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League of Legends Build Guide Author Soccerwin222

Jax: The Beefy Dps

Soccerwin222 Last updated on February 22, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This build is very exspensive as you can see so what I do is I play this build with a premade. I play it with my buddies when i know they can handle a 4v5 and then I go off and I farm. I usually just push and farm lanes till I get my first warmogs all the way farmed up and then I start ganking and helping in team fights. This strategy does many things; It keeps the enemy team under pressure whenever you push lanes. You can down towers very quickly giving your team gold. Also the enemy team has no way to judge your skill because you are never fighting them. therefore they may think they can take you one v one in a gank but trust me... They can't. Also it kinda hustles the other team. Maybe their team wins a couple team fights or someone on their team gets a little fed, so they get cocky and thats where you come in. They might try to initiate a team fight but this time your their and you can destroy their team. I have done this countless times against fed teams. They think they're going to win because I'm never around and thern they come to attack/gank us when im there and we tear them a new one. I recomend this build for anyone who normaly plays with a premade.

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Summoner Spells

Any combination of these will works really:

Flash: Flash is a great get away skill as with a good ganking spell. You can hide in bushes, flash out, and leap strike them if you get quick enough with the combo. it's very dealy, I have used it many times to get a first blood. Also it is good for tower diving. you can kill them and flash away all with only taking one hit from tower.

Ghost: Ghost is good for chasing or excaping and we have all been there when you just ganked someone and you are chasing them down and they have one hit left but you can't get them. It is the most frustrating thing ever.

Ignite: Ignite is great foer tower diving someone. Just leap strike-empower them and put ignite on their faces and boom, you got your self a kill.

Exhaust: Great one v one skill. If someone tries to gank you, you can usually take them with your exhaust. Also its good for chasing or escaping.

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Here are my reasonings behind my rune choices;

Greater Mark of Warding----Because Jax is incredibly vulnerable to magic dmg.

Greater Glyph of Focus----Good cool down reduction allows you to nuke very frequently.

Greater Seal of Evasion----Goes very good with counter strike alowing hime to stun often.

Greater Quintessence of Fortitude----good health in the beggin makes you very hard to kill and lets you stay in lane for a long time.

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With this item build you will have a nice bity of health and some good dmg. With you wartmogs it allows you to dive their team and easily tear them apart. Also if you do get fed they will have a tough time trying to focus you and your 4k hp. You should be able to easily with stand all of the AoE in team fights. The hextech will give you crazy life steal as long as another slow to counter their fleeing. Also the warmogs will be perfect for rthe farming tactic because you will be able to get max stacks on those quickly. If you can get all of these items there should be no way that you ever die.

Some situational items are.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter: If there team has alot of ghosts or anything that allow them to excape you rylais is a good choice just for chasing them down.

Trinity Force: Usually a better choice then Rylai's just because it gives you some health, a slow, and when sheen procs its amazing dmg out put. also zeal gives a small but usuful attack speed and crit bonus.

Gaurdian's Angel: It's an excellent choice if you are getting focused to much. Give you a chance to remove all agro while you revive. Then you can life steal your way back to full.

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Skills and Tips

Jax has a very powerful combo that leads to many kills. Start out by using empower and then leap striking to your opponent. You may also do this when you have a counter strike available which will allow you to do a significant amount of dmg if not killing your opponent. When I play Jax I try to gank people when there is a new creep wave for their team is coming so that when I attack them the creeps will attack me and proc my counter strike. This is very powerful in combination with cool down reduction runes. When in team fights try to not initiate and wait for everybody to blow there ults on your tank, then leap strike to their carry or their support and nuke them down. This will usually scatter their team leaving you the easy job of finishing them off one at a time.

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This build is not a hard one, just very spendy. Play it with your friends or if you know your team is good. You need them to be able to to OK in a 4v5 while you go off and farm. I hope you enjoy this build:) Please comment on any recommendations you have. Thanks.