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League of Legends Build Guide Author Xplosion5k

Jax - Dodge'n'stun to victory

Xplosion5k Last updated on April 11, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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I started playing jax pretty early. This was when u still could stack dodge up to a 100%. This made Jax truely over powered, but although he has been nerfed, he is still a really good character. Many people like to skill jax as a hybrid, but although they skill him as a hybrid, they often use too much AP and too little AD. Since he get's much attack speed due to his ultimate abillity, you really should have some focus on AD and armor penetration as well. That is why I'm skilling just that.

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For marks I like to go with armor penetration. Usually people skilling a hybrid jax would go for attack speed or magic penetration, but I would say that with armor penetration you get more out of your ultimate ability. Because you have the rageblade and your ultimate ability covering the attack speed, but if you go magic penetration I would say you don't use jax's fully potential.

Yeah and when it comes to Seals, the dodge says itself. The seals have to be dodge runes. If not, you will never dodge with jax, and without dodge, you get no stun (which is important). With jax you: Dodge, you stun, you deal hell of a lot of damage and when they try to run away, you stun again. But if you do not have dodge runes, your E ability won't trigger.

For glyphs I would go for pure AP. It's either pure AP or AP per lvl, but I would say that the flat is better, because the one stacking for each lvl will not have much effect when you cross 400 AP with your rabadons deathcap.

For quintessences I would go for Evasion. This is because you will start with a huge amount of dodge, and it will only increase with items and your E skill. If you don't go for dodge as quintessences I would choose armor penetration. This will just increase the damage you do when you stack the ragblade and your R ability.

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The masteries are simple. I go 21/9/0. the most important part is the 9 you have in defence. These increase your dodge and they gives you a little speed boost every time you dodge. This comes in handy both when you chase and when you run away. As for the rest, I'd say go damage. Jax is meant to deal huge amounts of damage, and this will only increase and help you along the way. If you miss some defence or ability power, don't leap up. The ability power will you get from items and the armor you do not have will jax's passive regain in health.

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Dorans Ring: This is a nice start. You head out with some nice HP and the ability power and the mana regen. If you don't want he ring you could go for the other doran's items or start of with a cloth armor and some HP pots.

Ninja Tabi: Here you get two really essential stats. You get the movement speed and you get the dogde. Runes, ninja tabi and the 'E' skill makes you cross about 30% dodge. This is a third of incoming attacks, which is nice!

Guinsoo's RageBlade: Nice Item. This along with your ultimate ability makes attack speed no longer nessesary which it ususally is for mele champions. The stacks increases attack speed and AP, both being nice for Jax. This is a key item in his build.

Sheen: I would say that although the rageblade is very nice, sheen may be even better. Combine Sheen's active ability with Jax's Q and W ability and you deal really much damage in one - two hits. If you ge the blue buff from the golem, your skills will load faster and you can do this more often.

Hextech Gunblade: This item is perfect for Jax. You get both the AD and the AP along with some useful lifesteal. Perfect for a hybrid Jax.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter: I like this item for two reasons. You get more durability by it increasing HP and you get the slow. The slow makes both escaping and chasing easier. This is beacause your normal attacks deal slow, but your surrounding stun also does, making it perfect for both attacking and retreating. It also give you a nice amount of AP.

Trinity Force: This item has lot's of different stats, but all happen to be useful for jax. Usually people would go for Lichbane instead, but let me explain why you go Trinity Force. This is because I have focused more on the AD than other Hybrid builds. Therefore, attack speed, crit chance and some AD gives you a nice mele boost. You also get even more slow, which always comes in handy. With Lichbane you get a lot of mana as well, but you don't really need that much mana as jax, I would say go for trinity Force and try to get the blue buf instead if mana troubles occur.

Rabbadon's DeathCap: This gives you a HUGE amount of AP. Go for it and rape the other team!

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Summoner Spells

You really should not get anything else than Cleanse and Flash. They are the best, and fits perfect. With this build, you get a lot of movement speed, so no ghost needed. Since you really need the dodge in Ninja tabi, you can't take mercury treads and therefore the cleanse. Flash always comes in handy. You get stunned in a teamfight and they almost kill you. You cleanse, you flash out and you run. If they try to attack you again, you are likely to dodge, and therefore stun. If not, you often find allies or minions, and you can use leap strike on anyone.

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When you start up, you go for one of the doran items. I would say blade or ring. The ring is best. But you do not have that much armor, since i sacrificed it over damage. So what you keep on doing early game is jumping in with leap to deal small portions of damage and then run back to your turret. When you get the stun, you wait for it to trigger, the you jump in, yo stun and keep on hitting then untill it's gone, and then you run back. You may try to keep on hitting then, waiting for a new stun, but make sure that you have your summoner spells ready when you do so.

Then when you reach lvl 6, yo should also have ninja tabi, if not, you have to get it. Because now, you get stacks with attack speed, dealing which makes you more difficult target. If you now try to to kill someone, they may try to escape, but they will try to kill you first. This should result in you dodging. (If you don't have ninja tabi, your'e dodging chance is lowered). Then you stun them, and keep on dealing damage. This is why jax is so nice. His stund can either trap them and give you a kill or trap them and help you retreat.

When you reach lvl 11, you should have the rageblade or have it coming pretty soon. Now that your ultimate ability is lvl 2 you get even more bad *** in combat. With the Rageblade as well, those two stacks together leaves you a pretty hard target 1vs1. This makes exposed for ganks. The other team want's to take you down, because you kill almost any of them 1vs1. So be careful.

Now after this, when you get the Hextech Gunblade you will now kill anyone in 1vs1. This is because of the life steal. After this point, the game should be in your favor, unless the ither team are way more feeded than you or that they keep on ganking you. Just don't go alone and never initiate in team fights. Jax on!

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For a summary, I would say. Care until lvl 6. Then you deal much more damage and you can start harassing. Skill AD with a nice blend of AP and you will be a nice killing machine. Jax on peepz!

I will keep on editing this, as I play jax. And I will write more about game play and such, but I've been a bit lazy. Just hang on. It comes.