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Jayce Build Guide by trailmon

Jayce the Defender of MID-Lane

Jayce the Defender of MID-Lane

Updated on July 23, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author trailmon Build Guide By trailmon 4,664 Views 2 Comments
4,664 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author trailmon Jayce Build Guide By trailmon Updated on July 23, 2012
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Hey its trail once more , i watched on YT , for a jayce guide , and i saw a vid from Tsunami , and i tried to play jayce in mid , the first games , i sucked hard . But even i played it some more , and i changed the build i bit , i saw why Jayce is op in mid . His combos are very hard . You need a big drop of skill to play him as midlaner :D gl & hf :D
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The Magic resist Runes are normal as mid char
Attack Dmg. is for early dmg.
Armor pen is for Galio or an other tank in mid
Health is for bit taynkness later
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You need Ad, but you need a little def , magic resist and health are the things you need .
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Pros / Cons

Jayce is strong against in mid :
Ahri , Brand , Malzahar , Kennen , Kassadin , Karthus , Lux , Ryze and Vladimir
I think he is weak against
Leblanc , Cassiopeia , Heimerdinger , Fiddelsticks and Morgana
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Cd is early very good , when you have blue you can spamm combos like a bawz , its op if you spamm you combo . your q does enough dmg.
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Pro Tipps and Tricks

The Combos are Canon : E, Q , Hammer q , w ,e
Hammer q , flash , e Canon e ,q , those combos work very well against meele mages , and chars with cc .
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Creeping / Jungling

JAyce is a very good farmer , with 3 aoes :D my farm isnt good , cuase im harrasing hard , but , yeah its not bad :D
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Team Work

with a leesin and tristana you can play tennis :D
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League of Legends Build Guide Author trailmon
trailmon Jayce Guide
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Jayce the Defender of MID-Lane

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