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Jax Build Guide by jebeny

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League of Legends Build Guide Author jebeny

Jax - he cannot be killed[remade]

jebeny Last updated on January 19, 2012
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This is gonna be a quick introduction as im only give you the basic on how to play jax since his remade.What i want achive with this build is some kind of tanky high speed dps.

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For jungling i take armor pen marks(you can also take AS but are not so good late game),standard jungling glyphs(flat armor) and Mr per level glyphs.

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i start with vamp. scepter after then i go for basic boots.Try to build Bilgewater Coultlass.Whith this Item your ganks will succed 90%.(its mouch better then wrigley for ganking,and when you reach level 6 you realy dont need wrigley passive).Then its your choice go for the hextech gunblade or phage--frozen mallet.From here it depends,Here you have to make another choice;if they are mostly ad team go for atma otherwise with's end(option is also ionic spark).and in the end of course guinsoo's Rageblade. This of course besides hextech gunblade is the best item for Jax but i build it last because you cannot develop his dmg output if you die in teamfight to quickly.

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Creeping / Jungling

Start with vamp scepter and go for blue.ask your team to make a moderate pull.If they do bllue golem will die before it will even hit you once but of course you must have perfect timing with your e.Dont press e untill the golem turn to you.If you do this you will make whole your jungle easyly. What you must know when gungling with jax to press w right after you made a basic attack which will make you attack twice very fast.

Jax is a very good ganker.just q on him..and right away w,when he flashes press e and flash next to him :)...if your team8 helps you you should make a kill:)

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Skill Sequence

Start with e so you can make golem without a hit..i take q on level 2 because has highe base dmg and also does physical dmg(works nice with Armor pen runes).Taking q on level gives you the ability to gank at level 2 with full hp.from here its up to you max e and q and of course his ulti when you can.