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League of Legends Build Guide Author anglerman

Jaxsie Jax

anglerman Last updated on October 22, 2010
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Hello everyone, this is my first build here.
I've been trying to find what works best for Jax since I bought him several months ago, searching around for that one build that uses his full potential and I finally got it.

Jax is pretty viable after last patch, you might want to try this just for fun once and see it actually can work pretty well, making you that unexpected pseudo-offtank that can do a lot to your team. Note that you'll actually reach a lot more health than 3000-something from Mobafire's calculations.

For Masteries I like the +gold one from Utility because there are so many essential items for this that need to be build fast, but feel free to use what whatever else that includes Nimbleness.

Well, with this build, you start literally rushing for Madred's (recall as soon as you have the money) because you need that 15% chance to finish off a minion since your early game will be very slow.

Play passivelly, still; only Leap on enemies when you're sure you can escape if they manage to get you to low health (not very hard until level 6), which means: Flash not on cooldown or minions behind you waiting to be jumped at. Don't worry for early game kills, don't turret dive, build a Tabi, don't think you can do much for now. Focus only farming until you get your Tiamat (which I usually start by building Rejuvenation Bead -> Faerie Charm -> Pickaxe -> Longsword on this order).
Now with it you receive a 126 bonus for health due to Jax innate, which isn't much but starts to help you out a little.

Luckly you'll be around level 7 or 8. Things start to get a little dependant on your/your team's performance.
Got some kills? Go for Giant's Belt.
Having a hard time to stay in lane? Go for Regrowth Pendant.
Finish of your Warmog's (before you call me crazy, it's changed after the last patch, it now gives you around 900 health as soon as you build it. Considering the maxed effects, it will give you enough health to reach more than 4000 on level 18) Farm minions like crazy and you'll max it fast.

And then the fun begins! People don't expect so much health on carries; what can kill you fast with Madred's Bloodrazor will have to attack you physically, which means dodge -> stun -> YOU HAVE SLAIN AN ENEMY.
Get Atma's Impaler now. Start with Cloak of Agility if your armor from Madred's and Tabi is enough for now or if the enemy team has more casters, otherwise, Chain Vest.
Atma's is probably my favourite item on this build. It gives Jax a loop between health and damage, and the main reason to get a Warmog's.
(It's also very viable getting Atma's before Warmog's if your health is above 2000 by the time you finish Tiamat, as 2000 health = 40 damage = + 120 health from innate = + ~2 damage = + 6 health.)

Well, now it's up to you, really. Most teams do a /surrender after you ace them and still manage to keep around 1k health and is moving to their inner turrets, but getting a Recurve Bow now if the game hasn't ended is essential, as your attack speed is pretty low. You might even want to replace Tiamat for something to aid your attack speed but I enjoy the splash now that Jax's Empower doesn't do AoE anymore.

Score some double kills, finish the Bloodrazor, aim for triples now, Pickaxe, pentakills, Wand, Gunblade, Victory.