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League of Legends Build Guide Author monk62341

Jax - The Late Game Tyrant

monk62341 Last updated on September 26, 2010
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Jax - The Late Game Tyrant

Jax is an amazing late game character. Don't get cocky though. If you choose to play Jax, you have to realize he is incredibly squishy in the beginning. I'm a rather aggressive player and I chase a bit too much so I usually end up with quite a few deaths that I then make up for late game. In the hands of a patient player though, this build is strong. I have gone 15/4/11 with this build before, it is possible with patience. Also, don't let the low health shown by the calculator put you off it is actually much higher than it appears thanks to Jax's innate ability that gives him 3 health per point of attack damage from items and 2 health per point of ability power from items. So his actual health is more in the range of 2800.


Not many people start with Counter Strike when playing Jax. I encourage personal preference but I will say that once your dodge chance is fairly high you will pull off some sick combos. Many times have I been one hit away from death, the enemy will launch off their last possible range shot and I have been lucky enough to dodge it and get away. Also when being chased by a faster character, being able to stun them gives you that extra room to get away.
So I build Counter Strike first and then Leap Strike, while adding points to my ult when I can, and finish with empower. Again personal preference, but I stack empower last because it won't help in chasing down those fleeing champions, but it is great late game when they want to try and gank you.


So this is where personal preference really comes in. With this line up of items there are a couple of different ways you can buy this item sequence. I originally started with Hextech Revolver for the spell vamp since Jax runs out of mana early on, and wouldn't get Wit's End until after Tiamat. --side note, I use Tiamat in most of my melee builds because when you lane and the enemy runs you can turn around and kill all their minions before they decide to try again. It is kind of my counter to hit-and-run players-- Now I have Wit's End as my first item. I chose to rush Wit's End because my biggest weakness were mages like Zilean and range characters like Miss Fortune. By rushing Wit's End, I up my attack speed and use their own mana against them. Combo it with Hextech Revolver's spell vamp and you make it hard for those characters to stay one on one. Tiamat's placement is solely so that when you go to buy the final product it is not like 2000 gold. I believe in upgrading items as often as possible, which is why so many items are on the list. Every little bit helps.


As I said before, Jax is incredibly squishy early game and you could very well die a lot early and even some mid game. However, that only goes to help you late game once every one thinks you just suck and they get careless and then very surprised.
I feel Jax is a top or bottom lane character. He can mid, but that makes him so vulnerable to characters like Ashe and Miss Fortune. Team with an ally and you will do pretty well. Late game you can solo all you want because the other team will have a hard time killing you.
Use your surroundings. Because of Leap Strike, bushes are your best friend. If you are laning with an ally and the enemy hasn't seen you, you can hide in a bush while they go in to get your buddy, leap on them for a good amount of damage, Empower for some decent splash, and, if you're lucky, use Counter Strike to stun them if they tried to fight back and missed.
In a chase always remember that Leap Strike and Counter Strike make a deadly combo. If you are chasing often minions will fire at you and miss, giving you 7 seconds to get close enough to Counter Strike. Leap Strike, Counter Strike, Empower. 1 v 1 doesn't get much more unfair.

Well thanks for looking at my build. This is my first one published ever so I'd love to hear constructive feedback. I know not all my item choices are the best, but I believe in playing for the fun of it and these choices reflect gameplay I enjoyed. I encourage everyone to create their own builds whether they publish them or not. To win with your own personal build makes the game so much more worthwhile. Thanks again and keep playing.