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Jax the speed

champions Last updated on May 1, 2011
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Jax is melee bruiser and a dps. he is hard in the beggining(young game) but easy to play at the end of the game(late game). He is very strong 1x1 but he cant destroy trindamere or nocturne so easy.Jax is a hybrid, that means that he uses as AP as AD. I will tell you what i did to play this champion well.

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Go defensive masteries. I used to go offensive, but in the tanky-dps metagame you simply can't afford to give up what defensive masteries offer. The extra dodge and extra movement speed on dodge is wonderful, and the extra AP and AS work well too. Strength of Spirit is surprisingly useful for staying in the lane longer. Basically, just take defensive masteries, you'll be glad you did. 9/21/0 is the way to go, making sure to grab the spell pen and CDR from the offensive tree.

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As for runes, you can either go with ArP marks, magic pen marks, or attack speed marks, just based on personal preference. For Seals, dodge synergizes really well with your E, so those are a necessity. For glyphs I chose flat AP, for an early game damage and health boost, the bonuses of which outweigh an extra 5.85% CDR. For quintessences I have recently begun using dodge quints, which has been way better than flat health. I start the game with 12% dodge just from runes and masteries, and by the end of the game you're up to roughly 40% dodge, which is sweet. Plus, you still start the game with 700 health if you went defensive masteries, my runes, and a dorans ring.

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Summoner Spells

These are the summoner spells I find myself most often using, although I almost always use flash and cleanse.

Flash: Perfect for escaping through walls, flashing to get off that extra leap, just an all around good summoner spell.

Cleanse: Good for getting rid of annoying blinds, stuns, exhausts etc. It's saved my life countless times.

Exhaust: This makes it impossible for another melee character to 1v1 you, and makes it a lot easier to catch up to people when they start to run away.

Ghost: Sweet for chasing, running away, getting places faster. I usually switch between this and flash depending on my mood, hell sometimes I grab both.

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Pros / Cons

:nice pusher
:can easily kill
:hava high dodge chance

:dosent makes AoE damage
:easy to kill
:hard to farm

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Items To Consider

I find myself deviating from this build based on necessity. Here are some items I often find myself buying.

Malady: The new malady is actually pretty good for jax. 25 AP and 50% Attack speed are nice, but it's passive is great. It shreds enemy magic resistance, so if you find that your enemies are building some magic resist, this is a good buy. Another item to consider if they're building magic resist is a Void Staff, good AP and it makes 40% of their magic resist go away.

Hexdrinker: If enemy casters are wrecking you, Hexdrinker is a nice cheap option. At 1800 gold it gives 35 attack damage and 30 magic resist, as well as a shield that has saved my life on numerous occasions. Other good magic resist items for Jax are Banshee's Veil, Wit's End, and Quicksilver Sash. The Sash is an often overlooked item, but i love it. It gives you essentially a third summoner spell, a Cleanse, which is incredibly useful in getting rid of stuns and slows that can result in your death, while also giving you 48 mr.

Sword of the Divine: This is a nice cheap item that can be extremely helpful, but is also situational. The only time i find myself buying a sword of the divine is if the enemy team has a ton of exhausts, or champions that can blind, such as teemo.I ****ing hate teemo. The active ability to hit without fail is a lifesaver, it can allow you to kill that teemo even if he blinds and exhausts you. Otherwise, you don't really need it.

Phantom Dancer: This item used to be good for jax because it added 20% dodge. A recent patch, 12/14/10 changed it so that it no longer gives that dodge chance. Do not get phantom dancer. The Attack speed, crit, and movement speed are all nice but because it no longer has that dodge, it's more worth your while to get Lichbane.

Trinity Force: Great item. Terribly expensive, but great. It gives everything, health, mana, crit, move speed, AD, AP, just everything. It has a chance to slow on hit and a damage boost after using a spell. Buuuuut I like lichbane better because it gives a huge damage boost that you need for late game. But this item is still pretty sweet.

Nashor's Tooth: Good AP item for auto-attackers.55% attack speed, 55AP, and mana per 5. The 25% CDR is awesome. I usually get this if I feel like I have time to get off a lot of auto-attacks.

Atma's Impaler: I always thought this item was kind of useless, but I've been experimenting with it lately. Once I have every item up to and including my Rylai's, I have over 3k health. So the damage boost from atma's along with the extra crit and armor is extremely useful, and if you find the other time building magic resist I would reccomend buying this item and maybe an abyssal scepter to counteract that.

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Team Work

Tell your team-mates to push sides or the middle, so jax can go destroy the lanes tower in peace.
You can also quicly kill an enemie champion when he is at low level, a stun might help you.
Jax is always the last one entering the fight, so he can finish the mages and next the otehr fighters. This way is the most successeful thing to get a triple, quadra or penta kill.
Jax have combinations, he can combine with rammus, becouse of his taunt, with evelynn, by her precious stun, with sona and soraka, so he can be healed fast. Remember to have a good team, if you are premade you must have 2 TANKS,2 FIGHTERS and 1 MAGE. To have an balenced team.

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Ranked Play

Ranked play will get a little hard with jax, becouse he is 1x1 and without AoE damage ( area damage). This build is so effective as in ranked game as in normal game, becouse its all the same thing. Just go ranked with jax if you really are a pro or you dont have anything else to play

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Well I hope this helps all the Jax's out there. Play smart, and you can kill the Lord Ruler himself.( Reference to Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn series,if you haven't read it go do so :D) I will try to get a video of some gameplay up, to show the raw power of leap-empower. Please, rate or comment, tell me how it worked for you, I absolutely adore getting feedback.

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Thank you

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