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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Schimm

Jax: SO much Lifesteal

Schimm Last updated on March 11, 2011
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So, Jax, yea that guy running round hitting people over the head with a lamp post. Gotta love him. Jax has had some changes made to him/to items that affect him in the past and some people think he isn't very viable anymore but, I say he totally is. I love Jax, he was one of my first champs that I played frequently. Now a days its a bit of a struggle to find the proper build for him. Some say go AP, some AD and others say go Hybrid. I was bored doing some number crunching and I came upon a build that seems to work pretty dam well. Its a Hybrid ish lifesteal build that maxes out attack speed. Basically with this build as long as your attacking something your gonna be pretty hard to kill. Obviously if your getting focused by everyone ect I'm sorry to say but, not even Jax can play god. Although, I guarantee you, play Jax enough and you'll have some pretty insane 1 v 2-5 encounters.

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Crazy DPS output
Has other damaging abilities besides auto-attacks
Bruiser (Will bash everyone's head in left unchecked)
Pretty strong early, mid and late game. Especially late game.
Really fun to play when you get some experience
Very versatile, works well with AP or AD, you can change stuff up
Has the most manly voice in all of LoL (Nasus's is awesome but, he's a dog god thing not a man)

CC =(
Doesn't have much in the way of ranged stuff's
Umm maybe its just my love for Jax clouding my vision but, I can't think of any more

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Set up

So with the runes I go Attack Speed marks because combined with items and his ult you hit a 2.5 attack speed wrecking anyone who tries to engage you in a longer fight. Dodge seals to go with his own dodge on his E and with the 9 points in the defensive masteries. The cooldown glyphs are to help make your Q and W more spamable. Finally the MS Quints are just a personal favorite of mine. You could get some flat health for early game but, I don't really ever have health problems. MS Quints just make chasing, running and just overall movement ten times better.
With the masteries I do go 21 in offense boosting your DPS, magic pen and just overall offensive power. The 9 in defense are to hit the extra dodge with the speed boost whilst dodging which happens A LOT with Jax giving you a nice speed boost very frequently. Exhaust and Cleanse are personal absolute favorite's on Jax. Exhaust against anyone is awesome for the slow if they're trying to run and lowering they're damage output. 1 v 1 Jax is an absolute monster and on top of wrecking kids you can whip out an exhaust to top it off. Its also good to pop on the other teams carry in a team fight ect. Cleanse, oh Cleanse on Jax how awesome it is. Jax's one down fall is CC. He's a melee champ. Yes his Q does close the gap but, thats it. A Jax with cleanse that knows how to use it is the most annoying thing in the world. You go to fight em and your like okay I'll use his one weakness against him, bam get CC'd Jax yea can't g (Jax Cleanses) OH S**T, kill for Jax. I believe it to be a must have.

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Item time. Ninja Tabi is a must have to go along with Jax's E. The Rageblade is awesome because it gives him AD and AP boosting his auto-attack damage, ability damage, works both ways on his passive (Jax gains 3 hp for every point of AD he gets and 2 for every point of AP) and the passive goes perfectly with his Ult making him a force to be reckoned with in long fights. I start with a cloth armor and 5 health pots because of a few things. Cloth Armor builds into a Ninja Tabi (duh), makes minion agro and enemy champ auto-attacks do less, protection against AD Champs and the 5 HP Pots makes you not have any (or at least I really hope you wouldn't) health problems in the laning phase. After the Ninja Tabi and Rageblade move onto the Hextech Gunblade. Once again gives AP and AD awesomeness for Jax along with lifesteal annnd spell vamp yay! The slow and magic damage on the unique passive is nice too. Finally get the BF Sword to Bloodthirster for a nice chunk of AD and the Starks for lifesteal and Attack Speed. Plus you just gave your team lifesteal and Health Regen, how kind you are. The 6th item slot is left for whatever is needed if you ever get this far in a game whether if be a survivability item or just some more kick *** AP, AD ect.

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So I thought I would show you all some numbers that occur with this build.

With a level 18 Jax, the runes and items. Getting the Rageblade to 8 stacks and your ult to 10 stacks you have + 188% AS. You easily hit a 2.5 AS.

Because of your items you have in between 55-65% lifesteal. Thats alot a life steal if ya ask me.

You end with +155 AD and +120 AP from items (not including your own base AD stats ect) Thats an extra 705 HP from your passive.

SO you start up a fight and after about 5 seconds of attacking you are hitting kids with 2.5 attacks a second triggering your ults extra magic damage every 3 hits almost once every second, plus your basic auto-attack (obviously) which is hitting pretty hard because of your 3 AD items while spamming your W and E which hits nicely from your 2 AP items WHILE life stealing for 55-65% and spell vamping for 20%. Your attacking so fast, hitting with physical and magic damage so hard that for the most part as long as your attacking something bringing your HP down is gonna be pretty dam difficult.

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There you have it, my kinda odd DPS, Life Steal, Hybrid build to Jax. I hope you have the same success that I do with it. Please rate and leave a comment, I don't mind criticism but, don't be to harsh I'm kinda sensitive.... just kidding lol. Happy Lol'ing everyone and to all those foes out there "Bring It On!" Jax, Grandmaster at Arms.