you think or if you gave any suggestions let me know them in a comment. See you on the battle field.