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League of Legends Build Guide Author TheToz

Jax - Watch out! LaMpPoSt on ur HeaD

TheToz Last updated on November 27, 2010
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Hi all,
This is my Jax build, I like to play him half AP half atk dmg and a little bit tanky.

Good things with that build:
-lot of dodge
-more resistence if ganked by 2 or 3 or 4 enemies (sometime i kill them all and survive)
-nice dmg and if its mixed between AP and atk dmg you dont have to worry if someone as a lot of phy or mag def
-nice escaping enemies hunter

Weak points of that build:
-can be difficult to kill quickly high HP tanks
-your atk speed has to stack a bit before having an amazing dmg output

Yeah i like to have some HP more than my passive gives me because i like turret diving and turret raping (dont know if its correct in english: I mean killing a low healt enemy in turret even with others enemies close to him) and i can be rly aggressive.

Summoner Spells:
-Ignite: I like that to finish enemies that would escape and for support while turret diving and (I'm not sure about that info in the case I'm wrong please correct me) with overfeeded lifesteal strong enemies (could be master Yi or Warwick), I reduce their healing by half.
-The other spell its by your own way, feel free to take the one u usa better.
-Dodge runes: well, its Jax best weapon -> more dodge=more resist=more stun
-Atk speed runes: thats more dps but more important to stack with your ulti and guinsoo rageblade quicker

Masteries: I 9 points on def just to have the two dodge bonuses (nibleness help a lot to follow and get running enemies and sometimes to run away) and the rest on offence to have the max dmg output (I put the masteries on the typical caster 9 offence masteries+ the other cuz I like to have good mixed dmg)

Skill build:
I max Leap Strike for first mainly for the great cooldown reduction (only 5 sec at lvl 5 to get running enemies and to added dmg in fight (at lvl 1 the cooldown its really high)) then Counter Strike or Empower its you choice, i like Counter Strike to have more dodge and more magic dmg but you can go for empower too. Obviously upgrade Relentless Assault when you can (love that skill, enemies tend to understimate that but they gonna have a surprise XD)

Item build:
I begin with Doran shield because its usefull early: HP armor and HP regen. (its low but nice) helps you to stay in a lane longer.
try to stay in the lane as long as you can and go back only to buy you ninja taby and ur first piece of guinsoo (I use to take blasting wand).
When you get ur guinsoo, you will be a lot stronger, this item is made for Jax.
Then you need a Phantom Dancer, that you should buy easyly with the gold you are earning from you killing spree XD. Phantom Dancer works a lot for Jax thx to thx to atk speed (ulti and guinsoo stacking quickly), DODGE and mov speed.
Then a great item its the Hextec Gunblade: you get AP atk dmg a nice active life steal and spell vamp! spell wamp is awsome if there are more enemies or minions: with Empower and Counter strike you will Aoe and spell vamp heal you a lot.
The others items are only if the game goes late on usually i dont get it.
I like to go Atma's then and the remaining could be Infinity Edge Banshees Frozen Mallet or what else. If there are many tanks and mages, Madred could be better than Phantom.
Well this is how I like to play Jax (sometimes I go AP for fun maybe I will write a guide fot that too XD).
Any kind comment or critic is welcome