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Jax Build Guide by Aurievirra

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Aurievirra

Jax - Speed Build/End game/Back Door

Aurievirra Last updated on April 23, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is a guide that completely utilizes jax's speed attribute. while yes it doesn't add an extreme to damage dealt, the speed more than makes up for that. I have found it's very effective with the lifesteal and speed, because he hits so fast. unfortunatly this build makes him very squishy begginning game when ganked etc... but end game is completely worth it. for those of you who like jax's speed attribute this is the perfect build ive found. (also ninja tabi is opptional), most of the time I build berserker's greeves for even more speed. but it depends on your situation and who your fighting. Mercury Treads are also recommended for a magic resistance bonud instead of armor. Hextech Revolver is what i build for more Ability power first, however I've found that building bilgewater cutlass first can be just as effective. The end item is also optional between more attack damage and lifesteal with The Bloodthirster, or more armor and health and a slow active (This active slows all nearby champions for a duration of time) with Randuin's Omen. Personally i use the Randuin's Omen. Choosing between these weapons or armor is entirely dependent on the players/Champions you fight, or the situation you find yourself in. THIS BUILD ALSO ALLOWS A VERY POWERFUL END GAME BACKDOOR SOLO TOWER DIVE FOR QUICK AND EASY TOWER KILLS.

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This guide makes jax squishy begginning game. while yes it still allows jax easy quick ganks and the ability to easily overpower most champ 1v1. I recommend that you team fight and quick gank begginning game to power this build effectively. Stay away from high powered 1v1 star game champs until you have at least your first zeal. this build is best used as a hid and gank build start game and not an initiation build. jax has trouble initiating combat as this build is build start game as a speed carry. jax can't take the hit until he has the Hextech gunblade with alot of speed mid game or he has built some armor with Ninja tabi start game. Try to keep jax out of the enemies focus until yo approach end game. Initiating with this build will get you killed. I have worked as a subtle assassin ganker with this build and it has come to be extremely effective. This build buils jax as an assassin carry rather than a balances tank. but trust me the speed he getheres is extemely OP and makes him harder and harder to kill as the game goes on. especially when you get to the Guardian Angel for ressurection and armor. Jax becomes unpredictable and extremely dangerous end game if you can play it safe and keep him alive, ganking for kills.

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Runes are crucial for this build. While yes i realize that Marks give Jax more Speed than Seals do, i build my runes to balance out his Attack Power and Ability power. This is in consideration that jax will be building spped in game anyways. and in consideration of end game OP rather than flat rune builds. I build Greater Marks of Might for Attack Damage to get a powerful build up to end game Attack Damage. I do the the same for Ability power on my Greater Glyphs of Force. Then for extra speed i build Greater Seals of Alacrity. Finally to add a bit of armor for start game i build flat Greater Quintessence's of Resilience. This rune build is specific to help him balance out his in game speed build and has proven ver yeffective.

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For you skills i recommend grabing all three of your first abilities with Leap Strike first. then begin building up you Empower for harder hits and ignore the rest of Leap Strike until end game. After Empower you'll want the normal build of his ult at 6, 11 and 16. Begin building Counter Strike mid game. with this build you should be able to cause major damage with Empower will still grabing a stun and Leap. I activate in a sequence of Counterstrike, then empower then i Leap Strike toward my target. If you do this quickly enough your Counter Strike should go off with its stune last. this allows you the leap in and hit hard with Empower, Immediately stunning after. This causes alot of damage and disorients the enemy giving him little time to strike back. after your stun end hit jax's ult. granting armor and protction as he continues to build speed with his attacks. done right you should be able to kill the enemy or severely injure them to the point ot retreat before they have a chance to take advantage of the fact the you are squishy. Heavly armored oppenents however id wait til mid or end game to take alone like this or ganking them allowing your initiater to attack first.

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Spells are rather simple. Get Exhaust and Ghost. both of these use together or in sequence allow a squishy speedy jax either a quick escape or a ruthless chance down of a retreating target. As my saying goes "You Can't Run From The Jax", of which Ive proved countless times that champions who turn to run from Jax end up getting themselves into even more danger. Use these spells wisely saving them for a chase you can catch or escapes.

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End Guide

Tank you for tanking the time to check out my new speed guide for Jax. Please feel free to comment on this guide and even add additional seggestions to help improve the guide. And "please" keep it friendly as I realize this guide is not for everyones play style. Thank you and good luck out there. See you on the battlefield :).