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League of Legends Build Guide Author FuzzyBuzzy

Jax the insane | hybrid guide (with a small jungle guide)

FuzzyBuzzy Last updated on May 12, 2011
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Introduction / Laning

Jax with an insane dps build you will have almost 4k hp lategame, lots of lifesteal, damage and ability power. Jax was my first champion when i started playing League of Legends and i've played him for 6 months now and i want to share how i play jax with others. I've seen lots of jaxes online that builds horrible and i've helped many. I've never lost aginst a jax when i've played Jax myself.

I usually play jax on a lane not jungle but if you really want to jungle i got a small guide for that too. on 5v5 i go top/bot on 3v3 i go top. I don't really want to go mid with jax on a 5v5. I'd rather lane with a support or somone that can CC. I was laning with lux yesterday and that was a great combo. Karma is also great. And i love to lane with pantheon buy thats my personal opinions. Let me know what champion you think is best to lane with when playing jax in the comments

And i love Jax's untimate. Everytime you hit something with auto attacks you will get 1 stack of relentless ***ult. (max 10 stacks) which increases your attack speed and every 3rd attack will deal bonus damage

In early game just use Empower and Leap to harass and when you have gotten them to 30-50% hp wait for your Counter stirke to Proc then Empower + Leap + Counter strike then exhaust after the stun is finished this will get you a kill eventually

Jax is the solo king he can solo any champion in Late game when he got all of his items.

So hopefully my Jax experience is good enough to help many others.

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Skill Sequence

The spell combos i use is Empower then i Leap strike my target and if my Counter stripe is up i use that and stuns them. Auto attack and short cooldowns will do the rest. I use my ulti when fighting aginst mages or champions that uses magic damage. (pretty obvious but i write it anyway)

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Pros / Cons


- Very pro in early game due to his damage.
- AoE stun for team fights .
- He can get quite tanky, even though he buys damage items, due to his passive.
- If he gets fed early game, he can be unstoppable in mid-late game.
- Easy to escape with (stun and leap a friendly target) + flash
- His ulti is awesome for creep farming especially with a rageblade.
- Life steal from 10% - 100% hp in 10 sec in late game.


- Pretty useless in teamfights but his AoE stun is great.
- Mostly 1v1 champ
- No hp regen early game
- Easy killable by a mage/caster in early - mid game.

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The reason i choose 21/9/0 is because i want so much damage as possible with some survivabilty.
And i dont need Crit/More crit damage. It's also great magic and armor penetration + the extra you get from runes. I choose 9 in the defense tree for More dodge, Survivability aginst mages (magic resist) and 10% movement speed when i dodge (You will dodge alot as jax) So in late game with with all his health and lifesteal he will become unkillable. (unless 5v1 :p)

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Summoner Spells

Flash and Exhaust. Exhaust for slow/less damage on auto attack champions. You can also change Exhaust for ghost if you can handle the damage. You will have a slow from Hextech gunblade anyway.

Flash is the perfect Chase/Escape spell. Flash thorugh walls for escape and if you are a little behind a low champion use flash then leap for a kill.

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Team Work

For teamfights Jax is kinda useless but his AoE stun is awesome. In teamfights, you should just focus one at a time. Try to not start the fight then you will get focused and die fast.
Try to kite one of them a little away from others so you can 1v1 him easy. and help your team with stuns. Leap away (if possible) when low health and(or) use flash. Use Exhaust on people trying to escape or Ranged/melees that hits alot with Auto attack.

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Creeping / Jungling

You can also jungle with jax if you really want it but i don't reccomend it at all. Start with Counter strike (E Ability) Buy cloth armor and 5 health pots and go for wolfs first. when you reach level two pick empower and continue the regular jungling route. Then when i reach 3 and my smite is ready i go for blue buff. Max E ability first. Recall and buy the item that sometimes deals 500 damage to a minion on hit. And ninja tabi if you can afford it. But as i said i dont reccomend jungling on Jax, but you might like it. When you get your ulti you can kill all almost all creeps in the jungle. (i usually kill dragon in lvl 6-7) i use heal and smite for jungle summoner spells and 9/21/0 for masteries.
GL and HF to all Jax junglers :)

The build i use for jungling is Ninja tabi, Madreds blood razor, Guinos rageblade, Hectech gunblade and Rylais crystal scepter

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Items / Alternative items

The reason i pick my items is as follows:

Ninja tabi: For the dodge. 12% dodge is awesome and you will dodge alot with this.

Guinos's Rageblade: This item is so great with his Ultimate it stacks every time you use an Ability or auto attack and it gives you Ability power and damage each stack. And because of his passive his Maximum HP will increase for each stack (max 8 stacks)

Hextech Gunblade: This is one of the items i love most in the game. Its Life steal, Spell vamp, Lots of AD , lots of AP and A use effect that slows the target and deals 300 magic damage!

Rylais Crystal scepter: More slow + HP for survivabilty. Each ability you use on a target will slow them.

The Bloodthirster: More lifesteal and Damage. Try to stack it up fast and dont die for max Damage.

Lich bane: Perfect item. You get the extra movement speed you need for chasing and you hit alot with Leap + Empower because of the passive of lich bane its insane. You also get some magic resist and because of talents you get alot together with ultimate.

Alternative items:

Rabadons deathcap instead of lichbane. More AP nothing more.

Sword of the divine instead of Lichbane. (Sword of the devine is awesome with his utli ever 3 attack hits extra but with this every 3 and 4 attack deals more damage. Pretty good for AD jax.

Atmas Impalier: This is very good to buy in late game because of you passive.
Atmas makes 2% of health into attack damage and because of his passive he makes the damage into health which makes the health into damage. so it goes like Health->Damage->Health->Damage->health-> damage. Pretty OP item in late game. I only but this when im playing aginst hardcore nukers and i die alot.

Some people have asked me about Phantom dancer on jax and Trifoce. well i think Phantom dancer is useless on jax because you dont need crit and attack speed. you got alot of attack speed already from your Ulitmatimates passive. I don't like triforce because it give little of everything but not enough so i'd rather buy other items.

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So as jax try to lane with a support / CC champion use Empower + Leap to harass, Last hit minions for extra gold. Follow the build i made and have fun pwning noobs! :) Thanks alot for reading my guide and Please comment and rate the build! i'd like to hear feedback since i made this build from my own experience and all i have written came from my brain :p. Negative feedback is just as good as Positive feedback. I know i might be wrong some places but that wil be edited if its true. :)

Very sorry if i spelled something wrong let me know if you find anything wrong you want me to change.

Good luck to all jaxes out there:)

-FuzzyBuzzyzz level 30 EU servers

PS: i will make a ranked match guide very soon.