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League of Legends Build Guide Author lawlz

Jax: like a diesel engine...

lawlz Last updated on February 2, 2011
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This is my AD Jax build, everything is about attack speed and damage he is all about dealing crazy DPS. I have always loved Jax because he has the ability to pull off some crazy ****, aka winning a 3v1 (Jax is the one if you didn't guess). a lot of people like to make a Jax a burst damage char, I started off playing him like that but your not using the full potential of the character. Jax's ult has a passive that gives you an attack speed buff, so why would you not take advantaged of that? Because of that ability I stack attack damage and a little attack speed in my item picks runes and masteries this gives you crazy longevity and the best 1v1 character IMO.

If there are any errors please feel free to post it in a comment.

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Skill Sequence & Skills

Skill Sequence

Jax is a character that heavily depends on the opponents for the order of skills I get. But I always get the 3 same skills in the same order at the beginning of the game which is very important because I think Jax is a great char for harassing in the beginning.

    Start off with Empower first it does the most damage for the cost of mana and has the lowest cooldown good for getting that first kill before minions spawn

    Then get Leap Strike and then get Counter Strike

    Here is where the major decision comes you need to decide to max out Counter Strike or Empower, if the enemies are harassing a lot and only if they are mele or ranged that depend on AD to get kills and not their skills so much, then choose to max out Counter Strike first, if not then Max empower since it is your main Dmg Dealer.

    then refer toSkill Sequence chart.

I'll just talk about the skills here and discus how to properly use them in the how I play Jax section.

Passive: Equipment Mastery
This is one of the best masteries, this is one more thing about Jax that helped me decide how to make this build and why it turned out the way it did. Ok back to the passive it gives you 3 HP per point of damage on an item and 2 points of HP per point of ability power this is another reason why I decided to go DPS and not a burst damage character (burst = ability power
and DPS = attack damage) you get more hp out of this build, so you never have to worry about hp because your passive allows you to get from the 3 main items I get 680 hp in total from them because of this passive. Now I know it says this build has 1971 hp but that is wrong Mobafire doesn't factor in the hp gain from Jax's passive, I usually have around 3k hp at endgame.

Leap Strike
This is a basic ability you jump and do damage very useful for initiating fights and chasing down runners, it can also go though walls if you ave an opponent to do it to, which makes it useful if you want to pull of a sneaky gank.

This is Jax's bread and butter, It Charges Jax's weapon and your next attack deals massive damage, it may not look like you do a lot of damage but you do, now let me lay some math on you fools, it does base damage + 40% attack power and ability power + the basic attack so that is: 75 + 0 + 0 + 60 = 135 at the beginning of the game (ok ill admit that it doest sound so hot especially cause of the two 0's but once you get some items going its damage goes up exponentially). It has a 5 second cool down which is important in the beginning of the game because your other damage ability has a 13 sec cool down the first rank, this allows you to hopefully use an ability twice in a pre-minion level 1 battle. If your opponent is squishy didn't buy an item that gives health it can easily do 1/4 of their hp in one hit.

So basically what I'm saying is that in a fight you should be spamming this ability.

Counter Strike
This is the reason besides his ult why Jax is good at max level it gives 18% dodge and you should have Ninja Tabi so you get that extra 12 dodge and then your seals give you 6.75 dodge totaling 36.75% dodge when everything is maxed. this means its GG when there is a 1v1 vs a mele char, oh wait I forgot to mention not only do you dodge but you get a free 1 sec AOE stun so when they try and run you stun then or if they are dumb enough to fight you, you just stun them and stomp them right then and their.

Relentless ***ult
This is why Jax is a beast the passive on his ult gives crazy attack speed and along with that you get a a free damage enhanced attack every time you the same enemy 2 consecutive times, which is a potent combination. This is the reason Jax is a DPS char, end game i can get my attack speed up to the 2.2 area, this ability is the reason for the name of this build like a diesel engine Jax start off slow but the more he attacks the faster he attacks and once he gets going hes unstoppable, your attack speed increases my 18% each time you hit an enemy (14% from maxed out ultimate (10 stacks) and 4% from Guinsoo's Rageblade(8 stacks)) totaling 172% extra attack speed, now I know there are people reading this thinking "oh ok thats cool but how often do you have all 10 stacks in a fight or even before?" and the answer is it happens a lot if your smart (refer too the how i play Jax section). I leave every major confrontation with full stacks usually before you know it you have maxed stacks in a fight and will be attacking crazy fast.

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The runes are simple, This build is a Attack Damage build with as much attack speed that I can get also with it, so all the runes and quints are for attack speed except for the Seals because Jax needs dodge to survive and Seals give the most dodge.

The only other thing I would recommend for runes or quints if you don't want attack speed, is cooldown runes but thats it, any other runes are not a good fit for a character like Jax.

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Ninja Tabi: this should even need to be explained why this is good for Jax, gives dodge and speed thats all you need to know

Guinsoo's Rageblade: some people may not like this item but in my opinion it is the best items for Jax it works beautifully with your ult to give you exponentially increasing attack speed all the way up to around 2.2 attack speed at level 18, and dont get the nice bonus to attack damage and ability power.

Hexatech Gunblade: a bunch of attack damage and ability power and spell vamp and life steal, what more could you want? oh you want a castable slow to stop people from running away from you well good thing because this has that too

The Black Cleaver: attack damage, attack speed and reduced armor fro opponent which makes to attack for more damage, even tough it takes 3 stacks to get full effect you attack so fast that those stacks are up in an instant.

Bloodthirster and Infinity Edge: i usually never get this far but life steal is nice to help keep you alive and the critical chance on infinity is nice also they both give good + damage

Last thing worth mentioning is Doran's shield I don't get it anymore after the patch that changed the cost, its not worth it to not have a potion at the beginning of the game, I would rather have a little armor and 3 health potions than extra health and armor and no potions. But if you are having troubles on your lane I always buy this to give me a little of an edge over my opponents.

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Masteries and Spells

Most people will probably look at my mastery tree and go "WTF if you got a DPS build why wouldn't you get havoc and get 5% more damage?" well let me tell you why, because its only 5%, 5% is useless to me usually endgame I have 267 attack damage (if i have up too The Black Cleaver) and 15 extra damage is absolutely useless

The reason I went Offensive: 11, and Defensive: 19 is because of 3 things: Ardor, Nimbleness, and Archaic Knowledge

Nimbleness is key to survival when your running from someone and they are auto attacking you when this procs, and it will, you are home free home and if your chasing someone and they are getting away but they run past their minions, minions attack you it procs and you catch up and get the kill BEST MASTERY FOR JAX

Archaic Knowledge is simple magic penetration , 15%!!! thats a lot and its helps your 3rd attack on target(ult), Empower (the ability you rely on), and Leap Strike all do more damage on a regular basis.

Ardor is just because I want as much attack speed as I can possibly get when I enter a game my runes are that, my items are that way and my masteries are definitely going to be that way.

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How I Play Jax

Jax is not necessarily a hard character to play but its the little things you do with him that will make the difference. The main thing to remember with Jax is DON'T INITIATE 5V5 FIGHTS, your job is to jump in and kill the other teams squishy as fast as possible and run away if your under attack otherwise just move on to the next one.

Attack Combination

First off the main combination as Jax is "Q" "W", Leap Strike + Empower, you leap in and attack this is great for initiating attacks or for harassing. I LOVE harassing people early game, this combination does a lot of damage, but you need to be careful leap strike eats mana like crazy (you can do it 4 times at level 2 before you will be out of mana) so early game you need to be careful, you don't want to get in a situation where you could get a kill but you don't have the mana to jump and chase them down, I cant tell you how many times I've missed out on a kill because I didn't have enough mana.

Don't harass anyone that heal well early game (Vlad, Cho or Fiddle) and don't use it on a tank (Garen Rammus), you should be using this to make people afraid of you, aka make them stay away from you so that you can get last hit on minions without fear of getting hit by other team, just jump in hit them and run away 2 times early game and it will get their health to a point where no one wants to mess with you. ok the final part of this combo is adding Counter Strike to it, what you do here is lure a minion to attack you or attack a mob dodge it, then jump in on your enemy Q W E and then its GG from there they will most likely be running away from you after that.

Jungle and Minions: Your Best Friend

Always get mana buff, even if you have to choose between killing an enemy or getting the buff get the buff every time, it also reduces cooldowns, you want that because you will be able to stun people a lot more which will allow you to get more kills later. Also early game and even mid game and even end game, Jax tends to run low on mana and this will stop that from happening

Once Jax turns level 6 he is a jungeling master by now you should have Ninja Tabi and a Vamperic Scepter this allows you to fight any mob and get out of that fight with a minimal loss of hp and in some cases come out with more than when you entered (Protip once your level 14+ you should be able to enter any mob fight end it in 10 secs and have full hp this is extremely useful if you have low hp and need to be doing something, attack a bunch of mobs get your hp back and go and get it done)

I love when I get caught fighting a mob, its a huge advantage to me and the best part is that the opponent thinks "oh I caught this person off guard I so got this" but he doesn't know that you have maxed out stacks of speeds from your ult and from Guinsoo's Rageblade and you have your stun ready to go (most of the time if someone jumps me if they aren't a tank I'll do over half their health in damage before the stun is up), this is why its important to never use stun to help you kill mobs (well you can but only do it if you know for sure your not going to be attacked) in fact the only ability I use when I kill mobs is Empower because of it's low cooldown time and I'm not just talking about in the jungle, in lanes, especially in lanes, NEVER ever ever EVER! use Leap Strike or Counter Strike to kill mobs, it is incredibly important to keep theses two abilities up so that you can initiate fights if someone jumps you.

Minions are you best friend specifically your enemies minions, I cant tell you how many times I've gotten kills because enemy mobs where attacking me first of all you attack faster because if your smart you have been attacking those minions and have stacks of speed and have stun up because you dodged and when you dodge because of the mastery spec you run a lot faster with Nimbleness (increased speed when you dodge which will be a lot) so your always running at a fast pace. One of my favorite things is when someone is running away from me and they run down a lane and we run into a bunch of their minions, I dodge get a speed boost, catch up to to them, hit "Q + W + E" and they are dead.

One thing I like to do is go in a lane solo and kill the minions, tanking it hoping someone will see that and think "oh the mobs are attacking him hes got the disadvantage" wrong!, but before that realize what they've done after they attack you they re probably dead.
Most importantly don't even think about tanking minions until around 10 or so because early game mobs hurt Jax bad and you will die like a noob when you get jumped at half health.

Little things that make a big difference

Jax's ult has an active that gives a huge amount of mana resistance (50 + his dodge percentage) for 3 secs this is an extremely clutch ult, if characters with ults like Nunu or Fiddle try to ult you blow this and their ult isn't going to do much damage to you timing is everything for Nunu, don't use it the second his ult starts because it will run out before he explodes, then you die like a noob instead of pulling off a crazy move.

By the time you are 13+ and have up to Guinsoo's Rageblade in the buy order you can solo dragon with a minimal health loss, do it every times he up not only do you get a bunch of exp but you get 190 gold and your team gets gold too. by the time you have Hexatech Gunblade and are level 16+ you should be able to tank Baron Nashor for your team,

Exhaust is the most clutch ability EVER, if there ever is a fight your not going to win put exhaust up on that opponent and run away or just beat them down in 3 secs(the duration of the spell) this ability has saved me countless times and has gotten me countless kills, it is also extremely useful for getting people who are running away because it slows them.