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League of Legends Build Guide Author VeryShwetty

Jayce Season 3 Post-Nerf Carry Guide-Top Ranked-Tips, Tricks

VeryShwetty Last updated on July 30, 2013
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This guide is dedicated to . I have played several hundred games of purely . Despite his nerfs he is still one of the strongest champions in the game. I will give a detailed laning guide, along with tips on itemization and tricks against certain matchups. There won't be many pictures, but it should be easy enough to see key subjects you are looking for.

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Lane Matchups

top is neutral, meaning he has no true counters, though there are some champs that he is very strong against, and some he is less strong against. He is very strong against melee range champions since he is ranged and switching to his hammer form gives you bonus armor, a jump, and a knockback that deals percent damage.

is strongest against:


is weak against:


(Due to a bug)

You may have noticed that all the champs he is weak against generally have high sustain. Early on, before can get his tear, champions that can outsustain his poke and harass can easily beat him.

has decent mana costs, but against champions like cho'gath, irelia, elise, and nasus. he can't waste all of his mana on harassing them or he will quickly run oom. This makes him vulnerable to ganks and could cause you to lose your lane.

Champions like renekton, riven, and kennen, are arguably the hardest lanes however, since many of their abilities make it easy to dodge your poke and turn to fight while it's on cooldown. Always think about the opposing champion's kits before picking jayce into them.

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Masteries And Runes

For Masteries it is common to go 21/9/0 making use of the armor penetration and attack damage they offer you as well as the 9 points in the defensive tree give you extra health and armor in the start to help you survive early on.

9 Greater Mark of Attack Damage
9 Greater Seal of Armor
9 Greater Glyph of Magic Resist
3 Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

These runes give you extra AD for last hitting and farming which is very important early on as well as improving your AA harass.

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A good start for jayce against any opponent is 1 Faerie Charm, 1 ward, 4 health pots, and 2 mana pots. The Faerie charm is essential to keep his mana from being depleted early and the ward and pots keep him in lane.

First Back:
On Jayce's first recall, you should always buy a tear of the goddess. While the time it takes to charge it was nerfed, you can charge it by 30 minutes or less if you constantly spam spells in the fountain. It is absolutely neccessary for him to get this item before you return to lane. Later on when you turn it into a muramana it dramatically increases your damage output and makes you much more bursty. YOU MUST BUY A TEAR FIRST RECALL

If you picked up a kill before your first back and you farmed decently you should have enough for several long swords or even a brutalizer along with your tear. Don't sacrifice getting damage over the tear though, as the extra mana and low cost help you in the long run. Extra cool down reduction dramatically increases your damage output and having some is extremely worth it. Your second item besides tear should always be brutalizer or boots.

The best boots for jayce are Mercury Treads, Ninja Tabi, and Ionian Boots of Lucidity.
Mercury treads are best against and ap top or a strong ap mid or jungler.
Ninja tabi are good for enemy teamcomps that involve at least 3 AD
Ionian Boots of Lucidity are best for if you're snowballing. They let you charge your tear faster and improve your damage.

Late Game:
Your build should look something like this: Boots, Muramana, Brutalizer/Black Cleaver, Last Whisper,Infinity Edge, and a defensive item of your choice (Warmogs/Frozen Mallet/Guardian Angel are best). The infinity edge should be your last item because its more like a bonus damage item and it is not very cost efficient. However if the game gets over 50 minutes long it is a must buy because of it's insane damage spike.

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Skill Sequence

As Jayce size 50, your main damage skill is your Q or [Shock Blast], so it should always be maxed first,

Next, your E or [Acceleration Gate] should be maxed as it makes your Q do even more damage and speeds up its projectile speed.

The next ability maxed is optional, as your first auto after switching between gun and hammer form gives the enemy an armor and magic resist debuff, while maxing the W next gives you a large attack speed boost and extra damage when maxed for three auto attacks.

Your skill distribution should look like this:

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
or if you max your ult 3rd:
Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

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Summoner Spells

Your summoner spells can decide how well you do in your lane.
Flash is always a necessity while your second summoner spell depends on your lane opponent.
Ignite, Teleport, and even Barrier are viable second spells.
I suggest ignite against champions like or or because when they use your Ignite on them it reduces the healing they recieve.

Teleport is situational but generally I use it against very tanky champions with high sustain like since you have to wait for them to recall of leave lane before you can push.

Barrier is very dependant on the enemy champion. Against champions like or I like to take Barrier because it can effectively cancel out the damage from their ultimate.

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Tips and Tricks

's kit allows him to outplay and escape from ganks very easily.
He has a jump and knockback in his hammer form and two speed steroids from his E in gun form and R which allows him to move through minions.
This section will explain some tricks to dodging certain champs abilities and combinations of his abilities for maximizing amount of damage you can output as well as tips for laning against certain champs.

Important Tip
As when you shoot your [shock blast] through your [acceleration gate] it increases the damage and missile speed. A trick to make it harder for the enemy to dodge while going the same distance as a max range e then q is to simply q, then e. you click where you want to aim your q, then drag your e to your feet. This results in the q going the same distance but several times faster which makes it much harder to dodge. Additionally, when an enemy gets below 20-35% health and you just used your qe combo you can switch to hammer form, q-aa-e-ignite to instantly secure a kill.
Jarvan 4:
JarvanIV is one of the easiest champions to play against even if he is in the jungle because of one trick. When he goes in for EQ combos you simply use your q in hammer form to jump to him when he activates his q and it cancels out the knockup. Always keep this in mind when jarvaniv ganks from behind you as it positions you farther from your enemy laner and you can just E jarvaniv away to escape from his gank unscathed.

is hard to lane against unless you know what youre doing. If you can dodge his harpoons he wont be able to get close enough to use his [flamespitter] on you, but if he manages to land one and is chasing you, E infront of you with your acceleration gate to get you out of harms way, then q backwards to deal lots of damage while taking little to none.

is one of the hardest champions to lane against as . His high mobility and stuns completely shut down your harass and once he gets his ultimate or zhonyas you cant outrade him.
My advice against a is to play safely and stand behind minions while waiting for a gank or farming the best you can while not focusing on harass so you get to your late game faster.

would normally be very easy to beat in lane, but thanks to a bug where when he leaps to you and you knock him away he stays on you and deals double damage of his q, its very difficult to trade with him or keep him away. I suggest avoiding picking in this matchup, but if you can't help it, farm from far away and wait until your team groups before trying to fight against him.

A good is a 's worst nightmare. her high sustain, stun, true damage auto attacks, and resetting gap closer is very strong against his poke/disengage kit. Again i just suggest you farm until late game where you can out preform her.

Malphite, Nasus, Cho'Gath:
For all these champs with high sustain and innate tankiness you should try to outfarm them and get them to waste their mana pools on skills before trying to go in and harass, or they will not die.

Riven, Renekton, Rengar:
These champs are very problematic against jayce. They have high mobility, shields/heals, and hard crowd control. it is very easy for these champs to dodge your abilities so i suggest that you harass as hard as you can while the enemy jungle is getting his second buff and stay very well warded throughout the laning phase.

Against any ranged champ:
Remember to not let them get free auto attack harass on you as yours should do much more than theirs and wait until you have tear/brutalizer as well as boots before trying to harass them with auto attacks again.

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As it may seem easy to just QE a minion wave and get all the minions instantly, but it is better to not push the wave instantly and instead last hit in gun form. if you push by killing every minion instantly you can be easily ganked, potentially losing you your lane.

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Thanks for reading this guide, sorry there aren't any pictures but I intended this to be for people that have played jayce before and wanted tips on how to improve and win lane almost every time. Hopefully you read the full guide, it has a lot of useful tips in it that should help you snowball.


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