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League of Legends Build Guide Author WarWick Pro

Jax - The Final 3v3 Master

WarWick Pro Last updated on August 17, 2010
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Alright guys this is my first build but i want to make it as simple and as easy to follow as possible.

This Jax Guide has been tested about 5-6 times and it works it mainly revolves around your MID GAME items so make sure u don't die so much in the beginning so remember.. that Jax can only be good if you don't die Early game.

Using this build has allowed me to completely demolish teams in 3v3 i usually can tank the whole team and demolish them late game and completely carry my team if u don't do good with this build there's something seriously wrong with your game play.


You want to start off with the +1 boots and health pots at first , if u are aggressive some players buy the boots and quickly run to center bot bush to get a early gank spot in bushes, i don't recommend u doing this by yourself specially since Jax is squishy in the beginning.

Once you have 500 gold town it and purchase the Dodge boots, this is mainly what triggers jax's stuns and will save u in gank fights, basicly the more dodge u have the more likely ure stun will Proc or "Activate" in a fight when dodging someone's attack.

Once You get the Dodge boots start building towards your Rageblade, this item is a very necessary item in Jax's overall build and it is really helpful late game as it works with your ultimate's passive greatly.


By this time it really depends on which item to buy first.. if your owning and getting fed quickly i suggest purchasing a B.F sword if your having problems in team fights then continue reading.

Mid Game is really what determines who's going to win the game as u finish getting ure rageblade you want to work towards getting some hp so u can soak up damage while u unleash a barrage of melee attacks on you're enemy's, i have found it very helpful to get Frozen Mallet as your 3rd item of choice as it slows you're opponents from running away and also adds a huge amount of hp to help you soak up damage.

After the Frozen Mallet u need to start building your attack damage to continue the tension on your enemy's, i suggest to go with the Black Cleaver as it stacks passives with the Frozen Mallet and will help u stop your opponent's from fleeing and with 75+ attack power and armor pen it really helps a lot.


By Now you should either be just completely destroying their team if u were able to buy the past items listed in "MID GAME" or really sucking. The end game items i usually go with a Banshees Veil if the team is being annoying with too many Slows/Stuns or if the opposing team has annoying AP Champions.

Right after u get Banshees Veil the last item is pretty much your choice .. either go for more attack or more health if you cant decide and your really stacked on gold i would go for a trinity force just because it adds a little bit of everything.

This is a picture of wat most of your game scores should look like, this was a bad game i had, you can do alot better :) higest i have gotten was 34-4 with jax in 3v3 using this build


Only Spell that i use in 3v3 is ignite and exhaust , everyone has their likes and dislikes

Flash is a good spell as well on Jax as it helps for chasing and to get away.

Heal is also a good spell if your more of a defensive type of player that likes to hold lanes longer then others.

Spells you really dont need

Rally ---- Dont need it
Promote ---- What are you level 1?
Smite ---- Jax dosent jungle
Fortify --- Only if your really defensive
Revive --- Helps in reviving but you dont need this if u play smart
Teleport --- if you like to backdoor


You Want to max out Leap Strike get that first and at level two get counter strike, this way if u get in a fight u have a stun ready.

Max out Leap Strike first since it has the highest cool-down of all your skills and at max it has a 5 sec cool down which will help you greatly in chasing enemy's.

After you max out leap strike work on your counter strike, DONT FORGET to add your points into your ultimate asoon as u get the chance to do so your ultimate will help u greatly in battles.

This is the end of this guide, hopefully you guys will now go try this on your jax and rick-roll your opponents with your new jax Super Saiyan 4.