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Jax Build Guide by curbstommp

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author curbstommp

Jax: Lane domination!!!

curbstommp Last updated on September 16, 2011
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Hello and welcome to my jax build guide this is my first guide and i wanted to get it out because i feel a general lack of effective jax builds on this website while there are those that work well my goal has been to optimize game play with jax and therefore make him as fun as possible enjoy :D

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Pros / Cons

Pros: amazing mid and late game damage output
can stun and enemy every 3 seconds
extreme damage dealing distance closer
excellent at escapes
Can 2v1 if played right
Cons: very vulnerable to cc ( especially snares)
often targeted
Your only ranged ability is your distance closer.
ppl run from you :P

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skill sequence

Skill sequence is very important on Jax. This is my standard laning skill sequence focusing on increasing my damage and using counter strike primarily for its stun while of course leveling your ultimate at levels 6 11 and 16. other tan that maxing your Q and W together will cause your base damage to rise pretty fast and once you have your build close to halfway done you should see substantial increases in damage

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My runes are based entirely on the only problem Jax has which is how to be even better. Dodge chance seals obviously because this is your survivability its what make auto attackers hate Jax so much. Magic pen marks give your abilities that extra bite you need to do damage to low armor targets. AP per level glyph allow you if you wish to remain in your lane from the very start of the game for as long as possible so long as you avoid as much harass as you can. And last but most definitely not least move speed quints these are what make people really rage at you because with these your level 1 boots will put over 400 move speed make you hard to catch and even harder to run from

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Your masteries should be familiar if you play any other carry the crit chance is not must have so if you would rather use ignite than exhaust go for the burning embers mastery point the dodge chance is a given and the increase in movement after a dodge is another thing that lead to enemy team rage

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Ok so this is the part of this guide i looked forward most to writing. Jax game play is pretty simple it amazes me to see someone not play jax well he has always just come natural to me so i fail to understand how you don't do well with him... don't worry if your reading this thoroughly you'll be fine. OK so early game grab your boots and head to your lane i prefer to lane with an ally solo lane jax is good just not how i normally play him once youve arrived your faced with the decision to face check your bush or not DON'T OK Jax i great LATE GAME only attack your enemy directly of you have a definitive chance of doing damage and taken very little in comparison back. keep up wit last hit don't be out farmed and given the chance after level 6 go in for a kill. if you fail that's OK just run back and farm some more you hopefully at least have the enemy out of your way for while. HARASSING is easy and effective on j]Jax its simple Empower, leap strike, haul *** back to minions careful when fighting those like Lux or other snare cc which leave you wide open as you have no ranged abilities.

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Item Sequence

ITEMS are so important on jax as not only do they increase your damage... DUH but they increase you survivability by adding HP jax has a 4 item core build that is Ninja tabi, guinsoos rageblade, hextech gunblade, and rabadons deathcap.. afterwards it depends on the enemy team say there stacking MR like if your fight galio get a void staff if they are doing nothing to defend against you and your are stomping there team just stack AP get a second gunblade one of my favorite items to get as it eliminates a problem while adding AP is a Archangels staff. and lastly your weakness tho its not that bad is AP casters. auto attackers you should tear to shreds AP casters as well but if you having trouble wit that unfortunately fed veigar lux or any other cast grab a abyssal scepter or Force of nature if its that bad

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Team Work

it was best said by the former top jax build on mobafire title holder DO NOT INITIATE A FIGHT unless your team is imposable to motivate you are an assassin your supposed to fly out of nowhere (literally fly) and kill the target enemy carry as fast as possible and then get out and repeat jax should be pretty unchallenged 1v1 if your playing right once you have you hextech gunblade do not run from a single enemy as they should lose a fight with you if their whole team is MIA and you have that feeling like you may be ganked then run but scare off the enemy on your tail first

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Summoner spells

Nothing like the exhaust ghost combo although your main reason to use exhaust will be to keep an enemy from running if your facing someone directly and you wont want them to have the advantage over you exhaust is a wise spell to have while you do have leap strike to escape.. **** happens and ghost is and excellent escape tool and it functions well if you need to catch that running enemy

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Well i hope you all like my build pls try the build and gameplay tips before commenting or rating and pardon my grammar :P
PS this was my first guide so excuse the noobiness about it plx