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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Flux7777

Jax, the Survivable Hybrid

Flux7777 Last updated on October 27, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Utility: 4

Summoner spells:
Ghost: I personally love this one. Its great for getting into and out of fights, as well as tower defence or backdooring. Substitutable with flash or teleport. Bottom line, you need a movement spell to be a good assassin.
Exhaust: Jax has little CC, his stun only works very close to enemies, and getting a frozen mallet early just doesnt help him enough. In a 1 v 1 (jungling or Ganking) it helps getting jax's attack speed up, while an enemy Physical dps (yi, warwick, olaf) is blind. Once jax gets his attack speed up, he is unstobbable in 1 v 1. Substitutible with ignite (ONLY vs a squishy team. doesnt benefit him much.) or Smite (if jungling)

There are two possible tasks this build can perform:
Laning: Early game, Jax is a great nuker, especially vs ranged champions. Charging up a stun, hitting empower then leap results it huge damage. Stunning the target will allow jax to get away unharmed, or finish them, depending on the champion. Mid game is where jax must be careful. With this build, his mid game is slightly weaker than normal. He does not yet have enough attack speed or damage to hold off enemy assassins or casters. Leaping in and out of team fights is the way to go here. Late game is where jax reaaly excells with this build. Once rageblade and gunblade are complete, he can take on whole teams, maybe even kill one or two, until the rest of the team arrives. His huge movement speed allows him to backdoor easily, and escape before enemies realise. Being a hybrid allows him to take out most champions, eg Rammus with his magical attacks or galio with his autoattacks. Jax becomes quite tanky, even with only 2600 health, purely because on the lifesteal and spellvamp provided by hextech gunblade. Even with the active on jax's ulti, it is advisable to avoid casters like Annie or Malzahar. Magic has always been jax's weakness. If the enemy team has some uber cc, consider getting merc treads, sacrificing the extra dodge for survivability.
Jungle: To jungle with jax, Smite is a must, and go for either bilgewater cutlass or wriggles lantern first. Your first skill should be empower, or counter strike if you're feeling lucky. Whichever you choose, spam the **** out of it in the jungle. Jax can tele and get back quick with ghost. Start with lesser golems or wolves, grab lizard as soon as you can and head for a gank. If done right, you are guarenteed a kill or assist.

I like the idea of matching my Quints to my other runes. It means i get 3 really strong stats. If you dont like this, try flat health or dodge on quints. Armour or magic pen also work on marks. Stick with dodge on seals. For glyphs you can do almost anything. I prefer cooldown reduction late game because it lets me nuke more with the W + Q combo much faster, but virtually anything will work here. Just dont go ability power. IMO, ability power runes are a waste. Just my opinion though.

Phantom dancer and frozen mallet, along with Jax's leap make him a great chaser. Frozen mallet gives him plenty of extra health, which stacks into atmas impaler, which also causes diminishing returns with his passive. Rageblad stacks perfectly with his ulti, boosting both attack speed and ability power as he accelerates. Hextech gunblade is what makes this build so survivable. The combined lifesteal and spell vamp keep him alive in big battles, even if he is blinded, leap will feed him health until it wears off. Ninja Tabi. Duh.

Before everyone starts flaming, the reason I go with 4-22-4 materies is because i dont particularly like getting the additional experience, and i dont think the extra cooldowns are neccessary. If you really dont like this settup, rather go with 9-21-0, and get the magic pen. I really like defensive masteries on jax, because they are really good for farming, which is very important for any carry.

Things to remember: All builds are dependant on situation, Jax is squishy against nuking casters, Dont try to take on whole teams unless you're fed well, if twitch interupts your farming, interupt his life(you are already at max stacks on you ulti. You will most likely dodge one of his attacks, use empower + leap then counter. He is usually dead by now.) and lastly, BF swords are NOT neccessary to deal huge damage with autoattacks.

Sidenote: This build also works really well on akali if you swap the impaler with rylai's and the ninja tabi for merc treads.