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Jax Holding A Lamp

Jax Holding A Lamp

Updated on May 22, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author AGRNOX Build Guide By AGRNOX 4,982 Views 4 Comments
4,982 Views 4 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author AGRNOX Build Guide By AGRNOX Updated on May 22, 2011
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Hello, this is my very first guide for Jax, if you have any suggestions you can comment below. Btw, just adding some points here, I do not own some runes, but I'm buying most runes for Jax and testing him out and see if it works, this build right here got me the best scores so far and I only suggest people who plays Jax for more survival abilities.
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For runes I'd get
(Armour Pen) Tier 3(Dodge Seals) Tier 3 of courseMagic ResistFor more damage.
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Masteries might seem a little weird, I've used 9/21/0, but I just like to stay in lane a little longer with mana regen, exp boost. For offense just 1 for the exhaust should be fine.
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RAGE BLADE FIRST GET RAGE BLADE FOR JAX! For me, since you have absolutely no attack speed at all, I'd that that pirate sword. Remember, when your chasing down your enemies, use your sword first, than if you still want to go greedy exhaust them and finish the fight. I'd get Dorans first for some health regen and health. Stay in lane longer with health regen by hugging your laser tower if you've been damaged a lot. Try to get some exp by getting close to minions, yet you can still regen really fast by masteries/item. I'd get gunblade later follow up by Rylai's crystal for slowing your enemies+survival. Rage blade later of course and the rest are by your own decision.
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Skill Sequence

Jump, stun first. Empower for last hitting minions. Since you have no attack speed, get lots of power in the jump, and only initiate if you get your stun skill ready.

My way of playing jax= SMARTCASTING. I change all my key settings to Smartcast mode, so all my movements are swifter than skill shots, more movements on Jax is how jax works.
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Summoner Spells

I like Flash but Ghost is just better for chasing down people since you have your jump skill.

For more offensive masteries I'd get exhaust or ignite, usually I get ignite and switch the exhaust masteries to the gold one in utility. because I don't usually get the buffs =(.
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Team Work

Don't always start the fight, your not an off-tank or a tank- your just a little beefy so don't push yourself into your death trap. wait for your tanks to start the team fight, then jump in their carry, use your gunblade and activate your ult right away if they have a lot of CC, Nunu+amumu. Exhaust the person who is dealing the most damage to you, and continue to focus on their carry...

Don't be selfish, get a ward on your buffs, on their buffs, and if your team mates are dying, jump on them and revenge for your team mates. However only do this if there are 1 or 2 champions that are chasing your team mates.

If you are dying, ping where you are for ganking or covering. If they are smart enough, mid lane might help by hiding in the bush, let the enemies push, your team mates might come out, get your dodge ready, and aim for the squishies champs.
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Just Last hit with your W, h***as them with your Q. Get some potions during lane leveling. Do not push yourself to your limit if engage in a 2 v 2 or 1 v 1 lane fight.
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This really works for me, I've tried lifesteal jax, attack speed, Ap, Damage jax, so far this works for me the best. If you are a starter for Jax, you might think you don't deal enough damage compare to other jax, but trust me this one get's me fed and win and own the other jax on the other team.

If you follow this guide, I have great potential for you using Jax.
Okay you might think my other score sucks, but somehow I just win everygame with Jax lol, I will upload better score when I get better results, peace my friends!


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