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League of Legends Build Guide Author ICEhydro

||| Jax, Hop Scotch, Dodge |||

ICEhydro Last updated on August 16, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Jax, is op we all know that, let me show you how to exploit that
(notice you cant spell "Hop" without op clever ehh ehh?)

LS/Jump= Leap Strike
CS= Counter Strike

Now, i know how i play as him but im bad at explaining how to play as him. yea not good when ur making a build, but what i can tell you is how to preset him.(you're jax there isnt a way to be bad wit him im just here to help)

First off u will need to get three pots and boots, in the begining try to conserve ur pots just incase u find urself in a bad situation heal/pot/run or if you are good, heal/pot/gun *Gahh,gahh,gahh*

when you have the money upgrade ur boots to "Boots of Swiftness" i cant see why people use other boots, if you cant catch em u cant kill em. the other players usualy have some sort of inhanced speed, since u have 3, and get extra speed from dodging you will be one of the fastest out there. u will get +15% mov speed from Phantom Dancer later on to make shure ur faster than 3 just in case they have the same boots.

next u need is "Warden's Mail" and u might be wondering why Wardens? well fist u need regen "25/5" cus its more reliable than lifsteal i think its beter to hide and heal than show that ur hurt, go into a bloody rage, and attak anything just to gain health. Also you need "Warden's Mail" because it gives +60 armor, thats nuthing to put ur nose up to, and its passive has a 20% chance to slow atack speed and movement speed by 35% "hell yea" and to top it off its prity cheap!!

Now that you are fast and they have a chance to become slowed from attacking you, you need to slow them down even more, by attacking them. "as if you needed it, lol" Every couple attacks will slow them down if you get "Phage". I like phage, but you really need it just to upgrade to "Frozen Mallet" I dont have exaust (its like one shot anyway) so i need as much slow as possible if im gana get a kill.

Now comes a commonly used weapon "Phantom Dancer" first get "Brawler's Gloves" for a lil crit, then a "Dagger" upgrade to "Zeal" get another dagger, Cloak of Agility and wait to upgrade to "Phantom Dancer" its not cheap but its worth it. Jax uses all the abilities from it, you get +45% Attack Speed +30% Critical Strike +20% Dodge Chance and +15% Movement Speed as I said before you'll need that to ketch-up "lol".

Now you slow and have speed on your side, its time for some Damage! Get ready for one of the most expensive items in the game the infamous "Infinity Edge" if you get this item fully upgraded you ether a. are a champ at kickin there ***es or b. playing in 5v5 and the game is taking a long time to finish.
"Infinity Edge" is difficult to to save up for (4080 all said and done) but well worth it, this build is based on crit and slow so we need the extra 50% of damage when we crit to get the kill. You know to get the "B.F.Sword" first right? well do that ya goober. :p

My items past this are almost impossible to get to because its hard enough to get "Infinity Edge" You could still mess up, I STRONGLY Suggest getting the items I put up, (just read the stats urself im tired)

Good luck guys! hope this was helpful
btw i use "Boots of Speed" in 5v5
and "Ninja Tabi" 3v3 (yea i just went back on my word, so what sue me)

Combo .1
well you know about his passive, if u get a dodge counter,(thats what i call it when you get ur bubble) jump then stun. (u will usualy get a speed boost if ur running pas minions) u can spank them a few more times this way. (Stop-sign)

Combo .2
Empower a few seconds before you Jump its like a fat guy jumped into the pool, everyone gets wet. *Swooch*thump

Combo .3
If ur Uber Skilld/or just flipn lucky you can use Jump to get away, and if ur smart CS to stun them to get slightly ahead, trust me it makes a differnce

Combo .OMG
Ok, if atleast lvl 6 you can do this, Tele, behind ur victim Empower,LS,CS(as soon as you can),Epower,CS (they will be so PO'd about ur OP'ness)