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League of Legends Build Guide Author CostaRic

JAX- Hard to kill hard to die

CostaRic Last updated on August 28, 2010
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Ok so here is my usual build, now i would explain why how and when to buy your items.

FIRST OFF if ur are already good with Jax I suggest buying Sword of the Occult AFTER Doran's Shield, because if are already skilled you will know that with Jax you always land a pair of kills and some assists, oh olso i would exchange this for Maldred's Bloodrazor or Phantom Dancers.


1.Doran's Shield:is a really good starting item it will help u stay in lane because of its health regen it will also give you some starting durability at low cost.

2.Ninja Tabi:Obviously you need some boots, but why this?Because it has armor and dodge chance buff which will complement with your Counter Attack ability and Nimbleness mastery.

3.Phantom Dancers or Bloodthirster:ok, first i just wanna explain something, if you are already doing well up to this point(and i mean like having kills and assist something near 1000 gold) i would usually buy the B.F.Sword first and end the bloodthirster, but if am doing bad i would usually go for Phantom dancers as it have a larger evolution tree it will help me while i am still trying to keep up.
(a)Phantom Dancers:This little guys will help u dodge even more giving you even more survivability, also movement speed and attack speed, this will also complement to Nimbleness mastery and Counter Attack ability(you will olso be able to spam it more often :P)
(b)The Bloodthirster:its really important for your survivability when into a fight(solo or team)as hes attack damage will complement into your passive which gives you extra health with each attack damage point and will give you enough life steal to solo Warwick(it really depends on his build but you will still lend him some hard damage).

4.Maldred's Bloodrazor:will help you a lot in late game,because most of the enemies will have a lot more health so you will lend that bit more that is needed to kill champ, also will give you vast attack speed.

5.The Black Cleaver:it will help you by giving you extra health because of your passive just like The Bloodthirster, but this will end up with any enemy in your sight as it reduces your enemy's def easily because of your att speed.



Personal Favorites

1.Exhaust:is awesome for ganks or for solo battles, as you can pursuit with easiness

2.Ignite:for when they try running and just when they are getting into turret ignite em and watch em die or just to finish a kill fast.

Olso good

1.Flash:for getting near a running enemy or just run away from a gank

2.Ghost:Same as Flash

3.Heal: not really that useful but still will give you some survivability for that few seconds to kill or to get away.

4.Cleanse:Again not so useful but it can get you seved from an exhaust snare or slow.

5.Clairvoyance:combined with flash might help you get a pair of good ganks, not really that useful anyway.

6.Teleport:It will help you a lot if you need to save turret or gank an enemy.

Dont even think about em >:(

1.Clarity:you wont need that much mana after lvl 6 to harras.

2.Fortify:with you in lane? Pfft..

3.Rally:it really wont do much difference in late game.

4.Smite:you wont need this at all, would be just waste of skill.

5.Revive: well i don't know but it is supposed that you don't die am rite?



1.When harassing use leap strike then run back adn reapeat, soon enough your enemy will be with low health and ready for an ignite/gank/etc...

2.Always try to get all the buffs possible as they will help you kill much eisier.

3.Spam all your skills against your opponent.

4.At early game(before lvl.6) use Empower and Counter Strike to farm faster those pesky minions.

Created by:MArco Anotnio Alfaro/CostaRic/Baxe

PS:PLZ excuse if any grammar error, try and rate ENJOY! :)