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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kristofer1020

Jax, The Life Steal King

Kristofer1020 Last updated on May 13, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey everyone, this is my guide to Jax. Now a lot of you say "This build isn't good because it doesn't have Hextech or Gunblade". Which yes they may help in a different type of build, but for this build they don't. I have played Jax for a really long time now and I used to get all the junk on him. Then i started thinking about what kind of build I can make for him and improve your guyses Jax experience. I've researched much about Jax and how he works all around. Until you actually see this build in action, you may think its not good. I've suggested people to look at this build after they play a match with me to see what they think of it. If they don't like it, I tell them to be honest. I ask of them to comment and vote. Most of them think its a good build and they give me a thumbs up, but others don't. If your here because I asked you to look at it. Then you might have already played with me while i was using this build. If your here because you saw it in a suggested list or somewhere else, then I'm glad you choose to look here. This build is very good. If you have any questions about this build message me in game or on this. In game name is same as the name on this build. (Kristofer1020) Thanks for all your feedback and I hope this build can get to the top and get people to play the real Jax carry. Read on to learn more about Jax.

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The runes for Jax are not really questionable. Magic Penetration marks (Red) Dodge Seals (yellow) Attack Speed Glyphs (blue) and Dodge Quints (brown). These runes are the basic runes that help Jax the most during the game play. The magic penetration marks help your Leap Strike and Empower. The dodge seals and quints help your Counter Strike by making you dodge more, therefore making you able to stun your enemy more. Attack Speed Glyphs help your attack speed; obviously; and since you get a lot of life steal in this build it makes you able to steal more health faster, making it harder for you to die. Thats why i feel these runes are the best runes to pick for Jax.

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The farming part of Jax is pretty easy to do. Just follow these steps and you will we a great Jax.


On a 3v3 map I like to grab solo lane if at all possible. In solo lane 3v3 with Jax you can pretty much take anybody that tries to solo against you. Combo your summoner spells along with your jump and stun and by level 3 you should have a kill. What i like to do by level 6 or 7 is jungle the top of the map to get some money and level. Get drag if you have enough health (3/4) when done jungling the top. From there on just get your items in the right order and your pretty much set to go for the rest of the game. Look for ganking opportunities through out the game.

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For the masteries i go defensive. When i first started playing Jax i went in the offense tree because i figured more offense would help him. But really defensive masteries help him the most by keeping him alive and making him able to own late game.

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Some people say its stupid to get life steal with Jax. Its so dumb... Blah Blah Blah. Dont say anything about the build until you have actually tried it yourself. Jax with life steal and some tanky items is good to get with him. After i get my blood thirster with him i sell my Doran's Item and that allows me to get the rest of my build.

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Skill Sequence

This section is pretty easy to explain for Jax. Theres not much to talk about really. I get empower all the way up just because it does more damage early game and it doesn't really change much. To be honest, the skill order doesn't exactly matter as long as you are upgrading either your jump or your empower and get 1 point in your stun before level 6. Besides that you don't necessarily need to upgrade your spells in any kind of specific order. I get them the way i have posted above my items at the top and it works very well, but it can be interchangeable.

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Summoner Spells

The reason i get the summoner spells i do is to set you up for a kill in the solo lane in 3v3. If your going vs. someone squishy it works very well. You pop both your summoner spells on the guy and jump to him. By then hes more then half dead and you just auto attack (Jump if necessary).

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Creeping / Jungling

Jungling with Jax is unique and needs to be used wisely. You never start the game jungling with Jax, not like you would with a Warwick or Nocturne. On the 3v3 map Twisted Treeline jungling can be used effectively if you are solo lane. Some people don't like when Jax is the solo lane but i personally love to solo as Jax. If you are vsing someone squishy like Twisted Fate or Teemo or people along those lines, then it is really easy to force them out of experience early game and get over their level. You can always rely on your team for calling mia, so you should watch and check every once in a while for that. If you see someone mia, there is no need to freak out and run all the way back to your turret unless you are low on health. You can jump to your own minions and that helps a lot if you keep that in mind. (Not just minions you can jump to your own team mates too if you are close enough to do so). Jax solo lane is pretty much an easy ride through 3v3 and you get to be able to carry the game easier. If you can get a few kills before you start jungling that is the best thing to do. Make sure you also look for possible ganks while you are soloing to try and possibly get fed. If everything is going well, by level 6-8 you can start jungling the top jungle. You want to make sure you watch and make sure the enemy team doesn't get the jungle before you. By level 8-10 (Depending on what items you have by then) you should be able to solo the dragon. Make sure your team doesn't help you so that you don't get ganked by the other team. If your whole team is mia around level 10 they are gonna know that you are going for dragon, so be careful. Getting the dragon with Jax is really easy because of the life steal you have. If at all possible you don't want to use your mana on the little jungle's in the top so you can get the dragon after you are done jungling the rest. Once you get the drag if you don't need to go back, and the buff is still there try and get the red buff thats in the middle of TT. (Twisted Treeline) The red buff helps a lot with Jax and you can do even more damage. Follow these steps and you will be a great Jax.

I will update this when i learn more on the 5v5. For now enjoy your time owning every 3v3 you join. :D

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If you follow this build and read all the stuff I'm suggestion to you guys then you will be a very successful Jax. If you have any questions at all about this build just contact me anyway you would like. My name on here is the same name as my in game name. (Kristofer1020) I love to hear from you guys so if you would like to comment and vote for me that would be great. I hope you guys find this build good and helpful to you. If you would like to suggest anything to me then just leave a comment suggesting whatever you would like.