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Jax General Guide by charlot1993

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League of Legends Build Guide Author charlot1993

Jax The Ultimate Hybrid Carry

charlot1993 Last updated on October 17, 2011
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Allright. This is my first guide so please dont hate! :) . Anyways Jax has always been my favorite champion because of his abilities and obviously his crazy passive. This is why i decided to do a build for him. I have been trying a lot of builds on him but each one i tried seemed to lack in 1 or more categories ex : (low armor) (low health) (low dmg) (cc vulnerable) etc. This is why i decided to create a build of my own that i think is the best for jax. Hybrid jax in my opinion is the way to go.

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Pros / Cons

Pros :

Incredible late game damage
4k + life end game
Hard to counter (he is hybrid)
Not vulnerable to CC (Quick silver sash)
Has an Awesome dance!

Cons :

Somewhat weak early game sustenance
A bit mana hungry early game

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This part of the build is pretty similar to any good hybrid jax build. So u go 21/9/0 by picking up Archaic Knowledge and of course Evasion and Nimbleness in defense.

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Lets talk about his runes.

First of all Jax is pretty flexible in his runes. For his marks he can go Armor Pen and or Magic Pen and Attack Damage. Its pretty much personal preferences.

As for the seals, the dodge seals are a must! it gives you some much more dodge percentage which gives you way more stun in team fights and much more sustenance.

For the glyphs, i find that the Magic resist per level works really good with him since it really helps your magic resist late game.

And finally the Quintessences are either dodge again for the same reason as the seals or flat attack damage.

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Unique Skills

His skills are really unique and has different uses :

The most common combo is the fact that he can W + Q to jump someone.

Another good use of his W is less known. Its the fact that u can last hit a creep really easy while auto attacking after using W. This technique is really useful since his W only costs 20 mana.

Another use that a lot of people know is the fact that the leap strike can jump to target allies, minions, wards and even teemo's mushrooms!

His third ability is his AoE stun. A lot of people think its only a stun but don't forget that it does a considerable amount of damage.

Next lets talk about his ult.

His ult is what makes Jax so powerful the longer the fight goes. The most powerful part of his ult is his passive. each time he attacks his next attack will attack faster. So its kind of an acceleration. Secondly, there's the active part of his ult that is less useful but not to be neglected! His active gives him more magic resistance and this bonus is further increased by his dodge chance. This active runs for a couple of seconds and can really save ur life from any nuke/mage combo. (Annie, Brand, Anivia, Leblanc) etc.

And finally lets not forget his awesome passive!!!!!!!!!!!!

His passive is one of the best passive in the game. It gives him the opportunity to build crazy damage items while gaining health in the process! He gains 3 HP for every bonus AD he has and he gains 2 HP for every bonus point of AP he gains.

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Summoner Spells

These summoner spells are in my opinion the best on Jax.

Flash : This skill is a must on pretty much every champion, it's the best summoner spell in the game so why not use it ?

Teleport : really good spell as this build is more of a solo top guide so u need to defend that turret by urself.

Other good choices :

Ignite : To finish off that guy u could not hit one last time.

Exhaust : To make sure you win that 1v1 fight against that other DPS in their team.

Ghost : To catch up that running bastard (Master Yi, Nidalee, Udyr, Singed) etc.

Clarity : If you really can't stand having no mana.

Cleanse : good if u hate using quicksilver sash

Bad choices :

Heal : (Really?)

Revive : (If your using a summoner spell by thinking you will die your stupid!)

Smite : (Your not a jungler!)

Fortify : (... only viable on taunt champions (rammus, galio shen...))

Rally : (Really...???????? worst summoner spell in the game)

Clairvoyance : (your not a support)

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Ok lets talk about the items!

First of all i mentioned to pick up a Doran's blade first. Actually any Doran's item works. You can start with boots and 3 health pots too. In my opinion the best is the Doran's blade because it helps you build up that passive and you will start with a **** load of health at level 1 its ridiculous. After that when u back for the first time buy some boots of speed + 2 max Doran's Blade. Those 2 extra Doran's Blade will give you so much more health

The next item is the boots. Ninja tabi's where basically made for Jax since it's the only item in the game to give you dodge! That's not all they give you armor and they have the lowest cost of all the boots.

Next up is the Hextech Gunblade. So this item is pretty much essential to any hybrid champion since it gives you bonus AD, AP, Life Steal, Spell Vamp and a underestimated Passive that slows and deal damage so you can catch up that ***** champion!

Alright the next item is the Wit's End. This item took me time and time to choose between this one or the Malady, the Guinsoo's Rageblade, Sword of the divine and the Nashor's Tooth. i decided the Nashor's Tooth is the best choice since it gives you good attack speed to build up your ult faster and it gives you AP CDR and even mana regen. Now let me explain why i didnt choose the other ones.

Nashor's Tooth : Good attack speed ,gives cdr, mana regen, Ap. Freaking good item but extremely expensive considering this build is not the cheapest either.
Guinsoo's Rageblade : good attack speed, gives AP but you need to build up like your passive which takes time so i don't like it.
Sword of the divine : crazy attack speed but not so great passive
Malady : its a good item but it lacks magic resist

So i decided to pick up Wit's end.

Next up is the Warmog armor to give you a **** ton of health

After, you get the Atma's Impaler. Now this item is godly on Jax for 3 reasons.
1. Since you have a Warmog Armor the Atma's passive will work well with the bonus life of the Warmog and the other bonus life from the other items you got previously because of your awesome passive!
2. Since the Atma's gives youy bonus AD depending on your life the passive will give you even more life since the Atma's gave you a ****load of AD!!
3. And finally It gives you good Armor and some critical strike chance!!!

And last but not least, get the guardian angel which is very good since it can revive you and it gives you good armor and magic resist.

Oh i almost forgot. get all 3 elixir's afterwards since it builds your passive!!!!!

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How to play

Early game :

Early game is Jax weakness. Although you can jump on peoples head a lot and do some damage that's pretty much the only thing you can do until you hit level 6. Don't forget to play safe in this zone since you don't want to affect the your awesome mid and late game!!

Mid Game :

I consider mid game when you have hit level 6. When you hit level 6 is where Jax begins to shine. The more in combat you are the more damage you do. The items that makes you really explode is when you complete your first 2 core items. The Hextech Gunblade and the Wit's End. Because you will do crazy damage really really fast. Since at full acceleration of your ult you will attack at a speed of over 2.1!

Late Game :

Late game is Jax playground. If you ever achieve it you will laugh since you can pretty much 1v3 and if your fed 1v5 the whole team!!! you will be UNSTOPPABLE!

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In conclusion. This builds pretty much covers anything a good Hybrid carry should be : great dmg (AD,AP), great AS, great survivability, great resists(armor, magic) etc.

Oh and i have tested this build a couple times in team games and it works really nicely.

If you ever get to the point where you will have Baron's buff, got all 6 items and you got the 3 elixir's check your health pool and laugh it close to 5000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally, if you read all of this i must thank you from the bottom of my heart it really means a lot to me. Thank you.

Don't hesitate to +1 vote this guide please!!


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