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Jax Build Guide by EyFa METZ

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author EyFa METZ

Jax Hybrid,Suck On My Lamp Hoe

EyFa METZ Last updated on August 12, 2011
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello ladies and gents. This is my first build so cut me some slack :p Anyways...I bought Jax a couple months ago looking for a champ that is fun to play and really powerful. I found that in Jax. He is a boss in every game you play as him. He's not hard to use and is overall a great champ. Feel free to give me some constructive criticism in comments or anything like that :)

If its mean though...I will rape you and slap you right in the tits!

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Pros / Cons

Like every champ there are pros and cons


Not Squishy
Dodge is BOSS
Ton of Burst Damage
Great in team fights
Amazing Passive
Ult is great in team fights and for its passive
When built hybrid he has amazing burst damage

He doesn't have a real weapon

Obviously the Pros outweigh the Cons

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Well i'm not going to get into this much but you want the armor pen marks because well he can mow down pretty much anyone with them and they help a lot early game.You want the dodge seals because it increases his dodge chance even more. Then you want the cooldown glyphs to lower the cooldown on his empower and leap strike mostly which are his bread and butter.

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Summoner Spells

I always choose Ignite and Ghost because when you empower leap strike on someone early game and you get there health low its the little extra damage for that early feeding kill. I choose ghost because it helps tremendously with escaping ganks, and if you go for a gank and pop ghost then you can get in enough range for empower leap strike before the enemy gets the chance to get away.

Other acceptable spells are clarity for his early game mana which isn't a big problem, Flash for a bit of an easier escape, or exhaust which could help escapes and for chasing.

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Skill Sequence

With Jax's passive, he does not have to buy any survivability items because for every stat in ad you add 3 to your overall health and for every ap stat you add 2 to your total health.
Empower and Leap Strike go hand in hand. Early game if you get a squishy champ in your lane you can easily take over half of there health with one hit. And bang boom you got yourself a baby pacaderm ;) Another perk of Leap strike is being able to escape with leap striking to a friendly minion or a team mate. Me and my friend were geting chased by a Morde, Miss Fortune, and Teemo, so i yelled at him to stop for a second and we both escaped the gank with ease. Counter Strike is a great ability to have. When you empower leap strike someone ,and say you have half health so they fight back, with your high dodge chance they start attacking you and you just hit that E button on your keyboard and they"re stunned and done. Its even better in team fights. Ive had my whole team die in a 5 v 4 team fight and then i came in and they all focused me and all i did was hit E as fast and as much as i could and got a penta kill it was boss. So just spam E as much as you can. Jax's ult is also very useful passively and actively. your going into a team fight pop his ult and you have increased Dodge Chance and Magic Resistance. Also the passive on his ult is great. with every basic attack you gain attack speed, and every 3 hits deal bonus magic damage. All of Jax's skills are important to mastering him. You need to max Counter Strike first for that higher dodge chance...With that maxed you can 1v1 anyone in the game, and I mean anyone...After that, max leap strike since it's your highest form of damage, and lastly max Empower.

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Always start out with Doran's Ring. Then get your Ninja Tabii's. The +25 armor and dodge chance increase helps a lot. Then i begin my build into a Guinsoo's Rageblade. Always buy the Blasting Wand first though because it increases your health 5 more than the Pickaxe and it overall will make your abilities stronger. And Guinsoo's passive increases your attack speed by 4% every basic attack and it stacks 5 times. Next you go straight into your Hextech Gunblade. It is pretty much the number one item to any hybrid build. It gives you lifesteal, attack damage, ability power, attack speed, spell vamp, and its active can single handedly take out any champion. Always buy the revolver first though, the spell vamp makes all of your abilities 20% stronger before you even get your Gunblade. After that, get your Ryleigh's. That gives a great amount of AP and Hp from its' basic stats but he also gets more from his amazing passive. Also you get that amazing slow on your attacks which makes your rape less unwilling ;) Next get your Lich Bane. It gives you +350 Mana,+80 Ability Power, +30 Magic Resist, and +7% Movement Speed which is great on Jax. Its Passive is amazing. It gives you 100% of your Ability Power in your next physical attack after you use an ability. For your sixth and last item you want to build a Rabadon just for the AP thats pretty much it. That will make all of your abilities extremely powerful.

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Other Items

Theres probably other options you could go for your last couple items like phantom Dancer( Att Speed, Crit Chance, Move Speed), or a Bloodthirster( AD, and Lifesteal). But i think that the build I have made is the best fit just because it gives you more Ad and Ap overall than these other choices. Also It gives you more health than the other items. And with Jax's ult's passive and Guinsoo's you don't really need the Phantom Dancer for the attack speed. So stick with this build if your mom has a job ;)

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1v1's and Team Fights

When in a 1v1 with Jax, you want to use all your skills whenever they are off of cooldown, BUT, you always want to be spamming Counter Strike as much as possible because his stun is what makes Jax have the ability to destroy anyone 1v1.

Team Fights
In a team fight you do not want to initiate. Wait for the fight to start and empower leap strike on the carries...Thus taking out the other teams damage suppliers. Just spam Counter Strike when your in and you will prevail easily with some health left if not more than half with your spell vamp. Always remember though! If you are getting low on health and need to escape you can leap strike to an ally or ally minion to get out of there and save your life!

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In the end I hope everyone enjoys my first build and if you have any suggestions or questions just leave a comment and i'll try to reply as fast as i can :) Also check out my other build for Wukong! Its Poo****, The Shatterer!

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August 12 2011:
-Updated item choices to a better build that i have tested and discovered it is better than one before!
-Updated item choices and the items section.
-Updated skill order and skill sequence.
-Added a new section...1v1's and Team fights