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Jax Build Guide by 4theworld

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author 4theworld

Jax - born to kill(build from 12/14/11)

4theworld Last updated on December 14, 2011
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Jax Build

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Not Updated For Current Season

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Jax was always my boss from the beginning and I pretty much believe Jax is the easiest char to use..His dodge makes him total asian ninja(sorr if that offended you), his skills flow together super smmothly.. If he is fed well and you know how to show some pwnage.. HE IS TOTAL OP!!!

Anyway thanks guys for looking at my build and I hope you vote.. UP!

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Skill comments

Equipment Mastery- This is Jax's passive.. I think, personally , take the advantage to this whole thing. Every point of ad, he gets 3 HP! Every point of AP, he gets -swish- two points of health

Leap Strike - Leap strike is probably what makes him so much like yi, which of course, can let him jump on enemies and attack first, or help give a boost to chasing a champion.. The real thing though.. to this skill, is to get away on your own minions, like using this skill on them makes u jump away from the enemy and closer to the turret..

Empower- This is what charges his Leap Strike. It gives 40 percent extra damage AND extra damage.. This buff is usually that little bit of extra damage u needed to kill that champion.

Counter Strike- Okay, now this is probably his BEST skill.. Its just too boss.. First, it gives off extra dodge, like 18% extra after maxed out, and you can pretty much get up to maybe 30% dodge. BUT WAIT- theres more. It stuns for 1 second and that gives you a one second headstart in attacking.. But WAIT!- He also gives couple of damage for every stun.. Although, you have to get attacked adn it takes a little while to load..

Relentless Assault- This is his ult, and it stacks like mad. Its passive is that after every hit.. it attacks faster. This helps farm really fast. Also, every third attack, it gives extra magical damage.. This helps like hell and goes together with Guinsoo's Rageblade really well

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Item Sequence

I first start off with a Doran's Shield to get me started.. obviously it helps start you off with the extra health. Though I guess you can use Doran's ring for the AP.. Both helps you out at the beginning.. Then you obviously get the Ninja Tabi(for the dodge). I come back with maybe 1500 and start building on the guinsoo's rageblade.. This item helps alot because the stacking of attack speed and extra ap.. then, I go for the hextech gunblade.. build on the hextech revolver first.. around this time. you should be around err.. lvl 10-14. I usually go for the phantom dancer at level 16(extra movement speed and AS).. at level 18, you can probably go for the Atma's Impaler..extra crit and armor.. plus the extra passive damage about 2 percent of you max health should definitely be helpful. Okay, the game is either done , or is almost done.. I would sell your doran's sheild and get either a rylai's scepter or lich bane.. This would pretty much finalize your build and be capped and ready to pwn..

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Summoner Spells

For summoner spells,.. I usually get

Flash- You may notice everybody in everygame basically has flash. This is because flash is the most annoying and strongest summoner spell there is. It's a get out of jail free card in most situations and in the rest of them it's a "Ha, you though you escaped". I pretty much suggest taking Flash over Ghost especially because even though Jax has Leap strike, you never know..

Teleport- Any solo top champion can make great use of teleport because generally they are far away from the fight which is currently happening at dragon so you want to take teleport in order to make sure you can be there for the fight at hand.

Exhaust- Exhaust is not the best summoner skill.. but you can still use it when needing to cover that extra bit of length for leap strike or for running away..

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Anyway guys.. thanks for reading.. Im like.. super tired.. 11:43 so peace dudes.. AND BTW....