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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Soadfanbob

Jax ~ Smack, Smack, Dead

Soadfanbob Last updated on October 26, 2010
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Well, this is my first build. It is a little bit different (I am aware of the lack of Rageblade). My build focuses on getting Jax just enough attack speed to be able to hit max with his ultimate and then bog the enemy down with damage and on hit effects. Jax's ultimate is very important and it is a bit of a waste to get too much attack speed if you can get it all with your ultimate.

Summoner Spells:
I use Cleanse and Exhaust. I love cleanse as an escape mechanism and to get the upper hand in a battle with heavy crowd control (being stunned in the middle of a fight, etc). Exhaust is good for chasing, fleeing, or once again getting the upper hand agaisnt a physical DPS by blinding them allowing you to get off the last few hits needed or lifesteal enough health to win back and with the mastery you hit them harder, WHAT?!?! Shiny :D. Ghost is good for escaping. Ignite is good for geting a kill. I am not a Flash pro but if you are and swear by it then by all means use it. The same with Clairvoyance.

Jax is pretty versitile when it comes to runes. I like armor pen to get more out of his hits early game. Dodge seals and quints is a must for extra stuns and less damage to you. Attack speed glyphs for that extra bit of attack speed to get your ult started up.


    Leap Strike: Leap Strike is a good initiator, chasing mechanism, running away tool, and if you get really lucky you can leapstrik onto an minion over a wall. I generally try not to use it as an initiator unless I need to because it has a long-ish cooldown (compared to his other skills early on) and I then use it to chase. It works excellent with Jax's two other skills to cause some havoc.

    Empower: Empower is a wonderful skill to put out some extra damage in teamfights, get a last hit on a minion (can no longer hit several of the lil buggers >_<;), or to harass. In my build I try to get Counter Strike maxed but if they mostly have people who won't be dodging your attacks then it is usually worth it to max Empower first. Always Empower before a Leap Strike for even more extra damage.

    Counter Strike: Jax's best skill besides his ultimate. The dodge chance gives you wonderful survivability. The stun has several uses. In a close team fight it can stun all of you enemies giving you and your allies the upper hand. It can be used to out damage another physical DPS in a 1v1. It can be used to stop a fleeing opponent long enough for the last three smacks to kill them. You just have to feel when the stun is needed.

    Relentless Assault: This is why Jax is Jax (and now his ultimate is even better :D). This enables Jax to get his attack speed to max really, really fast. Then if max attack speed wasn't enough every third hit (wich occurs almost once every second at max) hits them harder.

Most of the items in my build simply seem made for Jax.
    Ninja Tabbi: Movement speed and dodge chance, need I say more?

    Malady: Has been remade...of course... It could still be usable if you wanted. The attack speed and AP help with Jax's ulti. (Riot kinda screwed over my build, thanks :D)

    Phantom Dancer: Just enough attack speed to get your ult to max attack speed. More dodge chance, some crit chance, and movement speed to really chase and run away.

    The Black Cleaver: Amazing item for Jax. You hit way harder and since you will be attacking so fast the armor debuff will be maxed in only a few seconds meaning you hit even harder than before. GG

    Sword of the Divine: Jax is so cool he can use his own bane against his enemies. More attack speed than necessary to get you to max. On hit effect is just like another of your ult. Every eight seconds you've hit for an extra 500 damage at max attack speed. And if you are playing against someone with dodge you can hit them too, with extra armor pen.

    Last Item: Your last item should depend on the other team. Wits End if they all have mana and or are heavy casters. Blood Razors if they are beefy tank types. Another phantoms maybe for more chasing, dodging, criting, rapage. Blood Thirster for more damage and lifesteal. Frozen mallet so the never get away and makes you harder to kill :). Just whatever floats your boat.

    Early Game: I always grab boots. Speed is wonderful and it might be possible to grab an early kill by being faster than someone rushing an item :). I personally don't grab potions because I always forget about them, but I'm not playing you are. You can use Empower to harass and an Empower, Leap Strike combo is mega damage early game and could mean an early kill. Just try to stay alive to get your ult.

    Mid Game: Now it is time for insane gankage. Set up some ganks and try to get fed. Your ult should be raping and once you get some extra attack damage you will be hard to stop. Still try to stay alive because Jax really shines in late game.

    Late Game (AKA Teamfight Bonanaza...): It's mega teamfight time. You should be leading the teamfights in damage. You tear apart squishies. The armour pen and Black Cleaver rapes anyone, fast. Your stun enables you to eleminate physical dps characters quick. Sword of the Divine guarantees max attack speed. What a good game.

As I have said this is my first build, no hate please. If you vote down please comment on why and any suggestions would be great. Thanks