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League of Legends Build Guide Author arugavin

Jax,Pro build

arugavin Last updated on April 29, 2011
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Unique Skills

ok. unique of this build against others? other builds teach you to survive, this build shows you how to OWN the game. it shows you how to play offensively, it shows you how to push through all the line and make your enemies to make a helpless surrender! if you will follow my build right, you may make all other summoners hate you, and fear you.

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ok so here we are, my first build. i want to tell you that my english is really horible because iam from slovakia, so i will make this short and straight, wich is at the end best for you readers because you dont have to read all that ****:P this is mostly my 3v3 build, i dont play 5v5v too much, but this can be good for 5v5 too. but that seems i got a little much talk, lets start!

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for masteries ive chosen the ones you can see up there^. you can edit them to your style of play. jax is very flexible so you can build him on attack defence or utility as you wish. for me best build is attacker with little defence, because i like jax pushing team forward. you really need archaic knowledge and evasion. these two are the totally "must have" masteries for jax. when you will build your masteries for jax always remember he needs: ap, damage, dodge, penetratin! dont be afraid to experiment. iam not telling you to do exactly what i say but what i say is best for me. it might not be the best for you. this depends on your play style and mode you like to play.

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these items are only to show you which are good for jax. its not meant for you to buy every one in this order. ninja tabi is absolute need for jax because it gives you additional dodge chance. hextech gunblade is also good for pushing and 1vs1 or 1vs2 fights because it gives you lifesteal and spellvamp and additionaly it gives you huge counts of attack damage and ability power. all that jax uses with hes passive so it gives him about 300 helth. banshees veil is always good for him because it gives him health and its unique passive is effective against stun and high damage spells that go first. atmas impaler transforms 2% of your health to your A.D. and its really helpfull on higher levels. spirit visage gives you more helth and decreases your cooldowns so you can cast your low time spells more times in one combat. linch bane gives you attack speed and movment speed. its passive will make all your spell hit spell combos REALLY DEADLY!

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Summoner Spells

cleanse + flash combo is good for both, chasing and running. it gives you ability in combat to ignore all stuns, fears etc. and flash can bring you in or out the battle very fast, so you dont feed and make your enemyes no chance to escape! some people play jax with exhaust and heal. thats is totally wrong. why would i exhaust someone? if i wanna chase them i can still leapstrike to them or flash. if i wanna escape i can do the same. if someone else exhausts me i cleanse and show him my butt. heal is for noobs. really, why would i need that? if i build my self for life steal, i heal while killing you. also heal and exhaust can be used in early game, in late game are pretty pointless. cleanse flash is good during all the game, but you need a little practise to own with them.

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Team Work

with jax you wont need your teammates, they will need you! in teamfights try to draw enemy fire to yourself if there is no tank nearby. use counter strike to help your teammates crush your enemyes, while they are defenceless. you have insane dodge and magic resistance, use it tou make your enemyes spend theyre spells on you. also use your lifesteal to hold the line alone with low hp, while your teammates are recalling. dont be a dumb. if you will killsteal with leapstrike your team will hate you. do it only when necesarry.

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Play Style!

be carefull in the early game. there you dont have all spells and if you have they have too big cooldowns to use them more times in battle. always try to stun your enemyes with empower leap-strike counter-strike combo, even when just farming on the line. this helps you making a bigger distance between you and the enemy. BEVARE THE GANKS! thats why you should always use your cleanse flash combo to quickly escape ganks. if your flash is in cooldown you should use leapstrike(you can use it on your teammates or minions too) to exit the battle unharmed. its really good if you place some vision vards over your place so you can leapstrike on them. you are also a good ganker. if you have low health and you are being chased by an enemy you can always empower leapstrike back on them and turn the situation on your side again. watch out for enemyes with banshees veil for it will brake your empower leapstirke combo. if you spot such enemy, first leapstrike to them, than use your empower and counter strike, and wait till your leapstrike is avaiable again. use your ultimate in every combat. i has cooldown only 60 secounds so it will be avaiable again untill your enemyes respawn and encounter you again. if you fight another jax try to be the first who stuns and use all your spells at him. with lifesteal and leapstrike you can stay on the line for very long time and harass your oponents so they wont try to push your minions. this build is made for my style of play dont worry about trying something new by yourself. jax is one of the best champions and you can experiment with him untill you find the best build for you. thanks for reading please tell me your feeling about this build and rate!