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Jax Build Guide by HoegNasty

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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author HoegNasty

Jax Nasty

HoegNasty Last updated on September 12, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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yo u already no its ur boi mr nasty, daddy hoegie, the illest, HOEGNASTY look me up, yall probably alrdy seen my 4um posts or watever maybe u seen me bustin in game doin wat i do, get at a playa. yall already no jax is my main dude n im tired of noobs n haters disrespectin jax w this weak *** play n niggas comin at me about pickin my guide git ur early game up, get ur stacks up, reup on tht gunblade n swing u got the W jax is the 1 on 1 prince aint nobody ****in w him.

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Yo i put this junk 2nd 4 a reason. this wat gon put u 2 steps abuv thm weak *** jax w no skill tryin 2 build dorans sheild or sum bull. start **** off rite w/ ur boots then pick up hexteck revolver unless u got like 1800 bones sittin aroun then mb pick up the little gun. build that **** up to the big gun hextech gunblade n blast on em blat blat blat gun sound on them **** niggas all day tht sh*t is key 4 real. if u gon play jax rite u gon need 2 lern how 2 shoot the blade everytime tht **** is up n time it out good 2. most try 2 cop that rageblade first. forget that ****, pieces too expensive and gun is too much better u need tha lifesteal 2 stay in the lane n rape. next get rageblade. then work on ur 2nd gun. no1 nos about the 2nd gun but me tht is the secret 2 my genius. once u get 2 guns u bustin on any nigga u see. if u real hard u mite have the little gun n big gun at the same time n bust both them they dont share no cd. last 2 items are variable. if u getting blasted w magic dmg u mite get abyssal scepter a lot of times i just run w the deathcap unless sumthin is pissin me off. maybe xin's weakass ridin ur **** all game n u got ur stacks up 2300 bones layin around go ahead n cop atmas impaler mb even the hourglass 2 get ur armor up

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LISTEN UP get ur movement quints on thats all u need 2 no. 2 of those really gon help u out when u tryin 2 bust or if u gettin busted at n its time 2 dip u can ride out w no prob q to a minion or some ****. other then that obv u gon need dem dodge runes get real if u aint runnin it w dodge u shld just play some weak *** champ like malzahars cheap ***

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a lot of guides be ********tin u givin u options 4 like 4 mb even 5 spells. if u playin jax rite u aint ****in wit no spells but ignite n exhaust. empower, leap, stun ignite gunblade, u just busted so hard they gon try 2 run but they slowed n u jump 2 niggas plus u smart as hell so u runin them movement quints. 4get about runnin *******

yo nigga revision - i been playin a lot of top solo jax n teleport is pretty dope u can go b and buy ur gun then bust bot lane pick up 2 or 3 kills rite quik teleport top like **** aint even happen prob bust garens dumbass while u at it pik up the tower give me the W. dnt accidently teleport 2 the minion beside u when u about 2 bust morde thinkin u ignited him tho, that **** willr eally **** u up.

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champs u aint want it w/

Malzahar - This nigga goes hard, dont let his gay *** purple jumpsuit fool u. if u c that nigga malzahar look out 4 his ult, he still weak as **** tho bust ur ult b4 u jump his ***** ***, look 4 his ult 2 b down. ban that nigga in ranked 2.

Renekton - Real rekognize real, Run up on renekton u mite lose ya life. ren is pure power he's got 2 much health n 2 much dmg to be ********in when u 1 on 1 him. number 1 rule is dont turret dive him just because u shoved ur **** down his throat to 20 percent n hes huggin the turret like a *****. that ***** temptin as hell but dont trust that nigga he finna set u up. stun u, pop his ult, hav 1 his ***** *** teamates run up on u out the jungle, prob master yi's ****** ***. late game if u got ur stacks up u can kill both, just b careful early game on ren.

Garen - if u aint ban this punk ***** he gon solo top against u 4 sure. u cld try 2 bust him n u mite pull ahead n get 1st blood but dnt cuz tht **** aint even worth it. wait 4 the gank b4 bustin this nigga dnt bother harassn him either tht nigga will regen up NEhow just get as many last hits as u can til udyr ***s up 4 tht gaaaaaank

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Important tips

1. dont b scared 2 bust on jax. play aggressive u r hard as hell jump in jump out u ghost nigga.
2. Blast on em w ur gat
3. U aint never gon b as good as me at jax
4. do everything i say no room 4 improvement on this ****, its the best
5. if u c hoegnasty in game yall better surrender. unless im w handsp cuz that niggas weak, target his ***** *** u'll prob win
6. shoutout to my nigga varjak adriatticus kingaerel lobstrong u guys suck tho im the best i have a guide **** u lol